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CleanInventory.mac - Utility to clean up your toon's inventory

Utility CleanInventory.mac - Utility to clean up your toon's inventory 1.00

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For years I have used ninjadvloot to clean up my inventory. When I started doing TBM tasks, there were items that needed to be looted during the task but then could safely be deleted after the task was completed and ninjadvloot wouldn't handle that functionality. I also wanted a little more control over what was being deleted the ability to incorporate handling skeleton searches like 'Viridian Hero's Forge' and have it remove ALL items that started with the skeleton value. Somthing about necessity being the mother of invention.... CleanInventory was created.

RUN: /macro CleanInventory

Modify the CleanInventory.ini file and add values you want removed from your inventory. Add complete item names to the ItemsToDestroy section such as Ornate Vase. Add skeletal names to the SkeletonsToDestroy section such as Viridian Hero's Forge. Make sure you update the ItemCount value for each section.

I'd like to thank playj for his macro cleanbags.mac that I used as a starting point for mine. I couldn't have written mine without being able to look at his excellent work.

A sample ini would be:

Rich (BB code):

Item1=Ornate Vase
Item2=Writhing Maggot
Item3=Whistle of Summoning
Item4=Symbol of Marr

Item1=Viridian Hero's Forge
Item2=Auburn Hero's Forge
Item3=Auburn Wizard
Item4=Ebon Hero's Forge
Item5=Hero's Forge
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