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Combat Assist AutoSpamHeal 1.1

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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test
We heal on raids, usually spamhealing our tanks on zone bosses (TLP server). Due to DPS, especially on unslowed bosses, precasting of the healing spell is needed.

KA healing on this can be rather bad since it has issues deciding what and who to prioritize even if you add the raid tanks to xtarget. Boxing multiple chars and switching screens this can also be extremely mana inefficient then because KA heals continue once they begin casting resulting in over-healing and inefficient mana usage.

To semi-automate this, I made this macro that will spam heal the manually selected target continuously and it interrupts the heal spell to conserve mana if the target's health is above a certain percentage. Because prioritization can be an issue in raids with agro shifts, DT's, etc, , targeting has to be assigned manually. This allows (for me) a nice measure of control while not making me have to interrupt my casting all the time.

Known issues: calculation of over-healing check isn't working like I want it yet.

- Fix over-healing check
- Allow targeting from the social or set a priority list (xtarget list?)
- Allow "delay" in between spams that allows meditation/sitting, regen spell or item usage or rotation
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