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    MQ2CastTimer - This is a plugin that allows you to check timers on active spells.
    It adds a Timer Window that can be used to monitor spells you have cast on others.

    /timer [on|off]- Turns timer Window on / off
    /timer clear [all|target|pc|npc|pet] - Clear Spell timers
    /timer autorecast [#] - Set Number of seconds left on spell before recasting Default:20
    This will give the time remaining on the Euphoria spell that you cast on your current target (both examples do the same thing).
    This will give the time remaining on Euphoria on your current target, only if someone else cast it. 
    Timer Window - Shows various info on spells and targets.
    MQUI_CastTimerWnd.xml file included in the compile must be copied into your Everquest>UI>default diriectory.

    CharNotesPosX=200 - Current HUD X-Axis Location
    CharNotesPosY=170 - Current HUD Y-Axis Location
    ShowInChat=on - Toggle Showing Comments in Chat
    ShowInHUD=on - Toggle Showing Comments on HUD
    MaxNotes=200 - Maximum Number of Possible Comments[/code]
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