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Very Vanilla MQ2 (Emulated servers)

Vanilla Very Vanilla MQ2 (Emulated servers) 2019-11-14

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Nov 14 2019
- Updated for BETA

Nov 14 2019 by brainiac
- Added ALT_MEMBER_GETTER macro that defines an alternate name that a member can be
accessed with, thereby removing the need to immediately update all code to use new
variable names.
- You can now use the old, or the new names for Slot1, Slot2, Slot3, Location and *suprise* Wnd.

Nov 13 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2AutoGroup (Plure) added MQ2DanNet compatibility, fixed a bug with suspending mercs that you want to keep around.
- MQ2AutoForage (Sic) Lowered PulseDelay to better avoid conflicts with other plugins and macros

Nov 13 2019
- Updated for BETA
- Renamed WindowType in the EQINVSLOTWND struct to Location
- Renamed InvSlot in the EQINVSLOTWND struct to Slot1
- Renamed BagSlot in the EQINVSLOTWND struct to Slot2
- Renamed GlobalSlot in the EQINVSLOTWND struct to Slot3

Nov 12 2019 by RedGuides
- New utility! MeshUpdater.exe (wired420) keep all of your nav meshes up to date. Find it in Very Vanilla's root folder.
- MQ2MyButtons (ChatWithThisName, Knightly) hover over a button to get a tooltip of the command, various bug fixes
- Ninjadvloot.inc (Maskoi) Renamed a zdist variable to avoid conflicts with Kiss.
Nov 12 2019
- Updated for BETA
- Updated for TEST
Nov 11 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Status (Sic) Corrected an Else statement with /status merc
- MQ2KissTemplate (ChatWithThisName) Various bugfixes, correct NULL in Spells section to copy the item from GetPrivateProfile
Nov 11 2019
- Updated for BETA
Nov 10 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Status (Sic) added commands: help, merc
- MQ2DPSAdv (ChatWithThisName) wrong UI fix
- MQ2XPTracker (ChatWithThisName) fixed conflict with other plugins
Nov 10 2019
- Updated for BETA
Nov 09 2019 by Eqmule
- Fixed MQ2ItemDisplay for emu
- Added Lucy Button to MQ2ItemDisplay for emu
Nov 09 2019
- Updated for BETA
Nov 08 2019 by RedGuides
- Various plugins fixed for NEWCHARINFO (thanks eqmule!)
- MQ2KissTemplate (ChatWithThisName) Update to convert MySpells to Spells section if KAVersion shows greater than 11.004,
as well as handle older versions.
Nov 08 2019
- Updated for BETA
- Activated NEWCHARINFO for BETA, this is a chance for you to fix your plugins.
I will activate it for live next patch because we have tested it for a year and
and im confident in it now.
I will then just remove the old charinfo which is just half filled anyway.
- Plugins I know for sure needs fixes:
Nov 07 2019 by Eqmule
- Fixed /useitem for the emu build
- Fixed a crash in pPCData->GetCombatAbilityTimer for emu
Nov 07 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Relocate (Sic) add lobby, blood, evac, teleport, and translocate to /relocate, and add /translocate command
- MQ2Status (Sic) added /status aa and /status merc
Nov 07 2019
- Updated for BETA
Nov 06 2019
- Updated for BETA
Nov 05 2019
- Updated for BETA
- Right Clicking the Lucy button on the item display window will now open Lucy in your external default browser.
Left Click opens it inside of eq as usual.
Nov 04 2019
- Updated for BETA
- Task TLO can now be accessed by index to make iteration possible.
Example: /echo ${Task[2].Title}
We are iterating through the IN MEMORY quest entries, we are NOT
iterating the window list, if you want to do that, use the Window TLO.
- Added .WindowIndex to the Task TLO it returns the Quest Window List Index. (if the window actually have the list filled...)
Usage: /echo ${Task[3].WindowIndex}
Usage: /echo ${Task[Into The Muck].WindowIndex}
Nov 03 2019
- Updated for BETA
- Fixed a bug in emu compile
Nov 02 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Relocate (Sic) Updated Starting City check to /relocate Origin tp use (GetCharInfo()->StartingCity)
Nov 02 2019
- Updated for BETA
- Added item search by number to the ${Ground} TLO
- Example: /echo ${Ground[4]} will return the 4th closest item it finds.
