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Chase Loot (Ultra Rares) ADVLoot / Loot.Ini Megathread

Software Requirements
Server Type
🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test
This thread will be a mega thread for all chase loot (ultra rares) loot.ini and ADVloot code.
Will remain updated as new expansions release.
Use: Will automatically loot the specified chase loot even if you are afk.

For ADVLoot: This is the IN GAME Adv Loot.
Throw the code into LF_AN_Name_Server -
The files in your DBG(or SoE) -> Everquest -> Userdata Folder

For Loot.ini: This is for MQ2AutoLoot
Throw it into Loot.Ini -
The files in your MQ2 -> Macros -> Loot.ini

Call of the Forsaken:


Rich (BB code):
116314^7211^The Blue Tower
116334^5055^Centurio Belt
116339^2857^Centurio Cape
116345^3225^Centurio Choker
116318^7203^Centurio Knife
116348^6543^Centurio Loop
116325^6615^Centurio Ring
116342^3212^Centurio Spaulders
116315^6272^Centurio Visor
116161^7204^Emerald Aegis
116310^6545^Legatus Band
116341^5071^Legatus Cloak
116333^3682^Legatus Faceplate
116324^5062^Legatus Girdle
116346^3227^Legatus Gorget
116344^7220^Legatus Knife
116330^3215^Legatus Pauldrons
116350^6606^Legatus Stud
116322^5075^Magister Cinch
116159^6553^Magister Earring
116160^7197^Magister Knife
116332^5046^Magister Scarf
116337^3207^Magister Shoulders
116321^6568^Magister Signet
116349^5069^Magister Wrap
116162^7195^Screaming Buckler

Loot INI
Rich (BB code):
The Blue Tower=Keep
Centurio Belt=Keep
Centurio Cape=Keep
Centurio Choker=Keep
Centurio Knife=Keep
Centurio Loop=Keep
Centurio Ring=Keep
Centurio Spaulders=Keep
Centurio Visor=Keep
Emerald Aegis=Keep
Legatus Band=Keep
Legatus Cloak=Keep
Legatus Faceplate=Keep
Legatus Girdle=Keep
Legatus Gorget=Keep
Legatus Knife=Keep
Legatus Pauldrons=Keep
Legatus Stud=Keep
Magister Cinch=Keep
Magister Earring=Keep
Magister Knife=Keep
Magister Scarf=Keep
Magister Shoulders=Keep
Magister Signet=Keep
Magister Wrap=Keep
Screaming Buckler=Keep

The Darkened Sea:


