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Trade / Skill Artisan Wares 1

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/mac ArtisanWares

I have been working on creating a macro for the Artisan Wares Achievement, prerequisite for the Artisan Prize.

A few caveats

It gets stuck a lot, and there are several items that I have not finished yet.
If anyone knows a better way to navigate the old zones that would be helpful.

The items that it has a problem with are

1) Oily Gear
I can not figure out how to get up the ramp to the Fortress Mechanotus

2) Kuuan Light
Is there a way to get it without levitation?

3) Outcast's Coal
Navigating this area is annoying, dropping down the well, navigating the water, this needs more work.

4) Timeless Oil
You need a key, and the Quintessence of Elements, I have not done that work yet.

5) Iridescent Frond
I did not want to go through the blimp so I went to Eastern Wastes -> Shards Landing -> Beast's Domain. You might die.

6) Irresistible Lure
The name of the ground spawn seems to change with every spawn, so I do not know what to pick up.

7) Everywhere
There are a lot of places where it might get stuck, miss a drop down, or ladder.
I have only tested with a Halfling, larger characters may get stuck a lot.
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