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Recent content by Ottotto

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    News - Game Update Notes: March 18, 2020

    DGB has the best talent to destroy some nice ideas and nerf things into oblivion. Hey, what the heck, now the UI-micromanagement-casino is not only boring, its also completely useless. Gratz on another fail, Darkpaw Games...
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    News - Upcoming Overseer Changes

    thank you, thats a reason.
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    News - Upcoming Overseer Changes

    rezz stick is only 90% I think it makes more sense to use the AA Call of the Wild and after a raid rezzing for 96%
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    News - Upcoming Overseer Changes

    can anybody explain these overseer advantages - except getting tradeskill items esp. if no ToV XPac is there.. Who can use this currency with this horrendous numbers - one quest gave around 275-900 max in 6-24h max Even collecting all currency of all accounts on one.. looks... pretty...
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    Plugin - MQ2DanNet

    MQ2DanNet is a dream compared to all the problems and bad responsivness of EQBC with more than 2 PCs and a combination of Win10 and Win7. No double click anymore because the network does not react instantly. No wrong "Login_"-names in front of the toons when all join a group at once. I waited so...
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    Request - Crescent Reach Freebie Tradeskill Question

    Crescent Quests are meanwhile very old. I wondered if there are macros to automate the whole freebie quests or parts of it to get to tradeskill basis 50? Doing that for many toons kills the wrists. I searched the whole forum but tradeskills but found nothing. Is there anybody who dared to do that?
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    Question - is there a fix out for guild hall crash on loging in to GH or zone to GH yet?

    Honestly I am sick and tired of DGBs QOS They regularly bork their system. I did what Dborgar recommended. Since then I had no single kick from Guild Hall. Disappearing items could be the same problem. All visitors are now recruits and can enter the guild hall. One less rank but who cares. Now...
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    Question - is there a fix out for guild hall crash on loging in to GH or zone to GH yet?

    Tested the issue with MMOBUGS-Version and with Red Guides Vanilla-Version (while loading 13 accounts on one system via Innerspace): - got kicked from Palatial Guild Hall into Sunrise Hills with both versions - new for Red Guides: my non-Gold-Accounts now got kicked too (which was not the case...
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    Question - Whats the difference in the EQBC servers?

    This error is present in EVERY EQBCS-Version.. tested now every combination, from EQBCS2, 1 or Emule. The Emule 1.3 is the most stable and makes this error only very rarely (1 out of 31 accounts). The others often have about 3-4 cases with the "LOGIN_"-Tag which need a relog of EQBCS.
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    Question - is there a fix out for guild hall crash on loging in to GH or zone to GH yet?

    Which combination do you have? Do you use Innerspace in conjunction with MQ2? Do you use Vanilla Redguides, additional plugins from others? Do you use pure MQ2 like provided by Macroquest2.com? I assume now that the interference from MQ2 with Innerspace on other OS than Win10 makes problems...
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    Request - Auto Augment Remover Inserter (e.g. TBM)

    Heya... after now making a new group from scratch and working under TBM I see it is a P.I.T.A. to really level and reinsert the new augs in a 6box. Is there any auto re-augment macro which is doing that automatically? Project-Idea: - remove all Aug5/Aug6/Aug9/AugX from all items (drop in...
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    Question - Whats the difference in the EQBC servers?

    mh.. every EQBC Server so far has a strange problem. If 18-30 toons are going via macro simultaneously into the server then some always login erroneous depending on the version. The Emule 1.3 is the most stable version which was the only one which worked quite well. But after the last patch this...