Rich (BB code):
141484^2153^Iron Wood Bulwark   
141485^2170^White Coral Buckler
141486^2152^Shield of a Thousand Curses   
141442^5743^Marauder's Goggles   
141447^3680^Buccaneer's Gladiator Faceguard   
141446^3679^Privateer's Visor of Anger   
141445^2672^Freebooter's Minotaur Mask   
141609^7928^Magna Fulgia
141443^6270^Brigand's Bronze Faceplate   
141444^3678^Corsair's Golden Visor
14147^5075^Marauder's Ragged Sash   
141460^2854^Marauder's Eelskin Cloak   
141483^5055^Buccaneer's Linked Girdle   
141482^3688^Privateer's Azure Sash   
141465^2312^Buccaneer's Chainmail Cape   
141481^5062^Freebooter's Plated Girdle   
141479^1626^Brigand's Heavy Cord   
141454^798^Marauder's Steel Pauldrons   
141464^5072^Privateer's Comfortable Hood   
141480^5049^Corsair's Flamboyant Belt   
141463^5067^Freebooter's Inscribed Drape   
141461^2853^Brigand's Trimmed Cloak   
141462^2314^Corsair's Worn Poncho   
141459^3211^Buccaneer's Chain Shoulders   
141458^3208^Privateer's Reinforced Spaulders   
141457^3212^Freebooter's Segmented Vambraces   
141455^3214^Brigand's Inscribed Shoulders   
141456^3206^Corsair's Shoulderpads   
141494^1073^Cerulean Crystal Hammer
141495^2164^Staff of Apotheosis   
141448^6587^Marauder's Bloodstone       
141466^1709^Marauder's Shovel
141453^6586^Buccaneer's Turquoise Necklace   
141452^6950^Privateer's Studded Necklace   
141471^4789^Buccaneer's Canteen   
141451^6588^Freebooter's Black Pearl Necklace   
141449^6580^Brigand's Silver Pendant   
141470^2084^Privateer's Silver Coin   
141450^6589^Corsair's Layered Necklace   
141469^4800^Freebooter's Coconut   
141467^2016^Brigand's Finger Bones   
141468^2079^Corsair's Golden Coin   
141436^6609^Marauder's Stud   
141472^6619^Marauder's Steel Ring   
141441^6543^Buccaneer's Hoop   
141477^6562^Buccaneer's Dragon Ring
141440^66612^Privateer's Stud   
141476^6556^Privateer's Kraken Ring       
141439^6551^Freebooter's Skull Earring
141475^6634^Freebooter's Jade Inlaid Band
141437^6542^Brigand's Hoop
141473^6559^Brigand's Turquoise Ring   
141438^6610^Corsair's Stud   
141474^6635^Corsair's Amethyst Inlaid Band   
141496^3120^Arx Wood Recurve Bow   
98845^3692^Bear Claw Cincture   
98848^2308^Cymbalstrike Girdle   
98811^2857^Dirty Leather Drape   
98791^643^Calming Collar   
98790^6586^Necklace of Dreams   
98793^5046^Sanguine Scarf   
98794^5047^Bandit Bandana   
141490^2161^Jagged Iridescent Sword   
141491^2160^Iridescent Coral Trident   
141487^2157^Iridescent Coral Saber   
141488^2162^Jagged Iridescent Dagger   
141492^2165^Rod of Apotheosis
141489^2166^Twin Blade of Arx Iron
141493^2158^Indagatrix Blade

Loot INI
Rich (BB code):
Arx Wood Recurve Bow=Keep   
Buccaneer's Gladiator Faceguard=Keep   
Brigand's Bronze Faceplate=Keep   
Buccaneer's Linked Girdle=Keep
Buccaneer's Chainmail Cape=Keep
Brigand's Heavy Cord=Keep
Brigand's Trimmed Cloak=Keep
Buccaneer's Chain Shoulders=Keep
Brigand's Inscribed Shoulders=Keep
Buccaneer's Turquoise Necklace=Keep
Buccaneer's Canteen=Keep   
Brigand's Silver Pendant=Keep   
Brigand's Finger Bones=Keep   
Buccaneer's Hoop=Keep   
Buccaneer's Dragon Ring=Keep
Brigand's Hoop=Keep
Brigand's Turquoise Ring=Keep   
Bear Claw Cincture=Keep   
Bandit Bandana=Keep   
Corsair's Golden Visor=Keep
Corsair's Flamboyant Belt=Keep
Corsair's Worn Poncho=Keep
Corsair's Shoulderpads=Keep
Cerulean Crystal Hammer=Keep
Corsair's Golden Coin=Keep   
Corsair's Layered Necklace=Keep
Corsair's Stud=Keep   
Corsair's Amethyst Inlaid Band=Keep   
Cymbalstrike Girdle=Keep   
Calming Collar=Keep
Dirty Leather Drape=Keep   
Freebooter's Minotaur Mask=Keep
Freebooter's Plated Girdle=Keep
Freebooter's Inscribed Drape=Keep
Freebooter's Segmented Vambraces=Keep   
Freebooter's Black Pearl Necklace=Keep   
Freebooter's Coconut=Keep   
Freebooter's Jade Inlaid Band=Keep
Freebooter's Skull Earring=Keep
Iron Wood Bulwark=Keep   
Iridescent Coral Trident=Keep   
Indagatrix Blade=Keep   
Iridescent Coral Saber=Keep   
Jagged Iridescent Dagger=Keep   
Jagged Iridescent Sword=Keep   
Magna Fulgia=Keep
Marauder's Goggles=Keep
Marauder's Ragged Sash=Keep
Marauder's Eelskin Cloak=Keep   
Marauder's Steel Pauldrons=Keep
Marauder's Bloodstone=Keep       
Marauder's Shovel=Keep
Marauder's Stud=Keep   
Marauder's Steel Ring=Keep   
Necklace of Dreams=Keep   
Privateer's Visor of Anger=Keep
Privateer's Azure Sash=Keep   
Privateer's Comfortable Hood=Keep
Privateer's Reinforced Spaulders=Keep   
Privateer's Studded Necklace=Keep   
Privateer's Silver Coin=Keep   
Privateer's Stud=Keep   
Privateer's Kraken Ring    =Keep   
Rod of Apotheosis=Keep
Shield of a Thousand Curses=Keep
Staff of Apotheosis=Keep   
Sanguine Scarf=Keep   
Twin Blade of Arx Iron=Keep
White Coral Buckler=Keep

