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105 Wizard Basic Nuke Macro

105 Wizard Basic Nuke Macro 1.0

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I've fixed the wizard macro I posted about a few days ago to my liking.

# What you need to know about this macro

- Wizard will med under 99% mana, it's just the way I like my wizards doing it, however I primarily use a mount.
- The spell_routines.inc is fixed to where it won't /keypress forward or backwards, so use a mount when using this.
- Force Rejuvenation will fire if your Mana goes below 45% (thus refreshing Harvest spell)
- This is just a quick fix, if there's an issue post it here, I'm not a coder nor will I claim to be one.
- I didn't write this macro, I don't want credit for it. Just sharing it to those in need, even Razkle seemed to like its casting abilities.
- Macro assists at 98%, the proper usage is /mac wiz mainassistnamehere percentagehere
- Attached is the Level 105 Wizard version, this macro can EASILY be edited for a level 95 or 100 wizard. I can do it for you if necessary.

# Spells you should have memorized (doesn't matter what gem)

- Concussive Storm
- Cloudburst Stormstrike
- Claw of the Flameweaver
- Ethereal Fuse
- Ethereal Weave
- Ethereal Skyblaze
- Twincast
- Synapsefreeze
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