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    Question - Djarns Tarnished Amethyst Ring ??

    I believe you get a loot lockout upon killing the first lieutenant now so you can drop it and start again all you want but you aren't going to see any drops for 6 hours if I understand how loot lockout works
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    Strategy - Never use /target for Sticking!

    Have all characters stick to you /bca //stick id ${Me.ID} 15 Noob question of the day: What's the best way to stop following using the command above? /stick off was messing up my ability to stick to mobs with /assist
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    Request - List of ZoneID with Name?

    Had grabbed these from eqgame.exe a while back for another project... { "phinterior1d1", "Dragon House Interior" }, // 723 { "argath", "Argath, Bastion of Illdaera" }, // 724 { "arelis", "Valley of Lunanyn" }, // 725 { "sarithcity", "Sarith, City of Tides" }, // 726 { "rubak", "Rubak Oseka...
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    News - Some thing is going on around here....

    Life on the red planet... NTS, not too shabby
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    Question - High CPU usage

    I should add that I run 5 accounts on my main PC without a hiccup so thinking the 100% CPU thing is hardware specific.
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    Question - High CPU usage

    FWIW, since the 6/27 EQ patch, I am seeing weird CPU spikes running just one instance of EQ on a PC that has never had any issues in the past. The CPU will max out every few minutes dropping frame rates to an unplayable 2-3 FPS for a minute or two then everything returns to normal 35 FPS. Very...
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    I am guessing this is something you may have tried already... but on the outside chance you haven't, run the standalone patcher first, then try launching from within EQ. That seems to correct the crashing issues for me. If I don't run the standalone patcher first, invariably it crashes. I...
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    Range vs Melee Help

    Apologies if this is a noob question but I am using mq2moveutils and mq2melee and am wondering how to set up melee such that if the mob is within a certain distance my ranger will move to it and melee and if beyond that distance will range attack it. I have been messing around with...