The Broken Mirror:


Rich (BB code):
147266 ^2627^Face of Duplication   
147277^5071^Oscillating Burnoose   
147275^8165^Strifetorn Shroud   
147273^3213^Pauldrons of Cycles
147271^3208^Strifetorn Rebrace   
147268^6581^Strifetorn Necklace
147290^2986^Unliving Concoction   
147284^1621^Ring of Cycles   
147298^8216^Dissenting Pounder   
147295^8218^Dissenting Hackblade   
147302^8223^Dissenting Handrazors

Loot INI
Rich (BB code):
Dissenting Pounder=Keep   
Dissenting Hackblade=Keep   
Dissenting Handrazors=Keep
Face of Duplication=Keep   
Oscillating Burnoose=Keep   
Pauldrons of Cycles=Keep
Ring of Cycles=Keep   
Strifetorn Shroud=Keep   
Strifetorn Rebrace=Keep   
Strifetorn Necklace=Keep
Unliving Concoction=Keep

Empires of Kunark:


Rich (BB code):
148908^2594^Bard's Golden Mask
148926^8562^Blade of Defense   
148924^8565^Blade of Protection
148902^8157^Blooddrop Earring   
148950^8514^Bloodlaced Blade
148965^8529^Bloodlaced Bow
148948^8518^Bloodlaced Dagger   
148922^842^Burnt Cloak
148939^6719^Burnt Effigy of Tsaph Katta
148914^6644^Collector's Heirloom Necklace
148925^8884^Di'Zok Bow   
148921^841^Dust Cloak   
148956^8519^Edge of the Di'Zok   
148442^6511^Extra Planar Potential Shard
148905^6554^Fisherman's Dangle
148935^5056^Golden Knight's Belt
148936^5062^Golden Minstrel's Belt
148933^5054^Golden Rogue's Belt   
148904^1640^Golden Rogue's Crescent
148912^1053^Golden Rogue's Necklace
148911^1046^Golden Sage's Choker   
148901^6542^Golden Sage's Earring
148934^5055^Golden Soldier's Belt   
148913^8160^Golden Soldier's Neck Guard
148903^6607^Golden Soldier's Stud
148920^840^Grey Cloak
148942^3591^Guardian of Lost Hopes       
148917^3216^Guardian's Pauldron   
148946^8890^Iksar Bane
148930^6626^Knight's Golden Ring
148906^535^Mage's Golden Hoop
148928^1040^Minstrel's Golden Ring   
148919^839^Pale Cloak   
148915^3214^Pauldron of the Hero
148937^3325^Petrified Egg   
148931^6560^Ring of the Gypsy   
148909^3675^Rogue's Golden Mask
148929^508^Rogue's Golden Ring   
148910^3678^Sage's Golden Mask   
148932^6625^Sage's Golden Ring
148778^6309^Satchel of the Combine Hero
148431^1983^Sebilisian Brilliance
148429^1953^Sebilisian Celerity
148433^1989^Sebilisian Efficacy   
148426^1947^Sebilisian Harmony   
148427^1971^Sebilisian Intensity   
148428^1941^Sebilisian Proficiency   
148432^1977^Sebilisian Prudence   
148430^1959^Sebilisian Resilience   
148953^8878^Shark's Tooth Club
148923^1031^Shattered Blade   
148941^8585^Skyiron Heater
148940^8584^Skyiron Kite   
148907^1063^Soldier's Golden Mask   
148927^615^Soldier's Golden Ring   
148958^8883^Staff of the Shai'din
57000^1986^Stone of Tranquility   
148916^3210^Swift Pauldron   
148938^1468^Symbol of the Dragon's Scale
148959^ 8891^Taka, Slayer of Dragons       
148943^8894^Tower of Sebilis
148918^3207^Weaver's Pauldron

