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115 Shaman Group DPS/Heal Backup

Work in Progress 115 Shaman Group DPS/Heal Backup

For those of you having the issue loading the spells, it may be due to the fact that Kiss has an issue currency, where if there isn't a [Spells] AND [MySpells], the spells will not load correctly. I would suggest Copying a second list of [Spells], and change the second one to [MySpells], and it should work correctly. I have not tried out this .ini yet, but I noticed a problem I had resolved for me, so I'm sharing it. Couldn't hurt to try.
I am having the same from as Telepathically max AA shaman with all spells and it only loads spell gem 8, any clue why?
When assisting out of group the shaman pet will not attack. How do you fix this? other than that it works great!
I got all spells, and 40k aa's spent... for some weird reason its only loading spell gem 8... and nothing else
Nice work!
thank you - 4 and slot 8 spells but can not see what spells are not loading
Make sure your not missing those spells
Great start!