- You should probably check that there actually are 4 items on the ground
with ${GroundItemCount} though, or it will obviously return NULL if there is'nt.
I don't know how useful this feature is since we can iterate through .Next anyway, but someone asked for it so...
Nov 01 2019 by RedGuides
- New plugin! MQ2Relocate (Sic) Quick travel to zones based on your unlimited use travel items/AA's
Nov 01 2019 by Eqmule
- Renamed Kissassist1004e15.mac to MuleAssist.mac
Nov 01 2019
- Updated for BETA
- Added ${Me.Origin} which returns a pZoneType of your starting city.
Oct 31 2019 by RedGuides
- CWTN Plugins (ChatWithThisName) updated
Oct 31 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for BETA
Oct 30 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for BETA
- Fixed a bug in macroquest2.exe that would prevent loading live clients. (I am focused on beta this month)
Oct 29 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for BETA
Oct 28 2019 by RedGuides
- KissAssist (ctaylor22, Maskoi) Bard Twisting fix. Changed events so twist no longer gets paused.
- MQ2Log (wired420) Added log command with custom file name. /mqlogcustom filename "Log message goes here"
Oct 28 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for BETA
Oct 27 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Autoforage (ChatWithThisName, Sic) No longer requires a hotkey in "Actions" to use forage. Added new functions MyUseAbility,
AbilityReady, atob, InGame and VerifyINI. Defaults to on.
Oct 27 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for BETA
Oct 26 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for BETA
Oct 26 2019 by SwiftyMUSE
- Fixed ${Spawn.State} so DEAD spawns don't show as STUN
Oct 25 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for BETA
Oct 24 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2KissBuffs (ChatWithThisName) updates KissAssist_Buffs.ini regardless of the macro or plugin you're using to run a character.
Oct 24 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for BETA
Oct 23 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for BETA
- Updated for TEST
Oct 22 2019 by RedGuides
- KissAssist (ctaylor22, Makoi) Fix for /dquery spam in Check Cures and switched up some Bool[] with If[] functions.
- MQ2AFNuke & MQ2Heals (Jimbob) Added an option to enable/disable fades in MQ2AFNuke and MQ2Heals.
- MQ2XPTracker (ChatWithThisName) LossFromDeath fixes, new colors, "/xp reset" command fix
- MQ2DPSAdv (ChatWithThisName) Added comma delimited outputs. Added new checkbox in settings menu to use "TBMK" Numbers
e.g. instead of "1,500,439,068" total damage it will show "1.5 bil". Fixed more anonymous issues. New UI xml, grab it from gitlab
or the Very Vanilla release.
Oct 22 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for BETA
- Fixed ${Task[blah].Select}
Oct 21 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for BETA
- Fixed SetEscapable and SetEscapableLocked
Oct 20 2019 by Chatwiththisname
- More /caption anon fixes.
Oct 20 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for BETA
Oct 16 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2AutoLoot (Plure) Fixed a bug when distributing loot and no one wanted the item, it would screw up the next item to be looted.
- MQ2Rez (ChatWithThisName) Will now Anonymize the name of the person rezing you if "/caption anon on" is active.
Add ReleaseToBind toggle using /rez Release. 0/1/on/off as options. Allows immediate release to bind.
Will still accept rez's. Accept must be on!
- MQ2Status (Sic) Allows searching for items on your person, as well as stat reports. usage:
'/status item itemname' and '/status stat statname'
- MQ2DPSAdv (ChatWithThisName) Fixed Anonymizing names in the DPSAdv window. While it was in fact changing them, it was also somehow
changing your caption, and if you turned off anon the modification was remaining using Anonymize function of MQ2Utilities.
Added new Column "%", will output your percentage of the total damage done to the NPC.