Loot INI

Rich (BB code):
Assassin's Extravagant Belt=Destroy
Assassin's Extravagant Earring=Destroy
Assassin's Extravagant Necklace=Destroy
Assassin's Extravagant Pauldrons=Destroy
Bard's Golden Mask=Keep
Blade of Defense=Keep
Blade of Protection=Keep
Blooddrop Earring=Keep   
Bloodlaced Blade=Keep
Bloodlaced Bow=Keep
Bloodlaced Dagger=Keep
Burnt Cloak=Keep
Burnt Effigy of Tsaph Katta=Keep
Collector's Heirloom Necklace=Keep
Defender's Extravagant Belt=Destroy
Defender's Extravagant Earring=Destroy   
Defender's Extravagant Necklace=Destroy
Defender's Extravagant Pauldrons=Destroy
Di'Zok Bow=Keep   
Dust Cloak=Keep   
Edge of the Di'Zok=Keep   
Extra Planar Potential Shard=Keep
Fisherman's Dangle=Keep
Golden Knight's Belt=Keep
Golden Minstrel's Belt=Keep
Golden Rogue's Belt=Keep
Golden Rogue's Crescent=Keep
Golden Rogue's Necklace=Keep
Golden Sage's Choker=Keep   
Golden Sage's Earring=Keep
Golden Soldier's Belt=Keep   
Golden Soldier's Neck Guard=Keep
Golden Soldier's Stud=Keep
Grey Cloak=Keep
Guardian of Lost Hopes=Keep       
Guardian's Pauldron=Keep   
Iksar Bane=Keep
Knight's Golden Ring=Keep
Mage's Golden Hoop=Keep
Minstrel's Golden Ring=Keep   
Pale Cloak=Keep   
Pauldron of the Hero=Keep
Petrified Egg=Keep   
Ring of the Gypsy=Keep   
Rogue's Golden Mask=Keep
Rogue's Golden Ring=Keep   
Sage's Golden Mask=Keep   
Sage's Golden Ring=Keep
Satchel of the Combine Hero=Keep
Sebilisian Brilliance=Keep
Sebilisian Celerity=Keep
Sebilisian Efficacy=Keep
Sebilisian Harmony=Keep   
Sebilisian Intensity=Keep   
Sebilisian Proficiency=Keep   
Sebilisian Prudence=Keep   
Sebilisian Resilience=Keep   
Shark's Tooth Club=Keep
Shattered Blade=Keep   
Skyiron Heater=Keep
Skyiron Kite=Keep   
Soldier's Golden Mask=Keep   
Soldier's Golden Ring=Keep   
Soother's Extravagant Belt=Destroy
Soother's Extravagant Earring=Destroy
Soother's Extravagant Necklace=Destroy
Soother's Extravagant Pauldrons=Destroy
Sorcerer's Extravagant Earring=Destroy
Sorcerer's Extravagant Necklace=Destroy
Sorcerer's Extravagant Pauldrons=Destroy
Staff of the Shai'din=Keep
Stone of Tranquility=Keep   
Swift Pauldron=Keep
Symbol of the Dragon's Scale=Keep
Taka, Slayer of Dragons    =Keep   
Tower of Sebilis=Keep
Weaver's Pauldron=Keep

Ring of Scale:
(Same Chase Loot as EoK, this is just to destroy some junk and keep Visibles and type 5's)

Loot INI
Rich (BB code):
Draconic Celerity=Quest|1
Draconic Savviness=Quest|1
Draconic Intensity=Quest|1
Draconic Ingenuity=Quest|1
Draconic Proficiency=Quest|1
Draconic Harmony=Quest|1
Draconic Resilience=Quest|1
Scale Touched Bracer Facet=Quest|2
Scale Touched Cap Facet=Quest|1
Scale Touched Gloves Facet=Quest|1
Scale Touched Pants Facet=Quest|1
Scale Touched Shoes Facet=Quest|1
Scale Touched Sleeve Facet=Quest|1
Scale Touched Tunic Facet=Quest|1
Scaled Bracer Facet=Quest|2
Scaled Cap Facet=Quest|1
Scaled Gloves Facet=Quest|1
Scaled Pants Facet=Quest|1
Scaled Shoes Facet=Quest|1
Scaled Sleeve Facet=Quest|1
Scaled Tunic Facet=Quest|1
Arcron Chain Arms Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Chain Chest Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Chain Feet Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Chain Hands Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Chain Legs Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Chain Wrist Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Cloth Arms Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Cloth Chest Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Cloth Hands Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Cloth Helm Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Cloth Legs Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Cloth Robe Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Leather Chest Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Leather Feet Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Leather Hands Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Leather Helm Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Leather Wrist Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Plate Arms Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Plate Chest Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Plate Feet Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Plate Hands Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Plate Helm Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Plate Legs Ornament=Destroy
Arcron Plate Wrist Ornament=Destroy

