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Automatic Nuke Pattern for 105 Wizzy

Automatic Nuke Pattern for 105 Wizzy 1.0

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I have a friend who plays a Wizard and his biggest complaint about most macros is that he doesn't feel in control of his character anymore. So we decided to piece together a little nuke logic that will cast his nukes in the correct order based on the buffs he received from each nuke. It only goes for 1 target and changing your target will end the script. It's not really meant to be an automatic Wizard--just an automatic nuke cycle. We ran it for a few missions and he averaged 65k DPS over all which isn't too bad considering there's no burn cycle built in. I plan on expanding it some to be more automatic than one fight, but I thought I'd go ahead and post it in case anyone wants to use for the days they don't want to give an effort but still want experience.

Ignore the unused variables.. they're there for future changes.
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