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Very Vanilla MQ2 (Test server)

Vanilla Very Vanilla MQ2 (Test server) 2021-06-09

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Jun 09 2021 by RedGuides
- New plugin! MQ2UItils (eqmule) puts a little green line on the compass if you have a target.
- MQ2EasyFind (eqmule) - added more PoK zone connections
Jun 08 2021
- Updated for TEST
May 25 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Events (Sic, brainiac) This addresses a possible crash when trying to load an empty trigger

May 25 2021
- Updated for TEST

May 24 2021
- Fixed some problems with /itemnotify
May 19 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2DPSAdv (Sic, brainiac) Crash Fix. Updated IsPet check. Previous update to remove pets/swarm pets would cause a crash if your pet was the recipient of damage from the mob you were fighting. Now we just skip adding it as a mob in the dropdown.

May 19 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2DPSAdv (ChatWithThisName, Knightly) Prevent swarm pets from showing up in dropdown.

May 19 2021
- Updated for LIVE
- Fixed /listmacros crash - reported by cwtn
May 13 2021 by RedGuides
- NEW PLUGIN! MQ2Achievements (eqmule) beta release. Gives access to a character's achievements. For example, if your character needs traveler achievements, this plugin will allow you (or a macro) to check which zones you've already visited. /listach command has been added for debugging.
- MQ2Boxr (Sidien, Knightly) Add "BurnNow" command. New command that instructs the box to start burning the current target. Support all CWTN plugins, including unreleased.
May 11 2021
- Updated for TEST
- Yes I am aware the loot checkboxes on itemdisplay are behind the new itemcompare combo
- I will fix it.
Apr 28 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2DPSAdv (Sic, brainiac, dannuic, Knightly) Further fixes for crashes. Updated "healed" to " healed " to avoid catching user names like shealedallah the warrior princess.
- MQ2Radar (ChatWithThisName, brainiac, odessa) Add option to use a custom map folder.
/radar Mapfolder "Brewall's Maps"
requires the use of Quotes for multi-word Map folders.
/radar Mapfolder clear
Will clear the use of a map folder and use the default maps.
Adds new INI entry "MapFolder" which is loaded with other character specific options, and saved when the MapFolder is changed.
- MQ2AutoForage (GoldenFrog, Knightly, dannuic) Added default [Global] section to INI. Items will read or write to a global section, unless a zone-specific line exists. e.g.
- MQ2Say (Knightly, ChatWithThisName, dannuic) Adds ability to ignore say messages from members of your group, guild, fellowship and raid. Backported some of the fixes and code-cleanup from Next.

Apr 28 2021
- Updated for TEST

Apr 21 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2DPSAdv (Sic, ChatWithThisName) Update due to chat color changes

Apr 21 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Enchanter (ChatWithThisName) has been removed from beta and is now premium.
- RGMercs (morisato) TLP fixes for warrior/cleric/enchanter. Druids and Mages revamped, the help file is now split between "/rg help" and "/rg advanced"
- MQ2Rez (jimbob, Sic, Knightly, brainiac) Added option for /rez delay #, so rezzes can be delayed again
- MQ2CustomBinds (BigDorf, Knightly) Now defaults to INI file format for bind name/up/down information. There will be a one-time conversion of your .txt files to .ini.

Apr 21 2021
- Updated for LIVE
Apr 14 2021 by RedGuides
- KissAssist (ctaylor22) Added code to reduce the Navigation spam when in combat. This version also has changes to help keep your character from running directly underneath Mobs before the initial attack is issued. MQ2DanNet syntax error fixed.
- MQ2Twist (Woobs) Fix Twist not using items

Apr 14 2021
- Updated for TEST
Apr 02 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Boxr (Sidien, Knightly) added support for MuleAssist, removed the CampRadius command. Code made easier to extend.
- MQ2Melee (BigDorf, Knightly) Bash will now ensure equipped gear is appropriate for bashing, including a check for the worn effect "two hand bash", code cleanup
- Multiple plugins (Sic, ChatWithThisName, brainiac) had a small fix for a bug with CTextEntryWnd: MQ2AdvPath, MQ2ChatWnd, MQ2Say, MQ2Notepad, MQ2IRC, MQ2EQBC, MQ2DPSAdv, MQ2Gmail, MQ2Twitch
Mar 16 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2AutoForage (Jerk Chicken, Knightly) - Support per server INI files to reduce the management of multiple per character INI files. If the MQ2Forage_.ini exists it will continue to use that. Otherwise it will create and use MQ2Forage.ini

Mar 16 2021
- Added the eqlib namespace by Brainiac so we can free and allocate memory using eqs heap.
- Added a column sort fix by Brainiac
- Check bounds on notify select commands - Brainiac
- Misc Fixes
- Updated for TEST