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Recent content by vsab

  1. vsab

    Question - Shut off colored names?

    I'm so used to MQ2, I don't know what the client does with names without it!
  2. vsab

    Question - Mq2headshot what is it?

    Yep, that's what it did. I suspect it only works up to whatever level/AA it was maintained until (if at all).
  3. vsab

    Question - 5 box + Merc. Should I switch to 6 box?

    "Classic" Min/max's: Melee WAR/SHM/BRD/BST/BER/(BER or ROG) and Caster SK/ENC/CLR/ (fill with MAG/WIZ as you feel) There's some variation, but it's the tank/CC/heal combo that everything else revolves around.
  4. vsab

    Question - 5 box + Merc. Should I switch to 6 box?

    You might as well, and anything you like really. You haven't gone for a classic (boring?) min/max group anyway, so just go for it. I'd probably go zerker or rogue.
  5. vsab

    Question - Got the basics down - Now a 3-box for live?

    Start with how you mean to go on. What I mean is most people start with 3 and very rapidly end up with 5/6 box. So I'd plan ahead. If you like melee: Tank/Bard/Shaman If you like casters: Tank /ENC/CLR
  6. vsab

    Macro - Delvl Macro for those who desire to bring a character down to a specific level.

    I wrote https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/sacrifice-mac.71476/ to keep my PL crew at 85-90 so that I can group with level 60's (e.g. toons fresh out of hatchery.mac)
  7. vsab

    IRL - Thinking about returning - looking for advice

    1. EQ- we are all EQ addicts here 2. 12 Characters with 16gb RAM would be ok, anymore than that and you'll get stutter most likely. 3. I have easily completed all current group content with:- WAR/BRD/SHM/BST/BER/BER and SHD/ENC/CLR/MAG/WIZ/WIZ Druid doesn't really add that much these days...
  8. vsab

    IRL - Claw of Veeshan's Armor

    Big question for me is will they add more chase loot with type 18/19 slots? Probably too early to know at this point I guess.
  9. vsab

    News - Claws of Veeshan is now pre-orderable

    When I see Othmir I think of this Didn't someone mention wanting the fez?
  10. vsab

    Question - smooth login for a lot of char

    I just use mq2autologin now. Once upon a time I used to use batch scripts, WinEQ etc and now I just use windowed mode and mq2autologin. I've signed up to the ISB trial about a million times and never got past the initial setup. The only thing I miss is different client ini's per character but to...
  11. vsab

    Question - smooth login for a lot of char

    I do batches of 6. Team 1, then when they're at char select, team 2 and so on.
  12. vsab

    News - NEW XPAC!

    Will we have a beta VV compile too?
  13. vsab

    Any Decent Halloween Quests?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any Halloween quests that might be available now, that aren't just "fluff"?
  14. vsab

    Macro - shiny.mac (EQ collection items)

    I've been using this (the main mac not the collection item mac) and just wanted to say thankyou! It took a little for e to get round player housing etc and ALOT of parcelling about, but finally I have decent stocks of all except the rare crap you only ever have just one of anyway!
  15. vsab

    Funny - Worst possible group composition?

    CLR CLR PAL PAL SHM SHM You'd bore them to death