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Combat Assist Assassin.mac aka AUTOROGUE 1.1.1

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Software Requirements
MQ2Twist - Gets Unloaded Automatically
MQ2Melee - Gets Disabled Automatically
MQ2EQBC (Optional)

Server Type
🏢 Live Test
For your testing pleasure, assassin.mac, a standalone rogue mac in the spirit of automacros.
(Heavily based on IHC's zerker mac, which was in turn based on noobhaxor's work, and a bit of RogueHelper for good measure. Thanks for all the hard work for us scrubs!)

Still in rough form, this is more like a beta, but it's working pretty well thus far. Currently only supports max level characters, lower level support coming after RoS settles.
What it does:
-Auto Assist on target.
-Melee DPS.
-Run's through major burn discs, and should cycle them as needed/available.
-Should keep all spam abilities on cooldown and cycle them.
-Auto Hide/Sneak when not in combat.
-Will apply your chosen poison and keep it up. If you run out, it summons poison from legs if set.
-Uses Chest click of your choice.
-Uses Epic weapon click.
-Keeps Thief's Vision on group.
-Uses Breather for Endurance.
-Debuffs mob with pinpoint and mark, if it is not already on mob.
-Uses Alliance if you have 2 or more rogues in group (and the mob doesn't have the debuff already.)
-Will pickpocket mob if set to do so.
-Will try to use purge poison to cure a root

Usage: Target tank, type /mac assassin (duh.)
Required: Set first slot of Extended Target 1 to AUTO!
Recommended: Setting a Group Assist Role
Assassin.mac has all the same requirements as the auto mac's so you need a copy of autosubs.inc (See below)

Ini settings, Same as the usual suspects plus:

DoDots: Toggles use of rogue DoT abilities. (Default OFF)
DoPick: Toggles use of pickpocket. (Default OFF)
BurnAlways: Use this to cycle burns constantly as available. (Default OFF)

Chestclick= Default is Frightweave Coat of the Assassin (from RoF T4)
Poison= Default is Consigned Bite of the Shissar XVIII (105 Pants summoned)
Pants=Default Cohort's Shadowscale Leggings (EoK T1 Group 105)

PoisonBuff=Default is set as Bite of the Shissar Poison X (105 pants poison) NOTE: Match this to the poison you have selected

In development:
-110 support is first priority
-Lower level support
-Improved Poison support settings
-Moar Deeps
-Circle of Power usage

Please test and post feedback/ideas/bugs!

- - - Updated - - -

Release history/Changes:
12/6/17 V. 1.0
Initial release
1/1/18 V. 1.1
New version!
Assassin v.1.1
New features:
Added support up to level 110 (In testing)
Added extra default poison for when you run out of the good stuff
Various bug fixes
Slight DPS jump
Limited level 100 support, more soonish

Assassin v.1.1.1
/tgldots disabled
Fix for Lower ranks of End regen discs

- - - Updated - - -

Current Bugs:
Lower ranks of Breather not triggering. Possibly fixed in next release.
/tgldots causing client crash...currently disabled..edit your ini to use them for now.
First release
Last update
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