The Burning Lands


Rich (BB code):
161720^3680^Guardian's Descending Moon Mask
161743^1623^Athletic Descending Moon Belt
161746^5050^Ingenious Descending Moon Belt
161748^6614^Vital Descending Moon Belt
161747^5064^Savvy Descending Moon Belt
161744^1118^Quick Descending Moon Belt
161732^661^Descending Moon Cloak of Security
161745^563^Fleet Descending Moon Belt
161734^3597^Descending Moon Idol of Adroitness
161721^1063^Descending Moon Mask of Vigor
161726^3231^Descending Moon Amice of Adroitness
161729^1118^Descending Moon Amice of Brilliance
161722^528^Descending Moon Mask of Brilliance
161727^3207^Descending Moon Amice of Vigor
161742^6624^Vital Descending Moon Ring   
161750^1623^Descending Moon Charm of Brilliance
161737^6627^Athletic Descending Moon Ring   
161735^2012^Descending Moon Idol of Vigor
161725^6643^Descending Moon Necklace of Vigor
161714^3680^Athletic Descending Moon Earring
161749^1232^Descending Moon Charm of Vigor
161739^512^Fleet Descending Moon Ring
161741^6602^Ingenious Descending Moon Ring   
161724^1643^Descending Moon Necklace of Adroitness
161740^2480^Savvy Descending Moon Ring
161738^6636^Secure Descending Moon Ring   
161736^6559^Quick Descending Moon Ring
161715^1640^Vital Descending Moon Earring   
161717^1899^Quick Descending Moon Earring
161718^8157^Ingenious Descending Moon Earring
161716^522^Fleet Descending Moon Earring   
161713^1123^Summoner's Descending Moon Earring

Torment of Velious


Rich (BB code):
Athletic Ice Encrusted Belt=Keep
Fleet Ice Encrusted Belt=Keep
Guardian's Ice Encrusted Mask=Keep
Ice Encrusted Amice of Adroitness=Keep
Ice Encrusted Amice of Brilliance=Keep
Ice Encrusted Amice of Vigor=Keep
Ice Encrusted Arcane Staff=Keep
Ice Encrusted Athame=Keep
Ice Encrusted Axe=Keep
Ice Encrusted Battle Rod=Keep
Ice Encrusted Battle Staff=Keep
Ice Encrusted Buckler=Keep
Ice Encrusted Charm of Brilliance=Keep
Ice Encrusted Charm of Security=Keep
Ice Encrusted Charm of Vigor=Keep
Ice Encrusted Cloak of Adroitness=Keep
Ice Encrusted Cloak of Brilliance=Keep
Ice Encrusted Cloak of Security=Keep
Ice Encrusted Club=Keep
Ice Encrusted Compound Bow=Keep
Ice Encrusted Dagger=Keep
Ice Encrusted Devotional Staff=Keep
Ice Encrusted Earring of Adroitness=Keep
Ice Encrusted Earring of Brilliance=Keep
Ice Encrusted Earring of Vigor=Keep
Ice Encrusted Great Axe=Keep
Ice Encrusted Great Sword=Keep
Ice Encrusted Hammer=Keep
Ice Encrusted Idol of Adroitness=Keep
Ice Encrusted Idol of Brilliance=Keep
Ice Encrusted Idol of Vigor=Keep
Ice Encrusted Injection Dagger=Keep
Ice Encrusted Katar=Keep
Ice Encrusted Kite Shield=Keep
Ice Encrusted Long Spear=Keep
Ice Encrusted Longbow=Keep
Ice Encrusted Mace=Keep
Ice Encrusted Mask of Brilliance=Keep
Ice Encrusted Mask of Vigor=Keep
Ice Encrusted Maul=Keep
Ice Encrusted Necklace of Adroitness=Keep
Ice Encrusted Necklace of Security=Keep
Ice Encrusted Necklace of Vigor=Keep
Ice Encrusted Pick=Keep
Ice Encrusted Ring of Adroitness=Keep
Ice Encrusted Ring of Brilliance=Keep
Ice Encrusted Ring of Vigor=Keep
Ice Encrusted Short Spear=Keep
Ice Encrusted Sword=Keep
Ice Encrusted Tower Shield=Keep
Ice Encrusted Wand=Keep
Ice Encrusted War Axe=Keep
Ice Encrusted War Hammer=Keep
Ingenious Ice Encrusted Belt=Keep
Quick Ice Encrusted Belt=Keep
Savvy Ice Encrusted Belt=Keep
Summoner's Ice Encrusted Earring=Keep
Vital Ice Encrusted Belt=Keep

