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Enchant Material Mac

Enchant Material Mac 1.0

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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu Test
I got tired of casting the same spell over and over and inventorying my stuff. So here is a macro that will cast spell in gem slot 1 and then auto inventory the item. I use this to enchant metal or Purified Mana for crafting stuff. If you run out of stuff to enchant it will end.

Rich (BB code):
|Enchant Macro

#event OutOfStuff "You are missing some required components."
#include spell_routines.inc

Sub Main
/if (${Cursor.ID}) {
/goto :ClearCursor
/cast 1
/delay 12s
/goto :Loop

Sub Event_OutOfStuff
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This is definitely nice for enchanting large amounts of stuff!