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Recent content by Hulkman

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    Question - Looking for a bard macro

    Sic has nice Bard INI file I am currently using . Its in the Library section. Works very well for level 120 bard. I personally just disabled the mez ability as I find no need for that ability at the moment
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    Question - Hey Guys Need help with my phone hotspot and my laptop

    Best thing to do is 1) hard format and do not install any other programs on the Labtop 2) Keep labtop only for EQ purposes and general browsing those two things will make it go easy and smooth
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    Patch - Jan 5 2021 - EQ Patch - MQ Out of Date

    Why cant I run MQ and why did this happen again ?? Please help
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    Discussion - Looking to return to EQ

    Hello and Welcome back I would love to have another Friend on Luclin server come join me there.
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    Discussion - Paladin or Shadow knight

    SK - if you want more Offense Pally - if you want more Defense I prefer Offense over Defense anytime in this game
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    Question - How quickly can you guys level without power levelling?

    You can level pretty fast making 3 toons with 3 mercs and go all the way with no power leveling. Assuming the 3 accounts are Gold- because Free to play mercs sucks
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    Discussion - What is your go to class?

    I think Shadow Knight is the most dominating of all the Melee classes In my opinion. Reason is, you can do so many things including dealing massive amounts of damage while healing yourself.
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    News - Servers are once again locked... Dec 20 2021

    I am really starting to get annoyed by this downtime. It is getting ridiculous , why can they not get their shit together and do proper job ?
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    Question - ToL Garnet

    I have not seen any at all in ME , but will try VT and see how it goes
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    Stupid - WTF 20 Krono??!!

    Merry Christmas and have a Happy and safe New year everyone
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    News - New chase?

    Yeah I seen them, bad ass gear drops. But very very RARE New zones world drops only
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    IRL - Severe Weather

    Thank you for the Info, we will pray for those effected and speedy recovery. I have not seen anything in the news as of yet been away from TV and too much front of computer , will check again
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    IRL - My wife and I both want to box 3 characters but be in the same group.

    If you guys are living in the same house , your fine using 1 Red Guides account. But if your not and running from different IP. Then you may need to talk to Red Bots and see what he can do for you. You should be fine either way and should be good to go soon as you download the patcher
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    Question - Best place to farm Medicinal Herbs?

    Best place to farm it is Frontier mountains , that is where I have seen them the most
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    Funny - Forgot to feed the hamster (DarkPaw everywhere is down)

    My point is : After all these years and same thing happening over and over and Over again. Why don't they just say : NO Everquest for 2 days ( Dec 5-7) due to expansion implementation and be done with it Give the developers, coders and testers extra time to iron things out fully while...