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Vanilla EQBackupRestore.exe 1.0

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EQBackupRestore is included in your Release/Utilities folder.

Hey everybody. I just finished my first EverQuest program - EQBackupRestore.exe. In 2014, TreeHuginDruid wrote a super useful pair of batch scripts to backup and restore a list of ini configuration files.


I used those scripts as inspiration and worked with TreeHuginDruid to create a new way that combines backing up and restoring in the same simple graphical interface.

Here's some features that EQBackupRestore.exe brings to the table:

* Backs up all your ini files except the ones you don't need.
* It also backs up all of the files in the userdata directory - including your carefully made Loot configs for all your toons.
* Backup and Restore in the same program, just switch tabs.
* Super simple and easy to use graphical user interface.
* Backups stored as .zip instead of .7z -> decompress your backups with any unzip program
* Run the exe from anywhere - doesn't have to be run from the EQ root, and select your backup location from a file menu
* Remembers your backup preferences.

Props to TreeHuginDruid for the original idea and help suggesting features and finding bugs. Let me know what you guys think.

EDIT: File updated 2017-09-27 with updates, RedGuides exclusivity!
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