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105 Cleric - EOK by Eqtrader74

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🏢 Live Test
Exp/AA: One more chime in on the exp in EoK/RoS. This issue with grinding to 110 first is the exp in EoK gets very slow after 108. FM is turning light blue and even T2 isn't great. So you'd be wanting to move to RoS zones by 109 and not have all your defensive AA. If you also haven't upgraded your tank's gear that is going to be a short visit to RoS.

There were a few posts earlier in 2018, complaining about slow exp in EoK at upper levels, which convinced me to stop my SK at each level from 106-108 and completely max my AA before moving to the next one. I would at least max your defensive/hp/lifetap AA at each level. At 109 I moved to Overthere and bought the SK almost a full set of Conflagrant (visibles, most non-vis and all the augs.) At 109 with the AA and gear I found RoS trash pulls not too scary. Named were still hectic but it worked.

Conflagrant Gear: Not sure what Live server you play on, but Conflag gear prices have crashed on mine. You should be able to gear the SK in a full set for a Krono's worth of PP, probably even have some left over to buy some pieces for the cler/ench. If that's not the route you want to go I get it. But that armor makes it so you can look away from the screen without expecting to come back to a dead SK.

Cleric: So I forget the other thing I had to do when I moved to EoK was upgrade my cleric's ini. Similar to the SK, I went from a simple TDS ini that just spammed 2-3 heals/DivArb to one that used tons of fast heals and used healing AA on bad pulls via the AE section.

Further, a lot of people had healing issues when they moved to RoS too. Here is a link to eqmule's 110 cleric ini (Jan 2018 version) in a thread about surviving RoS dmg. You'd need the eqmule mod of KA to run it, but you can see how he's handling RoS healing.

Here is my 105 EoK Cleric. It is by no means a great one and doesn't use conditions, but it worked fine for EoK named.

Buffs1=Jungle Raptor Saddle|Mount
Buffs2=Aura of Divinity|Aura|Divinity Effect
Buffs3=Aura of the Reverent|Aura|Reverent Effect
Buffs4=Unified Hand of Surety|dual|Surety
Buffs5=Shining Bulwark|MA
Buffs6=Shared Purity
Buffs7=Greater Ward of Vie|MA
Buffs8=Divine Response
Buffs10=Anticipated Intercession|MA
Buffs11=Divine Indemnification|MA
Buffs12=Divine Guardian|MA
Buffs17=Quiet Miracle|Mana|10
Buffs18=Veturika's Perseverance|Mana|50
Buffs19=Wand of Pelagic Transvergence|Mana|60|15
Buffs20=Summoned: Large Modulation Shard|Mana|85|45
AE1=Healing Frenzy|3
AE2=Flurry of Life|3
AE3=Celestial Rapidity|3
AE4=Channeling the Divine|4
AE5=Focused Celestial Regeneration|3|MA
AE6=Fundament: Third Spire of Divinity|4|MA
AE7=Celestial Regeneration|3|Me
Aggro2=Divine Peace|80|>
Heals1=Mystical Intervention|90|MA
Heals2=Undying Life|85|MA
Heals3=Spiritual Remedy|77|MA
Heals4=Fervid Renewal|70|MA
Heals5=Fifteenth Emblem|35|MA
Heals6=Ardent Elixir|75
Heals7=Ardent Light|70
Heals8=Spiritual Remedy|65
Heals9=Mystical Intervention|50
Heals10=Burst of Life|30
Heals11=Bestow Divine Aura Beza|20|!MA
Heals12=Word of Convalescence|80
Heals13=Divine Arbitration|45
Heals14=Divine Fortitude|50|Me
Heals15=Veturika's Perseverance|45|Me
Heals16=Beacon of Life|40|Group
Cures1=Radiant Cure
Cures2=Group Purity of Soul
Cures3=Ward of Purity
Burn1=Celestal Rapidity
Burn2=Cohort's Illuminator Breastplate
Burn3=Fundament: Second Spire of Divinity
Burn4=Celestial Regeneration
Burn7=Healing Frenzy
Burn8=Flurry of Life
Burn9=Channeling the Divine
Burn10=Forceful Rejuvenation
Burn15=Silent Casting
Gem1=Fervid Renewal
Gem2=Ardent Light
Gem3=Ardent Elixir
Gem4=Mystical Intervention
Gem5=Word of Convalescence
Gem6=Divine Indemnification
Gem8=Fifteenth Emblem
Gem9=Spiritual Remedy
Gem10=Undying Life
Gem11=Shining Bulwark
Gem12=Unified Hand of Surety
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