- MQ2AutoForage (Sic) Fixed the plugin from not working if we went to a char screen or swapped characters - the IAmCamping had nothing
to reset it to "false". I noticed this because I just did this with the update to mq2feedme
- CWTN Plugins (ChatWithThisName) including MQ2Berserker and MQ2Rogue updated
Oct 16 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for LIVE
Oct 10 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Feedme (Sic) -Updated MQ2Feedme.cpp to include a check if you are camping, so you don't interrupt camping out to eat/drink
Oct 10 2019 by Eqmule
- Fixed ${Me.Buff for TEST
Oct 09 2019 by RedGuides
- New Plugin! MQ2Status (ChatWithThisName, Sic) Outputs if a class Plugin (CWTN's) is running, and if a macro is running. usage: /status
Check out the video in our Resource section, search for "MQ2Status"
- New Plugin! MQ2Py (brainiac) a python interpreter
- New Plugin! MQ2Sql (dencelle) an ODBC connector to connect to your outside database (most commonly MySQL)
- MQ2DPSAdv (ChatWithThisName) Add Timer for individuals and total, including matching color scheme for outputs to the window.
- UI Files - the updater will maintain a uifiles/default folder for your MQ2-based UI's.
Oct 09 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for TEST
Oct 09 2019 by Chatwiththisname
- Added two new /mapfilter options for CampRadius and PullRadius.
- They add two new circles that work like SpellRadius except it's stationary where set.
- Type /mapfilter for help.
Oct 02 2019 by RedGuides
- KissAssist (ctaylor22, Maskoi) updated to fix the "melee jiggle dance", fix for pet buffs, cure|me fixed, DanNet compatibility fixes
- CWTN's plugins: MQ2Eskay, MQ2Rogue, MQ2Berzerker updated
- MQ2XPTracker (ChatWithThisName) Fix loss of XP from death showing incorrect amount of negative XP.
- MQ2Collections (TypePun) Change Find and Firsts to return temporary iterator. Implement Clone method on iterators.
Oct 02 2019 by Eqmule
- Made some changes to the ${Task} TLO
- It's likely some macros will break due to these changes, but
I felt the upside with not having to rely on the window warrants that.
- New Feature: It's no longer needed to have the task window open to access the TLO.
- Added .Type to the TaskObjective TLO
It returns a string that can be one of the following:
- Added .CurrentCount which returns the current count of the .Type needed to complete a objective.
- Added .RequiredCount which returns the required count of the .Type needed to complete a objective.
- Added .Optional which returns true or false if a objective is optional
- Added .RequiredItem which returns a string of the required item to complete a objective.
- Added .RequiredSkill which returns a string of the required skill to complete a objective.
- Added .RequiredSpell which returns a string of the required spell to complete a objective.
- Added .DZSwitchID which returns a int of the switch used in a objective.
- Example: /echo ${Task[The Grand Illusion].Objective[1].CurrentCount}
- Added .ID to the ${Task} TLO it returns an int of the task ID
- Example: /echo ${Task[The Grand Illusion].ID}
- Ok so fair warning, the taskwindow doesn't add items by index, unless sorted by first column,
and even then, it can be "off" (because reasons)
so... if you are smart don't use ${Task[1].ID} and expect it to be whatever is the first list item.
ALWAYS refer to taks by their NAME.
so like: ${Task[The Grand Illusion].Step.Index} WILL absolutely always return the correct index
as returned by the taskmanager, but it might not be the index you "see" in the window.
Bottomline, we should not rely on the window anymore.
It's useful to look up the name of the tasks, basically.
Sep 18 2019 by RedGuides
- KissAssist (Ctaylor22, Maskoi) updated to 11.005 new features include MQ2DanNet support, full changelog available in the kissassist resource.
We would like to thank our testers for the recent features and improvements: @Sic, @SusanTN, @Gnits, and @Enine
- MQ2Nav (brainiac) updated to 1.3.2. Crash fixes, new TLO's, and a new command to change your .ini without reloading: /nav ini <key> <value>
- CWTN plugins (ChatWithThisName) mq2berzerker and mq2rogue now include raid options. MQ2EsKay is now available while in beta.
Sep 18 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for LIVE
Sep 10 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for TEST
Aug 29 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2PluginManager (ChatWithThisName) addressed issues from code review. Thanks to brainiac for review and dencelle for original code.
