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Provides information about a dynamic zone lockout timer

This Data Type is added by core MacroQuest.
dztimer is used as a return type by these members:  [ Toggle ]

Page Member Description
dynamiczone Timer[#|name] Access the list of current lockout timers. This is either an index from 1 to MaxTimers, or a Expedition|Event combination. Event is optional, but if multiple Expeditions match, the timer with the earliest lockout expiration will be returned.


Type Member Description
int EventID ID of the event. These values are only unique per Expedition. Non-event lockouts (Replay Timer) will have a -1 event id.
string EventName The name of the event
ExpeditionName The name of the expedition
To String Returns the string formatted as "ExpeditionName|EventName"
timestamp Timer The timestamp indicating when this lockout expires

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