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Erollisi Day's task - Things are best with friends macro

Utility Erollisi Day's task - Things are best with friends macro 1.0

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Rich (BB code):
|Make sure you have the task in PoK : Things are best with friends
|step 1: Start the macro around lots of people, PoK, Bazaar, Lobby, a raid, etc
|Step 2: Change the starting integer of FriendsFound to whatever number you currently have completed
|   It will stop when it reaches 10

#Event TaskUpd "Your Task 'Things are best with friends' has been updated."

sub main
    /declare FriendsFound int outer 0


   /if (${Me.Casting.ID}) /goto :FindAFriend
    /if (${FriendsFound}==10) /end
    /if (${FindItem[=Erollisi's Idol of Friendship].Timer}==0) {
        /tar ${NearestSpawn[2,pc]}
        /delay 5

        /if (${Target.Buff[Not So Friendly].ID} || ${Target.Buff[Feeling of Friendship].ID}) {
            /tar pc next
            /delay 1s
            /goto :FindPotentialFriends
        /if (${Target.Distance}<100) {
            /itemnotify "Erollisi's Idol of Friendship" rightmouseup
            /delay 25
    /goto :FindAFriend


sub Event_TaskUpd
  /varcalc FriendsFound ${FriendsFound} + 1
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