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Auto_CLR: Saar's Version of Auto Cleric

Work in Progress Auto_CLR: Saar's Version of Auto Cleric 1.3

Download now:  Join us with Level 2 access or earn your way in with  RedCents.
Server Type
🏢 Live Test
This is Saar's version of Auto Cleric.

Usage: /mac auto_clr

Required: Set first slot of Extended Target 1 to AUTO!

Installation: Copy all files into the /Release/Macros/ folder.
Files included in distribution: autocleric.mac, autosubs.inc

Global Triggers: (Kiss Compatible)
/backoff - Clears target, breaks stick, and stops attacking
/campfire - Drops Campfire
/camphere - Camps at this one spot (Breaks camp on death, follow of another toon)
/campoff - Resets all camp settings and turns it off
/campradius # - Determines camp radius
/chase - Follow Targeted Toon
/chaseoff - Stop Following
/chaseon - Start Following Targeted PC
/meleeon - Melee combat on
/meleeoff - Melee combat off
/mezon - If class has mez it will attempt to mez adds in camp (Bard/Enchanter)
/mezoff - Will NOT use mez spells for adds (Bard/Enchanter)
/slowon - Will slow mobs (Bard/Enchanter)
/slowoff - Will NOT slow mobs (Bard/Enchanter)
/instantrelease - Instantly release on death
/usefellowship - Use fellowship on death

Auto Cleric Usage:
/mountitem ItemName -- This specifies which mount your cleric should use Ex: /mountitem Severed hand of Morlocs
/autorez -- This toggles BATTLE REZ on and off
/pethealpoint % (Set to 0 to disable)
/manatonuke % (Set to 100+ to disable) -- Your cleric will nuke (when available) down to the specified %
/promised -- ENABLE / DISABLE promised delayed heals
/divinebuff -- ENABLE / DISABLE casting Divine Intervention Line on Main Tank
/usedruid -- Toggle this and relaunch macro to cast druid friendly Symbol/AC buff instead of Group HP Buff
/newtank -- Your current target will become your new tank
/raidhealpoint -- Custom healpoints for raiding
/qmtarget -- Will use Quiet Miracle on current target when mana below 60%
/nocures -- Turns off ALL Cures in spells with cure component, after enabling relaunching macro for raids/events
/byos -- (Bring your own spells) Turn on to have the macro use the spells you have memmed!
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  1. forgot to reupload the inc

    autosubs.inc reuploaded
  2. fixed some issues from parser update

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