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Guide Character Transfer - Server and Account

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As this topic certainly comes up often, a central repository for information would be helpful (WORK in PROGRESS)...First one key bit of information!


Let's begin with the official Daybreak policy (03/31/16 time stamp on their site)

March 31, 2016 17:15

Please note that all transfers are final.

Customer Service will not reverse, refund, or otherwise modify a transfer once completed. Please ensure that you have set up your transfer to your satisfaction prior to submission.

Preparing to Transfer

Items and coin in your Shared Bank will stay on your original server (and account).
You will be removed from any Real Estate plots you own.
All items in your current house/plot will be placed into a moving crate, and will appear on your cursor when you first log in to your new server. You will need to purchase a new plot on your new server if you wish to unload your moving crate.
Your character will be removed from their guild and fellowship.
Prerequisites for Transferring to a new Server

Your character must be at least level 20.
Your account must be at least 60 days old. - No longer correct; users on this site report that 30 days is the current time-frame.
Once a character has been transferred, that character is unable to transfer again for 24 hours.
You may initiate 8 character transfers within a 180 day period. If your character has been transferred within this time frame, you will need to wait before you can transfer them again.
Character Transfer Price(s)

Transferring to a new Server requires the purchase of a Character Transfer Token from the Marketplace. The base price is 2,500 Daybreak Cash ($25.00) prior to any All Access Membership discounts or promotions.
Account-to-Account transfers are a flat 2,500 Daybreak Cash fee. This is not modified by any discounts, promotions, or other offers.
Note: We do not accept the Character Transfer Token as payment for an Account transfer.
Servers with Restrictions or Special Considerations

Phinigel (TLP) - Server transfers are strictly prohibited. You may only transfer from Account-to-Account on this server.
Ragefire (TLP) - Restricted. You may not transfer off of Ragefire, however you may transfer here from Lockjaw.
Lockjaw (TLP) - Restricted. You may not transfer to the Lockjaw server, however you may transfer only to the Ragefire server.
Fippy Darkpaw (TLP) - Restricted. You may only transfer to normal servers from Fippy, however you may transfer to Fippy from Vulak'aerr.
Vulak'aerr (TLP) - Restricted. You may transfer to Fippy Darkpaw or normal servers, but you may not transfer to Vulak'aerr.
Test Server - Prohibited. You may copy a character to the Test server using the /testcopy command, no transfers are permitted for this server.
Firiona Vie - Restricted. You may only transfer to Firiona Vie. Characters are not permitted to leave this server under any circumstance.
Trakanon - Restricted. You may not transfer to Trakanon, however you may freely move from Trakanon to any normal ruleset server. Use the /servertransfer command to see a list of servers.
Zek - Free transfers are available to the Zek server. Use the /servertransfer command to begin the process.
Transferring to a Different Server

If your character's name is unavailable on your destination server, you will need to choose a new name for your character.
This name change is considered final. Customer Service will not change your character name post-transfer regardless of how long you've played, activity levels (or lack thereof) of the character in possession of the desired name, or any other circumstance.
Instructions for Transferring to a New Server

Ensure that you have reviewed the prior information in this article before beginning this process. If you are utilizing a free transfer (such as to Zek), you may skip steps 1, 2, and 3 by simply using the /servertransfer command.

Type /marketplace or click the EQ button and select "Marketplace" from the menu to open the Marketplace window.
Go to the "Services" tab in the Marketplace and purchase a Character Transfer Token. Please ensure that you have adequate inventory space to hold the Token.
When you are ready to transfer, right-click your Character Transfer Token to consume it. This will open the Server Transfer List window.
If you close this window by mistake, you can reopen it by using the /servertransfer command.
Click to select your desired destination server.
If the list indicates that your name is already in use on that server, you will need to enter a new character name in the provided field. Once you have done so, click Refresh to check if your entered name is available on that server. Repeat if necessary.
Click the "Transfer" button to move your character to your new server. You may need to confirm after this point. Once you have done so, you will be immediately disconnected and your character will be transferred to their new server. Please allow a few minutes for the process to finish.
Transferring to a Different Account

Characters that have been flagged to receive Veteran Rewards maintain this flag, however, as these rewards are based on the age of the account, your character may gain or lose abilities depending upon the Veteran Reward level of the account the character has been moved to.
If you are moving to a different account but staying on the same server, your character is NOT eligible for a free name change.
Instructions for Transferring to a Different Account

Transferring to a different account will require that you contact Customer Service, as these transfers are done manually. Ensure that you have read the prior information on this article to ensure that your character is ready for transfer, and you will need to have the requisite 2,500 Daybreak Cash available for payment.

You will also need to provide the following information:

Source Account

Your Real Name:
Daybreak Account Name:
Last 4 digits of the Credit Card used on the account:
Cardholder's Name:
Full Billing Address:
Current Answer to the Security Question:
Email Address:
Character Info

Source Account Name:
Current Server:
Destination Server (If Applicable):
Number of Characters to move:
Character Name(s):
Transferring to a Different Account:
Destination Account Name:
This information is required. If you are unable to provide all of the necessary information, we will not be able to grant your transfer request.

Once we have verified your ownership of both accounts, you will be notified to purchase the 2,500 Daybreak Cash to be removed as payment for the transfer. Please wait until your accounts have been verified prior to purchasing the Daybreak Cash as we will be unable to offer a refund for purchased Daybreak Cash."


Buying accounts - WHAT questions should you ask regarding account security?

If the original owner ever wants to take back an account, keep in mind the following AND make sure you know the answers to these questions...

1. Has the account ever had credit card utilized? Daybreak has access to the SOE era transaction history, so keep this in mind. VIP - when you look in the account information online, only the last 2 years are available for review!
2. Has a Zip code been set?
3. Has a Secret Question and Answer ben set?
4. Has a verified email been set?

If any of the above are yes, the ORIGINAL owner can potentially take back the account.

How can you secure an account if the above answers (some or all are yes)

1. You need to have the ability to transfer the character to a new account either with the prior owner initiating the transfer to a clean account or doing so yourself.
2. Buy accounts from people you know personally and trust.

As stated by another member, "The only way around buying an account and not running into that is buy a clean account, no CC ever used, no secret set, no email ever confirmed and no zip code over put in."
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