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Quest / Event Fragmentfarm.mac - Fast Farm Legendary Fragments of Alaran History 2.2

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This macro repeatedly runs the Fear Begins at Home solo mission in Shard's Landing, which rewards Fragments of Legendary Alaran History that are used to evolve The Tears of Alaris augment. It averages around 100 fragments/day depending on how camped the areas are and how fast your character runs. The macro is designed to be used solo or with a healer merc.

The point of this macro is to condense a process that used to take several weeks, months or years down to a few days. YMMV.

I designed and tested this as a Rogue, and it generated 263 fragments in a little under 3 days (with a lot of downtime to modify the macro). The augment requires a little under 300 fragments to max. Make sure to equip your tear to speed it up further!

How the Macro Works
  1. Creates an INI file for your character (e.g., alaristablets_you.ini)
  2. If you don't have the mission it will run to the NPC and grab it
  3. It will re-invis (if you've defined an item/spell or are a Rogue) and run to the first objective
  4. When you reach the objective, it will start searching for valid targets near you
  5. When it finds a valid target, it will run to it, kill it, then run back to the objective point
  6. If there are no valid targets near that objective, it will move to another location
  7. Repeats until 10/10 mobs are killed
  8. It will then attempt to invis and/or run back to the quest NPC
  9. Finally, it turns in, collects the reward, then repeats until you've collected 500 (or otherwise defined) fragments

/mac fragmentfarm
Starts the macro. It will create a default INI file for your character with recommended settings if one doesn't exist.

/mac fragmentfarm setup
Runs the macro in setup mode only. This is mostly used if you'd like to modify the INI file before starting the mission.

/mac fragmentfarm setup "Item/AA/Spell"
Runs the macro in setup mode only, but sets the invis method if you don't want to touch the INI file.

Warrior: /mac fragmentfarm setup "Incarnadine Breastplate"
Ranger: /mac fragmentfarm setup "Innate Camouflage"
Rogue: No need to run setup. The macro will automatically try to Hide/Sneak you.

FAQ/Potential Issues

I got stuck on that rock on the way back
Get a levitation buff before running the macro. Smaller races can get stuck on a rock near the quest NPC.
The macro is ignoring some mobs. Why?
It avoids pulling mobs aggro'd on other people or that it can't find a path to.
I died!
It's rare, but if you're not on God mode, there are some things to help keep you afloat:
  • Pop a healer mercenary
  • Increase the MinHPToHunt line in your character's INI file
  • Add an escape ability to your INI file
  • Modify your MQ2Melee file to include some heals.
I want to change how the macro works
See Commands tab.
I'm having another issue or want to make a recommendation
Let me know! I've tested this macro on a Rogue, Warrior and Ranger.

This is my first macro, and part of a bigger Mission Solver macro I'm working on. If you have any tips, recommendations or improvements -- I'm happy to hear.
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5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Fragmentfarm 2.2 - Bug fixes and Targeting Improvements

    The purpose of this update is to help address an issue caused when engaging mobs above/below...
  2. 2.1b - Fixes and Improvements

    Sorry for the update spam! Trying to resolve some folks' issues/suggestions for Mission Solver...
  3. Fragmentfarm 2.1a - Invis/Lev Clicky Fix

    Updates Fixed an issue that could prevent from invis and levitation clickies from working

Latest reviews

Worked well.. did it as a druid. Minor tweeks. Thank you very much.
Fantastic macro, took the pain out of doing one of the worst grinds in EQ history