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    Question - Cheating on EQ(with another game)

    I played the game of real life for a while. But came back to the game to save my sanity.
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    Request - Coming back from long break to Rizlona! Looking for some RedCent freebies to try.

    Narrock - I tried to send you a message but it says your inbox is full.
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    News - EQ log in going down

    Apparently the log in servers will be out of commission for a few hours. But it sounds like if your logged in you can stay active. Attention Norrathians! We will be updating the login server host tomorrow, Wednesday August 5, 2020 at 6 AM PDT. Estimated downtime is 2 hours and includes the...
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    Request - Coming back from long break to Rizlona! Looking for some RedCent freebies to try.

    You can give 4 posts a day the red cent. :)
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    News - DPG Employee Rumors

    I hope the last 3 went to AOC not Blizzard. after all they have hired a ton of ex eq employees already Prathun appears to be spreading the cheer? https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2020/07/14/hug-touch-isolation-coronavirus/
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    Discussion - Most Clicked item in EQ.

    Necromantic Dragon Bone Throne of Heroes hot key
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    Discussion - Efficient Epic Gathering

    OOW armor takes a ton of faction. Best place to get it is over in Dranicks Scar. Up on the hill on the way to The Bloodfields is a large area filled with noc and other critters. You can clear thru to the wall to the right over and over and most all of those count towards the faction you need. I...
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    Question - Recommendations for sixth group position on two different group make-ups.

    No shaman or enchanter. 😕? I realize the bard can do all that but shaman and chanters are fun too
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    Discussion - Efficient Epic Gathering

    I would not bother with any pre quests nowdays. The epics 1.0 and 1.5 are easy since characters are much more powerful than back when epics were hard. It seems when players try to do the prequests they get stuck somewhere and have to ask in chat how to fix it. As far as 2.0 you don't even need...
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    Request - Coming back from long break to Rizlona! Looking for some RedCent freebies to try.

    Don't forget you can give red cents in return or just cause you like a post. It does not come out of your total but will add a couple to it and that way you can keep your level 2.
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    Problem - Very odd framerate drop/freeze shortly after loading a zone

    under options>display>advanced there is a drop down box that toggles between most memory usage and least memory usage. Try setting it to whichever one it's not currently on. Sometimes it can take a few hours to settle down. Least Memory Mode often means that after you zone it will take...
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    Question - Maps

    Not clear if your not wanting to use stuff (programs etc) from here but if nothing else you can look up the mob in question on Magelo or EQ Resources and both have nice maps that show spawn points and camp points. EQR will usually tell what the PH's are too. Brewell and Goods maps both have...
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    News - The Everquest Show presenting EQ music vinyls

    Sad thing.....most of us are old enough to still have record players to play that viynl
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    Discussion - The earliest bug or exploit you remember

    None of mine popped in lobby this last patch. Although there were tons of other players dead bodies stinkin up the place. Still a couple.
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    Strategy - Hi, im returning to EQ after about 12 years.

    I think a good idea for anyone returning to the game is to run thru the tutorial real quick to see what and how the game has changed. It will help you when you run the other programs if you know what the character is supposed to be doing. I answer questions in chat all day in game when...