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Bazaar.mac / Bazaar2.mac

Utility Bazaar.mac / Bazaar2.mac 4.4/1.0

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|* Updated by Chatwiththisname 10/31/2018
|* Updated to version 4.4
|* Correction to Buyer mode where you would compete with yourself
|* because Seller was being set as the price instead of the seller.
|* Corrected turning off buyer mode when it was already on.
|* Corrected Opening windows that were already open.
|* Changed checks for Buyer mode from ${Me.Trader} to ${Me.Buyer}
|* Added colors for quick glance comparison of price changes similar
|* to the changes in Trader modes colors.
|* By request, added barter mode loop, uses the same loop settings as
|* trader mode (IE: Interval, spam etc)

Something I noticed is much like bazaar2.mac barter mode gets window focus and uses a series of keypresses to type.
It is recommended that you add a /end hotkey to end mid update to avoid typing into the wrong window or getting stuck in clear loop where you cannot type. If you find yourself in that situation, camp out and then /end from the character select screen.
Please see the discussion post found here for a look at the trouble shooting steps taken to correct the problem I found with buyer mode.

Buyer mode doesn't currently run in a loop. It updates the prices and stops. This is an intended action. However it will now run once and update prices for you on run. A loop could be added later. It's highly recommended that you set your buy price Max at a minimum for each item you intend to buy to avoid overpaying for items. I'm not responsible for that :-)