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Trade / Skill Chaincast.mac 1

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Software Requirements
MQ2, Mq2Cast
Server Type
Sometimes I need my enchanter to summon /enchant loads of stuff
I took some snippets of macros I found here and modified to just chaincast 1 single spell over and over.
/autoinventory is included, in case you are summoning/enchanting ts-items with this spell

Used it, to skill research and to start understanding the first basics of creating macros

| ChainCast v1.0 04/12/2020 by Dragonslayer
| a simple bot chain casting 1 Spell/AA

| Instruction: Modify the 2 rows "/declare CSFTName" and "/declare MiscGem"
| if you aren't shure that MQ2Cast is loaded:
|   -load plugin MQ2Cast with the command "/plugin mq2cast" ...
|     -check if you see "Plugin 'mq2cast' loaded, if you see "unloaded" repeat command
| launch macro with "/mac ChainCast"

    Sub Main
        /declare MacroName                                      string      outer       ChainCast
        /declare MacroVer                                       string      outer       1.0
        /declare Debug                                          int         outer       0
|        /declare CSFTName                     string      outer       Spectre of Renewal Rk. II
        /declare CSFTName                     string      outer       Focus Runed Spellcaster's Empowering Essence
        /declare MiscGem                    int         outer       6  
        /echo Starting ${MacroName} Ver: ${MacroVer} by Dragonslayer for RedGiude's Members Only
            /call ChainCastSpell
            /delay 15
        /goto :top

| ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
| SUB: ChainCastSpell
| ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Sub ChainCastSpell()
        /if (${Debug}) /echo ${CSFTName}
        /if (${Me.AltAbility[${CSFTName}]} && ${Me.AltAbilityReady[${CSFTName}]})  {      
            /if (${Debug}) /echo DEBUG ChainCastSpell: Start of AbilityCheck and exceptions.
            /echo Casting AA ${CSFTName}
            /casting "${CSFTName}" alt 5s
            /delay 70 !${Me.Casting.ID}
            /if (${Debug}) /echo DEBUG CastWhat cast AA result: ${Macro.Return}
        /if (${Me.SpellReady[${CSFTName}]}) {
            /echo Casting ${CSFTName}
            /casting "${CSFTName}" gem${MiscGem} 3s -maxtries|3
            /delay 10
            /delay 70 !${Me.Casting.ID}
            /if (${Debug}) /echo DEBUG ChainCastSpell cast Spell result: ${Macro.Return}

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