Rich (BB code):
135870^5057^Athletic Ice Encrusted Belt
135875^5061^Fleet Ice Encrusted Belt
135871^2673^Guardian's Ice Encrusted Mask
135872^664^Ice Encrusted Amice of Adroitness
135874^668^Ice Encrusted Amice of Brilliance
135873^3207^Ice Encrusted Amice of Vigor
135881^10105^Ice Encrusted Arcane Staff
135879^10097^Ice Encrusted Athame
135877^10085^Ice Encrusted Axe
135878^10093^Ice Encrusted Battle Rod
135880^10103^Ice Encrusted Battle Staff
135876^10083^Ice Encrusted Buckler
135886^905^Ice Encrusted Charm of Brilliance
135887^5990^Ice Encrusted Charm of Security
135885^9161^Ice Encrusted Charm of Vigor
135883^5070^Ice Encrusted Cloak of Adroitness
135882^8165^Ice Encrusted Cloak of Brilliance
135884^5066^Ice Encrusted Cloak of Security
135888^10087^Ice Encrusted Club
135891^10106^Ice Encrusted Compound Bow
135889^10088^Ice Encrusted Dagger
135890^10104^Ice Encrusted Devotional Staff
135893^6613^Ice Encrusted Earring of Adroitness
135894^8157^Ice Encrusted Earring of Brilliance
135892^6609^Ice Encrusted Earring of Vigor
135900^10099^Ice Encrusted Great Axe
135901^10102^Ice Encrusted Great Sword
135898^10086^Ice Encrusted Hammer
135896^10110^Ice Encrusted Idol of Adroitness
135895^10108^Ice Encrusted Idol of Brilliance
135897^10109^Ice Encrusted Idol of Vigor
135899^10094^Ice Encrusted Injection Dagger
135906^10092^Ice Encrusted Katar
135905^10082^Ice Encrusted Kite Shield
135909^10101^Ice Encrusted Long Spear
135910^10107^Ice Encrusted Longbow
135907^10095^Ice Encrusted Mace
135903^3681^Ice Encrusted Mask of Brilliance
135902^3679^Ice Encrusted Mask of Vigor
135908^10100^Ice Encrusted Maul
135904^6586^Ice Encrusted Necklace of Adroitness
135911^2515^Ice Encrusted Necklace of Security
135912^6646^Ice Encrusted Necklace of Vigor
135920^10096^Ice Encrusted Pick
135913^1722^Ice Encrusted Ring of Adroitness
135915^6569^Ice Encrusted Ring of Brilliance
135914^6633^Ice Encrusted Ring of Vigor
135918^10089^Ice Encrusted Short Spear
135917^10084^Ice Encrusted Sword
135916^10081^Ice Encrusted Tower Shield
135921^10098^Ice Encrusted Wand
135919^10090^Ice Encrusted War Axe
135927^10091^Ice Encrusted War Hammer
135924^3686^Ingenious Ice Encrusted Belt
135923^5052^Quick Ice Encrusted Belt
135925^5078^Savvy Ice Encrusted Belt
135922^6607^Summoner's Ice Encrusted Earring
135926^5049^Vital Ice Encrusted Belt
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