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Very Vanilla MQ2 (Test server)

Vanilla Very Vanilla MQ2 (Test server) 20190910

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Sep 10 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for TEST
Aug 29 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2PluginManager (ChatWithThisName) addressed issues from code review. Thanks to brainiac for review and dencelle for original code.
Aug 27 2019 by RedGuides
- New Plugin! MQ2PluginManager (ChatWithThisName) a friendly GUI to load, unload and manage your plugins
Aug 27 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for TEST
Aug 26 2019 by Knightly
- Removed #knightlyparse
- New TLO ${MacroQuest.Parser}
- New slash command /engine parser <x> [noauto] (where X is the version of the parser, right now 1 or 2 and noauto if you don't want it in your ini)
- New macro command #engine parser <x>
- Parser gets reset to the default in your ini whenever a macro ends
- Full documentation at https://gitlab.com/Knightly1/mq2-parser-changes
Aug 23 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2TargetInfo (EqMule) fixes for MQ2DanNet
- MQ2AutoForage (ChatWithThisName) Add new bool "IAmCamping" to fix an issue with camping, thanks Sicprofundus for the report
Aug 21 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for LIVE
Aug 16 2019 by EqMule
- #knightlyparse is now a macro keyword, add it to the top of your macros if you want to use this version of the parser.
- Previously Fixed: EQGroundItemListManager
Aug 15 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2DanNet (plure) let other plugins check if someone is connected to mq2dannet
- MQ2Posse (plure) white listed people in your group and those connected to mq2dannet. added new TLO ${Posse.FriendNames}
Added ability to ignore characters in your fellowship. Now recognizes new friends and strangers on the fly.
Fixed a bug where if you ignored your guild and then became guild-less, you'd ignore everyone not in a guild.
Aug 15 2019 by EqMule
- Fixed a zoning crash
- Fixed a crash on TEST in mq2itemdisplay when inspecting spells.
Aug 13 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2AASpend (ChatWithThisName) AASpend will now look for the "You have reached the AA Point cap" string, reducing wasted AA EXP
- MQ2Profiler (Alynel) Fixed, and replaced offset with a pattern so it won't need updating each patch
- MQ2DotNet (Alynel) Updated to 1.0.2, first major release
- MQ2Collections (TypePun) updated to, Add Delimiter property to list, enhances strings to support quoted strings and escaped characters.
Aug 13 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST
Jul 31 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2DanNet (dannuic) Added format definitions.
Jul 31 2019 by EqMule
- Fixed a clear target bug in mq2targetinfo -dannuic -knighty
- Next release:
- TODO: Fix EQGroundItemListManager so we can get /itemtarget working for guild objects again.
Jul 27 2019 by EqMule
- Turned on Knightlyparse.
- Added support for mq2dannet to mq2targetinfo.
- You can now confgure the mimic me feature in mq2targetinfo.ini to use dannet (or any other plugin u use for it's commands.)
- Added ${Me.LastZoned} to the character TLO. It returns a timestamp of last time you zoned.
- Added new detours for zonechange detection.
- ${Me.Zoning} is depreciated, use ${Me.LastZoned} or just wait for ${Zone.ID} to change.
Jul 22 2019 by RedGuides
- dumpaa.mac (hellfyre) updated to include the Focus tab
- MQ2Main (ctaylor22) Changed BlockedBuff and BlockedPetBuff in the Character TLO to allow use the Buff/spell name as well as the index, like Me.Buff works.
Jul 20 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Main Knightlyparse (Knightly) Fixed bugs in /noparse and /multiline, cleaned up code
Jul 17 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Netbots (Woobs) major fixes
- MQ2Autoloot (Plure) Fixed for the new loot message when passing out loot
- Knightlyparse (Knightly) Removed temporarily
Jul 17 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for LIVE
Jul 15 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2AutoLoot (Plure) Fixed a bug that would cause MQ2AutoLoot to initialize only during the first login on an account per session.
- MQ2Melee (EqMule) fixed some issues with escape, feigndeath and harmtouch
- MQ2XPTracker (ChatWithThisName) will no longer track wacky max values for AA's
- MQ2DanNet (dannuic) fixed bug associated with high CPU usage, added keepalive with frequency options, and added options for expire and evasive timeouts
Jul 15 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST
Jul 11 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Xptracker (ChatWithThisName, dannuic) Updated to follow new XP formula, improved readability of output, more detailed output
- MQ2AutoLoot (Plure) Fixed bug where no drop items marked destroy won't be destroyed, fixed excludebag issues which allows bags other than
"Extraplanar Trade Satchel" to work.
- MQ2Rez (ChatWithThisName) Correct /rez settings, or /rez status from outputting the invalid rez command output.
- MQ2SQLite (Knightly) Upgraded library to 3.28, add ResultCode TLO (req. exspes) that returns the SQLite Result Code or -1 for an Active Query or -2 for Query Not Found.
Jul 11 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST
- Updated for LIVE
- updated for EMU
- Fixed a crash when /echo ${InvSlot[enviro1].Item.ID} - cred report kaen01