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EQPlayNice 1.22

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🏢 Live
EQPlayNice is somewhat of a legacy product, where most of its features are included in the EverQuest client, and it's also included with WinEQ and ISBoxer.

For ages, Sony Online Entertainment has belittled its users with the Play Nice Policy, which states that you must be nice to the other kids on the playground. Now, we will enforce our own Play Nice Policy. Our policy states that EverQuest must be nice to the other kids on the playground -- in this case, everything else on your computer. Since Sony has neglected to implement this policy, we are left to do it for them until they do. So here it is, EQPlayNice. Enjoy your computer as it was meant to be enjoyed, not waiting an hour for your web browser to load up while you're playing EQ.

In mid-2004, Sony implemented a simplified version of EQPlayNice, thanks to our efforts and calls by the community to implement our system directly into their game. While their version does improve system performance for the average user that simply wants to play the game and possibly perform other tasks, it does not implement the full features of EQPlayNice. Thus, EQPlayNice is no longer literally required for playing EverQuest, but it vastly improves the gaming experience when playing multiple sessions of EverQuest.

CPU and Framerate Limiting

EQPlayNice allows two different methods of basic limiting -- CPU and Framerate. CPU limiting aims to keep CPU usage at a constant rate by giving up the same amount of CPU time per frame. Framerate limiting aims to give up the minimum amount of CPU time per frame to meet a framerate goal. EQPlayNice allows selection between the two methods for foreground as well as background, and also allows a goal setting for each.

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