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Trade / Skill cskillup.mac 1.8

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Included pet additions by @alynel

Past updates:
Cskillup.mac v1.7 09/28/2017 Released
~Converted to MQ2Cast

~Fixed for #warning

Spell Casting Skillup Trainer v1.6 09/27/2012
~ NEW! Specialization Check added. CSkillUp will now cast your classes main spell until you break the 50 point Specialization cap in that skill. Auto detect if a Specialization is already above 50

  • Alteration - Cleric, Druid, Shaman & Necromancer
  • Evocation - Wizard
  • Conjuration - Enchanter & Magician
~Shadow Knight Spells changed. Spike of Disease changed to Disease Cloud & Shadow Step changed to Siphon Strength.
~Fixed an error causing toon to dismount while medding.

Cskillup.mac v1.4 11/02/2012 Released
~ Wizzie spell fade change to root to prevent shadow steping all over the zone
~ Wizzie familiar get lost added because damage spells don't work on familiars.

Cskillup.mac v1.3 05/17/2012 Released ~ MAJOR UPDATE
~ Will now only delete the summoned items from practice spell. Fixes deleting any item on your cursor!!

cskillup v1.2 2/28/2011
~ Improved error control including zone check, pet, and summoned items.
~ Fixed bad loop on skill max check.
~ Changed chanter conjuration spell from pet to mesmerize to save material components.
~ Tweaked spell casting loop. It was skipping spells not refreshing fast enough