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GINA, or Gimagukk's Incantatory Notation Apparatus, is a log monitoring application that provides audio and visual feedback based on triggers you either define or import.


Multiple characters

A single instance of GINA can monitor as many characters as you wish. To distinguish between characters when a trigger is raised, each character can have their own voice defined (for text to speech) and the trigger can include the name of the character who received the trigger (for displayed text and text to speech).

Trigger Organization

Every expansion comes with a new set of audio triggers that need to be made, and with EverQuest's longevity that is a lot of triggers. GINA organizes triggers into trigger groups to make finding and sharing specific triggers easier. Also, the name you give the trigger is displayed instead of the trigger text, enabling you to easily see what you have set up. By default, triggers groups are automatically enabled for all characters, but you can enable and disable them for each character if needed.

Mulitple Sharing Options

Whether you want to be able to use GimaLink to share all of an event's triggers with a full raid or group of players at once with a single chat, save a package file that you can share with friends, or import/export triggers from and to EverQuest's in-game audio triggers or GamTextTriggers, GINA has you covered.

Gimagukk's Library

There isn’t a lot in there yet, but I will continue to add more shared packages that anyone can browse and download on the fly. If you’re getting ready to attempt a new raid for the first time and don’t have audio triggers set up, download them from the Library and you’re off to the races.

Trigger Match Log

Which of your 800 triggers keeps firing off that annoying "RUN AWAY!" sound byte when you're just strolling through Plane of Knowledge? GINA shows you which triggers were used so that you can disable or adjust any that are going off when they shouldn't be.

Multiple Text Overlays

Different groups of triggers can be sent to different overlay windows. If you want your critical raid messages to show up in big yellow letters on your main monitor and buffs messages to show up on another, knock yourself out. Overlays can also be globally disabled for full-screen users.

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