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105 Cleric

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🏢 Live Test
I Run Undying Life, Because my Tbm Shit i almost done and it scales.... It gives a Sick amount of Hps, I only use it on the Tank, I Run 1)Ward,2)Remedy,3)renewal,4)Remedy,5)renewal,6)Mystic,7)Sylabe 8)**Issuance of spirits(IF IM RAIDING for the Dbl IoS's)** If not then 8)Greater reformation 9) I throw either Alliance, Or Mark,*(wtf ever i need atm) 10) D I 11)Shining bastion 12) Is my swap out for Surety/symbal....... But i also have 1-8 Set up on a Keybind(all My Box's spells 1-8 can be SPAMED) Alot of the times u can just REmove ward from the 1 slot and bump everything up....... As far as the Resing goes I let KA Handle the res's completly with the AA Along as Your Using quick heals not Lights or fucking hot/delayed bullshit That first Remedy will be ready to cast on the tank soon as the res is done...

I DO NOT use ANY DPS Stuff i turn that section completly off, Spends Entirely to much time Fucking around watching mob hps instead of the Tanks,... Been useing Pretty much the same setup for well since TDS with Cleric as my main..... use the exact same Spell lineup for raiding as i do for KA...... Heal parse's are Unreliable as all hell, The best gauge you can use are your spell castings......Here are My Casting numbers from Aterbre's Vault Raid Keep in mind Theres a mechanic that requires you to be between 30% and 70% mana for The End portion of the fight so that fucks with the casting numbers a little bit..... Im Constantly 100+ castings above the rest of our cleric team..... Not saying i know it all but pretty Jonny on the twat when it comes to cleric(healing Stuff) Drop me a line if ya got any questions

--- Armor of the Ardent Rk. II - 1
--- Beacon of Life X - 1
--- Blessing of Resurrection - 1
--- Burst of Life XXI - 1
--- Celestial Hammer XXIV - 1
--- Celestial Rapidity III - 2
--- Celestial Regeneration XXXI - 1
--- Channeling the Divine I - 4
--- Circle of Life IV - 1
--- Divine Arbitration VI - 1
--- Divine Guardian Spirit VI - 2
--- Divine Indemnification Rk. III - 2
--- Fervid Renewal Rk. III - 67
--- Focused Celestial Regeneration XIX - 2
--- Forceful Rejuvenation - 1
--- Fraught Renewal - 47
--- Geomantra XVII - 2
--- Graceful Remedy - 93
--- Harmonic Balance - 1
--- Healing Frenzy IX - 2
--- Improved Twincast VI - 1
--- Issuance of Spirit Rk. III - 2
--- Mystical Intervention Rk. III - 5
--- Potion of Harvest - 5
--- Purify Soul III - 1
--- Quiet Miracle II - 2
--- Radiant Cure X - 3
--- Received Black Wolf - 1
--- Received Paragon - 2
--- Received QM/Marr's/Veturika's - 5
--- Received Shaman Epic - 4
--- Shining Bulwark Rk. III - 1
--- Smite the Wicked II - 3
--- Spiritual Remedy Rk. III - 169
--- Syllable of Convalescence Rk. II - 15
--- Third Spire of Divinity IV - 1
--- Undying Life - 13
--- Unified Hand of Nonia Rk. II - 6
--- Unified Surety Rk. III - 1
--- Veturika's Perseverance - 3
--- Ward of Surety Rk. III - 10

- - - Updated - - -

Heres my ini..... Cleric is my Franchise.... Always thought my Tank made shit CAKE,,, Until I Went couple weeks with Out my cleric shit became enough to Piss me off.... Have no problem saying My Cleric Carry's My Entire crew..... Shit Ive came back From Afk to Find Tank Standing There Getting beat on and Cleric just Healing away for how long i dont know rofl..... Pretty much Only Heals MA/Tank will do group heals n what not and will res people who steal agro...> I tank with a SK So dont really have agro issues even with a raid geared DPS group...... I wish It handled healing from outside the group with the EXTwindow a little better... Cleric is Max AA Mostly TBM raid geared couple EoK t2/Raid peice's.. and a TBM Group 1hb :p

Reson I have all The heals Fireing hella early is well NOT FULL RED BAR's MAKE JESUS KILL PUPPIES!!!!!

Buffs1=Divine Indemnification
Buffs2=Unified hand of Surety|Dual|Surety
Buffs3=Aura of Divinity|Aura
Buffs4=Shining Bulwark Rk. III|MA
Buffs5=Armor of the Ardent|Self
Buffs6=Veturika's Perseverance|Mana|80
Buffs7=Quiet Miracle|Mana|50
Buffs8=Aura of the Reverent|Aura
Buffs9=Burning Dead Robes
Buffs10=Dallyn's Horse Saddle|mount
AE1=Healing Frenzy|3
AE2=Flurry of Life|3
AE3=Celestial Rapidity|3
AE4=Channeling the Divine|3
AE5=Focused Celestial Regeneration|3|MA
AE6=Fundament: Third Spire of Divinity|3|MA
AE7=Celestial Regeneration|3|Me
Heals1=Burst of Life|40
Heals2=Spiritual Remedy|80|MA
Heals3=Fraught Renewal|90|MA
Heals4=Fervid Renewal|70|MA
Heals5=Graceful Remedy|75|Ma
Heals6=Mystical Intervention|90|MA
Heals7=Fervid Renewal|65
Heals8=Word of Greater Reformation Rk. III|75|Group
Heals10=Divine Arbitration|50|Group
Heals11=Undying life|90|MA
Heals12=Beacon of Life|40|Group
Heals13=Deathseeker's Illuminator Breastplate|80|Group
Heals14=Mystical Intervention|50
Heals15=Syllable of Convalescence|80|Group
AutoRezWith=Blessing of Resurrection
Cures1=Radiant Cure
Cures2=Purify Soul
Cures3=Group Purify Soul
Burn1=Fundament: Second Spire of Divinity
Burn2=Healing Frenzy
Burn3=Flurry of Life
Burn4=Channeling the Divine
Burn5=Celestial Rapidity
Burn6=Signet of Gannar
Burn7=Celestial Regeneration
GoMSpell1=Syllable of Convalescence|Me
GoMSpell2=Word of Greater Reformation|Me
Gem1=Spiritual Remedy Rk. III
Gem2=Fervid Renewal Rk. III
Gem3=Graceful Remedy
Gem4=Fraught Renewal
Gem5=Undying Life
Gem6=Mystical Intervention Rk. III
Gem7=Syllable of Convalescence Rk. II
Gem8=Word of Greater Reformation Rk. III
Gem9=Ward of Surety Rk. III
Gem10=Divine Indemnification Rk. III
Gem11=Shining Bulwark Rk. III
Gem12=Unified Hand of Surety Rk. III
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