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This command is added by KissAssist, MuleAssist

Syntax Key
Notation Description
Text without brackets or braces Required items
<Text inside angle brackets> Placeholder for which you must supply a value
[Text inside square brackets] Optional items
Vertical bar (|) Separator for mutually exclusive items; choose one
{Text | inside | braces} Set of required items; choose one
Ellipsis () Items that can be repeated
Syntax /addignore [<text>] | [<spawnid#> [1|0]]
Description Adds target, <text> or <spawnid#> to the MobsToIgnore list - accepts partial names and checks against TLO:Spawn. "Double quotes" are required when passing names with spaces. For spawnid#, see examples.

Modifies KissAssist_Info.ini


Category Option Description
KissAssist, MuleAssist <text> Accepts partial and full names. If providing a name with spaces, use quotes.
KissAssist <spawn id#> 1 Accepts the ID of the spawn. Should be followed by the flag "1".


Add ignore can be used to add Mob ID's to a list. In situation where the Mobs name won't work for ignoring mobs when pulling, you can tell the /addignore command to use the ID instead.

Usage Example: /addignore ${Target.ID} 1

This will tell kissassist to maintain a list of ID's in the variable named MobsToIgnoreByID. This list is dynamic and is reset every time kiss is started.

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