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Quest / Event Fragmentfarm.mac - Fast Farm Legendary Fragments of Alaran History Fragmentfarm 3.2

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2020 ESA Winner

Updated 8/1/2020. See updates section for latest patch notes.

This macro repeatedly runs the Fear Begins at Home solo mission in Shard's Landing, which rewards Fragments of Legendary Alaran History that are used to evolve The Tears of Alaris augment. It averages around 100 fragments/day depending on how camped the areas are and how fast your character runs. The macro is designed to be used solo or with a healer merc.

The point of this macro is to condense a process that used to take several weeks, months or years down to a few days. It was designed and tested this as a Rogue and generated 263 fragments in a little under 3 days (with a lot of downtime to modify the macro). The augment requires a little under 300 fragments to max. Equipping the tear while running the mission speeds up the process.

How the Macro Works (Fear Begins at Home)
  1. Creates an INI file for your character (e.g., alaristablets_you.ini)
  2. If you don't have the mission it will run to the NPC and grab it
  3. It will re-invis (if you've defined an item/spell or are a Rogue) and run to the first objective
  4. When you reach the objective, it will start searching for valid targets near you
  5. When it finds a valid target, it will run to it, kill it, then search for the next
  6. If there are no valid targets near that objective, it will move to another location
  7. Repeats until 10/10 mobs are killed
  8. It will then attempt to invis and/or run back to the quest NPC
  9. Finally, it turns in, collects the reward, then repeats until you've collected the specified numb of tablets

/mac fragmentfarm
Starts the macro and runs the mission. It will create a default INI file for your character with recommended settings if one doesn't exist.

/mac fragmentfarm setup
Resets most INI settings to default. This is mostly used if you'd like to modify the INI file before starting the mission.

/mac fragmentfarm assist
Runs the macro in assist mode. Used for additional characters in your group/raid that want mission credit. Characters in this mode handle all of their solo steps individually, then hang out at the first objective for kill credit. They do not assist or heal the main character but will attack anything hitting them.

To start with everyone in sync:
  1. Make sure no one has the task
  2. Run /mac fragmentfarm assist on the alts first and wait for them to get in position (midway down the hall)
  3. Run /mac fragmentfarm on your main character
To ensure everyone gets the tablets they need, the primary character's maxTablets number under [Options] should be a little higher than everyone else's.
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4.67 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fragmentfarm 3.2 - (Recommended) Debug Mode and Stability Fixes

    First, a thanks to those who have provided feedback. I've taken a bit of extra time to address...
  2. Fragmentfarm 3.1 - Bug Fixes and Enhancements

    Updates Assist mode: Fixed a bug that caused invis to break traveling Pet classes will attempt...
  3. Fragmentfarm 3.0 - New "assist" mode and other improvements

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Latest reviews

Looks like if you dont make any changes at all and just do the default .ini and not edit anything it works fine. It did get hunt up a few times while hunting but other than that it worked great.... Great little script!!!
I had a thought to make one like this, however you have hit the nail right on the head! this is exactly what i wanted. Thank you! However i do have one concern, if a party member in the /mac fragmentfarm assist capacity is using 1. Incarnadine Breastplate (macro keeps interrupting casting times) and 2. If they are using cloudy potions, and the potion drops a recast to keep from roamer aggro where macro auto parks them would be AWESOME. but other than those 2 observations this mac is a godsend
I also got hit with an intermittent pathing bug where sometimes my dwarf would get stuck trying to run into the headboard of a bedfarme. Either stopping the macro/nav or strafing to the right for a few seconds would get it unstuck. Not sure if taller races or other classes would have the same problem.

Otherwise it works excellently. Sat back and watched a bunch of netflix with this running on my smaller monitor.
Works well, but sometimes was stucked between bed and wall I had to /rewind or CAMP... pathing was the problem. For the rest it works fantastic. Im a Bard HFL 115, sugestion: kills will go faster if I was able to play melody while in battle, also i used cleric mercenary to be safe, sometimes 2 mobs jump to me, anyway gained pp too ))
Used 78 Tablets to go from 10/20 to 14/20 aprox , earned arround 10 -14 tablets x hour so figure...
Thanks !!!
works well unless someone on your server is also running it and you are fighting over alarans......lol
Was running very well, Except as a bard it wasn't accepting the use of Selo's Song of Travel as Invis, Neither does it accept Shauri's Soronous Clouding. So as soon as invis was necessary; as soon as my faction with the underground caused guards to attack me, the macro caused me to crash, 3 times.
Should be resolved with the latest update, make sure you're running the latest version. My Bard is using "invisAbilityOrItem=Shauri's Sonorous Clouding" without any issues.
Worked well.. did it as a druid. Minor tweeks. Thank you very much.
Fantastic macro, took the pain out of doing one of the worst grinds in EQ history