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Combat Assist Complete Heal Chain 3.3

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Very simple and effective CH rotation macro that I developed to allow a few friends to group up clerics across different computers and run them together without worry.

How to use:
1. Open the macro and edit the following lines (easier if you preset it). Both lines are at the top of the macro (line 37 and line 40)

/declare Cleric_List string outer ClericName1 ClericName2 ClericName3 ClericName4
- Add the names of the clerics you want to have in the chain separated by a space.
- Example: /declare Cleric_List string outer Sally Sue Susan

/declare Tank_List string outer TankName1 TankName2 Tankname3
- Add the names of the tanks you want to have in your tank line up separated by a space.
- Example : /declare Tank_List string outer Bob Buster Bucko

2. Start the macro on ALL clerics that you defined in step 1 by typing "/mac chrot" on each individual cleric.

3. Start the rotation by saying ">> ClericName GO NOW!" in raid chat.
- Example: /rs >> Sally GO NOW!

Macro Features:
1) In game slash "/" commands to manipulate specific variables without needing to restart the macro each time.
*Slash commands have to be entered on each cleric individually - they do not save/overwrite the defaults*
- /chdelay - modify the current ch rotation delay (default is 6s)
*Example: To change to a 5 second delay, you would type /chdelay 5

- /chstophp - modify the current HP % to interrupt CH at (default is 95)
*Example: To change to a 90 HP threshold, you would type /chstophp 90

- /chinterrupt - modify the current setting to interrupt or not (0 = off / 1 = on) (default is 1)
*Example: To change the interrupt to off, you would type /chinterrupt 0

- /chtanklist - modify the current tank list. This will add or remove a tank to the list
*Example: To modify the tank list, you would type /chtanklist NewTankName
**Note: The code will automatically search for NewTankName in the current list, if found it will remove them. If NewTankName is not in the current list, then it will add them.

- /chclrlist - modify the current cleric list. This will add or remove a cleric to the list
*Example: To modify the cleric list, you would type /chclrlist NewClericName
**Note: The code will automatically search for NewClericName in the current list, if found it will remove them. If NewClericName is not in the current list, then it will add them.

- /chtankswap - Set a specific player name as the tank (player does not have to be on the tank list)
*Example: To force a tank, you would type /chtankswap NewTankName
**Note: The NewTankName is not added to the Tank List. This is handy for situations where all normal tanks have died and a new player picks up the mob
***Note2: You can also issue a chat command in a channel (/rs) and force a tank swap. The trigger command is "TANKSWAP: NewTankName"
****Example: /rs TANKSWAP: Buster

- /chinfo - Displays all current variables for the macro

2) The macro will automatically determine the next available tank and cleric based on the chain defined. If a tank or cleric dies, then it will automatically rotate to the next available tank or cleric.
3) The macro will skip a cleric if they are OOM or OOR of the tank.
4) If interrupt is on, the CH will interrupt based on the HP % defined (default 95) at 1.5s casting time remaining (accounts for some server lag)
5) The macro will force sit clerics when they are not casting and mana is < 99%. It will force stand them when mana is > 99%
6) The macro uses raid chat as primary means of announcement for chain, you can modify this by replacing /rs with whatever you'd like. (/auc, /ooc, etc.)
7) If the macro cannot find another cleric in the chain (you are slowly wiping or they went LD), then it will act as if it is single-manned CH Chain and resets variables accordingly (13s delay, etc).
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Latest updates

  1. 3.3 - Priority for CH over other casts

    Added sanity check to prioritize casting Complete Heal over other casts when it's a cleric's...
  2. v3.2 - bug fix

    Fixed a bug where the following command would sometimes fail /rs TANKSWAP: tankname