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dumpaa.mac 1.01

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| Dumpaa.mac :: Sym 04-18-2012
| Dumps every aa shown in your ui to an ini file, formatted to be usable by MQ2AASpend
| Reorder as you like then paste into the MQ2AASpend_AAList section of your servername_charname.ini and then run /aaspend load
| Physical order of entries determines buy order, not numerical order.
| The *only* requirement for left side of = is they are unique. You *DO NOT* have to renumber entries if you change the order.
| Output file is MQ2AASpend_charname-NEW.ini
| General tab abilities are prefixed by 1
| Archtype tab abilities are prefixed by 2
| Class tab abilities are prefixed by 3
| Special tab abilities are prefixed by 4
| Does *NOT* write/show entries that are currently maxxed.
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