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    Question - Not MQ2 Related - Goods Map - Layer 3

    posted in forums yesterday Jan 21 "Considering that I no longer look at my Paypal 20 times a day and people need to hunt me down to get the layer 2-3 pack I will release every thing for everyone. Thank you to all that contributed and safe travelling. "
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    News - The Daybreak EverQuest team is now known as Darkpaw Games

    Nice pic - apparently Prathun could not make it but I don't see Holly either.
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    Question - When to work on AA ??

    Torment of Velious launching flagged The Broken Mirror for autogrant Go back and do progression as this will also grant you some AA and you can do and find some interesting things which may benefit your characters. Plus most lower progression will be very easy at higher levels. I don't auto...
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    Macro - Crystal Caverns Supply Run shopper

    And make sure you have space:eek:
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    Question - Do you all use mounts?

    As a ranger, I don't see much benefit other than looks. Cool watching me shoot arrows from a horse but looks akward when in melee with the mob. All of my casters - chanter, wiz, mage and sometimes shaman use mounts. Unless they want to get in and fight! Then they drop the mount and go toe to toe!
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    Question - Timestamps in logs?

    Once you set it then it stays. So yes you might have to go thru them one at a time but they stay and yes it is cumbersome to have to do it with all your chat windows but its well worth it.
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    Question - System Error

    Yep may need 9C and many times the newer windows direct 9 will override it during updates.
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    Request - New Member Here (and With a Question)

    Yeah, I just learned about the daily way after all this time lol sitting around wondering how to get them. And they kept telling me in school that reading would come in handy!!!!!
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    Request - I*d like to you hire you, $100/Hr, Worked with Redbot,EQMule,Treehuggingdruid.... (Scam?)

    If he can make that many mages and buy them all expansions, plus purchase high end stuff in the tunnel and offer $100 to do this then he is my long lost father$$$
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    Toast - Happy New Years! What’s Your 1 EQ Wish?

    To get a decent hair style for my half elf ranger - that blocky red bob is just awful. Wish I could have a pony like human sk's have or even nice long hair like half elf enchanters.
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    Request - Launcher is launching wrong account

    Sometimes you need to take the X out and reenter the accounts. Like you said its kind of a cookie in the patcher.
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    Request - New Member Here (and With a Question)

    From what I have seen you buy it with redcents that people give you based on your posts. In upper right next to the search key it says redcents - click that and it takes you to the redcent area - go to the shop and you will see there what you can buy
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    Toast - Merry Freakin Christmas

    Happy Holidays! not too sure about these dots on my screen....too much egg nog?:drink
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    Krono - Krono for RedCents (Redcent Shop)

    :woop: I am short but hope someone gets some for the holidays! What great bonus for all! Good Luck!
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    Krono - Krono for RedCents (Redcent Shop)

    You don't - make a guy on Vox with one of your accounts. Krono are account wide. If you win then you need to calibrate to that character (this pops up when you go to the shop , then sign into that guy and make sure its there. Next using the same account sign into your other guy on FV and the...