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Very Vanilla MQ2 (Test server)

Vanilla Very Vanilla MQ2 (Test server) 2020-02-19

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Feb 18 2020
-Updated for TEST
-Updated for LIVE
Feb 17 2020 by Redguides
- CWTN Plugins (ChatWithThisName, Sic)
CWTN Plugins - ALL
Backend fixes
QuickHeal fix for self
Chasemode will no longer chase corpses (lul)
Should no longer send in your pet if you are melee pulling until you are back to camp
ValidateTarget should no longer allow you to attack a player's pet.
New autodetection for stuck gems and hard coded autofix for them.
Should no longer spam trying to memorize a spell during group watch downtime.
Melee pulls should now correctly turn on attack when near the mob to pull.
When last stood check added to waiting for valid targets or aggro downtime.
No longer allowed to set Group Main Tank's Target as one of your XTarget slots.
PullAbility (Shadow Knight) should no longer shuffle step as the margin for inrange/out of range was adjusted.
MQ2Rogues have re-discovered thier lost book of "Rogue Tips and Tricks" and will now use all their abilities again
Added a toggle for Ligament Slice
Corrected output for UsePet to display correctly
Backend updates
Will now automatically use Yaulp to fix stuck gems.
Backend updates
in !byos we will use syllable (synergy proc) instead of seventeenth - we will use seventeenth if usecurate is off
No longer checking group pets for group shrink (issue with some pets who don't have AA)
Added some additional PetTanking functionality for mode 4, 5, or 7
We won't send in our pet if we are pulling
Added GroupShrink and toggle.
Added Paragon of Spirit Toggle.
Added Memming alliance if UseAlliance is on.
Will use "Bobbing Corpse" to break our stuck spell gems
We won't send in our pet if we are pulling
Feb 12 2020 by Redguides
- MQ2Status (Sic, brainiac) Added /status parcel to return if we have any parcels (thanks CWTN)
Added /status invis
- CWTN Plugins - All:
Correct bug in triggers checking.
ShowSettings should now report the correct ZRadius being used for pulling - my bad :-)
Re-add Shining Defense now that triggers are checking correctly.
Check Restless Ice on Pulse and moved all other cures to after heals.
Adjustments were made to Quiet Prayer and Yaulp checks.
UseYaulp is now a toggle.
DivineIntervention now has a toggle.
Make sure to check that the disc is ready for Synergy Specific Demolishing Frenzy to fire the Synergy.
Fix mana checks for Paragon and Focused Paragon.
Fix pet taunt toggle output message to output correctly.
Added UseIntimidate options
Blade guardian should now be used full time.

Feb 11 2020
-Updated for LIVE

Feb 09 2020
- Fixed a bug where our version of /hotbutton would not save the button to the ini. - reported by DrWhomPhd
Feb 06 2020
- Updated for TEST
quick fix for a crash
Feb 05 2020
- Updated for TEST
Feb 03 2020
- Fixed /plugin noauto load -chatwiththisname
Jan 30 2020 by RedGuides
- MQ2Relocate (Sic) Updated to ensure we fall to the secondary anchor. Added a check to ensure we don't have the anchor in our inventory
- CWTN Plugins (CWTN, Sic) MQ2Cleric will now use gem slot 8 for "buffing/misc" and will save domelee settings.
MQ2War will kick if you don't have a shield and you have a stunning kick AA.
- Bazaar.mac (kaen01) removed alias
Jan 26 2020 by RedGuides
- MQ2Status (Sic, Knightly, brainiac) Updated to allow toggling off show plugins and/or specific classes
- MQ2DanNet (dannuic) Updated code, and implemented macro end detection in order to clear out previously used variables so they can be reused.
- MQ2War (ChatWithThisName) Will now use Wars Sheol's in Tank Mode burn, will also use Rampage in "Tank Modes" when UseAoE is on

Jan 25 2020
-// ***************************************************************************
-// Function: DoHotbutton
-// Description: our '/hotbutton' command
-// Extends the built in /hotbutton command with multiple lines support
-// Usage: /hotbutton [Name] <color> <Line:><Cursor:>[Text]
-// <Line can be 1-5
-// <Cursor can ONLY be 0 which means DO NOT put the hotbutton on the cursor.
-// Usage:
-// /hotbutton TheName 14 1:0:/echo hi (Where 14 1:0: in this case means use color 14, then place /echo hi on LINE 1 and NO Cursor Attachment.)
-// /hotbutton TheName 14 1:/echo hi (Where 14 1: in this case means use color 14, then place /echo hi on LINE 1.)
-// /hotbutton TheName 1:0:/echo hi (Where 1:0: in this case means place /echo hi on LINE 1 and NO Cursor Attachment.)
-// /hotbutton TheName 1:/echo hi (Where 1: in this case means place /echo hi on LINE 1.)
-// /hotbutton TheName 0:/echo hi (Where 0: in this case means NO Cursor Attachment.)
-// Finally, just doing /hotbutton TheName 14 /echo hi OR /hotbutton TheName /echo hi just calls the eq function like before.
-// ***************************************************************************
Jan 21 2020 by RedGuides
- MQ2LinkDB (eqmule) multiple items fixed
- MQ2KissBuffs (ChatWithThisName) Now writes anytime updates immediately for changes. Now tracks Disease, Poison, Curse, and Corruption counters.
This includes covering short durations buffs. (Restless Ice for example).
- MQ2AutoClaim (ChatWithThisName) Fixed an issue with parsing dates.

Jan 20 2020
- Misc Fixes to triggers etc - braniac