Aug 27 2019 by RedGuides
- New Plugin! MQ2PluginManager (ChatWithThisName) a friendly GUI to load, unload and manage your plugins
Aug 27 2019 by Eqmule
- Updated for TEST
Aug 26 2019 by Knightly
- Removed #knightlyparse
- New TLO ${MacroQuest.Parser}
- New slash command /engine parser <x> [noauto] (where X is the version of the parser, right now 1 or 2 and noauto if you don't want it in your ini)
- New macro command #engine parser <x>
- Parser gets reset to the default in your ini whenever a macro ends
- Full documentation at https://gitlab.com/Knightly1/mq2-parser-changes
Aug 23 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2TargetInfo (EqMule) fixes for MQ2DanNet
- MQ2AutoForage (ChatWithThisName) Add new bool "IAmCamping" to fix an issue with camping, thanks Sicprofundus for the report
Aug 21 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for LIVE
Aug 16 2019 by EqMule
- #knightlyparse is now a macro keyword, add it to the top of your macros if you want to use this version of the parser.
- Previously Fixed: EQGroundItemListManager
Aug 15 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2DanNet (plure) let other plugins check if someone is connected to mq2dannet
- MQ2Posse (plure) white listed people in your group and those connected to mq2dannet. added new TLO ${Posse.FriendNames}
Added ability to ignore characters in your fellowship. Now recognizes new friends and strangers on the fly.
Fixed a bug where if you ignored your guild and then became guild-less, you'd ignore everyone not in a guild.
Aug 15 2019 by EqMule
- Fixed a zoning crash
- Fixed a crash on TEST in mq2itemdisplay when inspecting spells.
Aug 13 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2AASpend (ChatWithThisName) AASpend will now look for the "You have reached the AA Point cap" string, reducing wasted AA EXP
- MQ2Profiler (Alynel) Fixed, and replaced offset with a pattern so it won't need updating each patch
- MQ2DotNet (Alynel) Updated to 1.0.2, first major release
- MQ2Collections (TypePun) updated to, Add Delimiter property to list, enhances strings to support quoted strings and escaped characters.
Aug 13 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST
Jul 31 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2DanNet (dannuic) Added format definitions.
Jul 31 2019 by EqMule
- Fixed a clear target bug in mq2targetinfo -dannuic -knighty
- Next release:
- TODO: Fix EQGroundItemListManager so we can get /itemtarget working for guild objects again.
Jul 27 2019 by EqMule
- Turned on Knightlyparse.
- Added support for mq2dannet to mq2targetinfo.
- You can now confgure the mimic me feature in mq2targetinfo.ini to use dannet (or any other plugin u use for it's commands.)
- Added ${Me.LastZoned} to the character TLO. It returns a timestamp of last time you zoned.
- Added new detours for zonechange detection.
- ${Me.Zoning} is depreciated, use ${Me.LastZoned} or just wait for ${Zone.ID} to change.
Jul 22 2019 by RedGuides
- dumpaa.mac (hellfyre) updated to include the Focus tab
- MQ2Main (ctaylor22) Changed BlockedBuff and BlockedPetBuff in the Character TLO to allow use the Buff/spell name as well as the index, like Me.Buff works.
Jul 20 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Main Knightlyparse (Knightly) Fixed bugs in /noparse and /multiline, cleaned up code
Jul 17 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Netbots (Woobs) major fixes
- MQ2Autoloot (Plure) Fixed for the new loot message when passing out loot
- Knightlyparse (Knightly) Removed temporarily
Jul 17 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for LIVE
Jul 15 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2AutoLoot (Plure) Fixed a bug that would cause MQ2AutoLoot to initialize only during the first login on an account per session.
- MQ2Melee (EqMule) fixed some issues with escape, feigndeath and harmtouch
- MQ2XPTracker (ChatWithThisName) will no longer track wacky max values for AA's
- MQ2DanNet (dannuic) fixed bug associated with high CPU usage, added keepalive with frequency options, and added options for expire and evasive timeouts
Jul 15 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST
Jul 11 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Xptracker (ChatWithThisName, dannuic) Updated to follow new XP formula, improved readability of output, more detailed output
- MQ2AutoLoot (Plure) Fixed bug where no drop items marked destroy won't be destroyed, fixed excludebag issues which allows bags other than
"Extraplanar Trade Satchel" to work.
- MQ2Rez (ChatWithThisName) Correct /rez settings, or /rez status from outputting the invalid rez command output.
- MQ2SQLite (Knightly) Upgraded library to 3.28, add ResultCode TLO (req. exspes) that returns the SQLite Result Code or -1 for an Active Query or -2 for Query Not Found.
Jul 11 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST
- Updated for LIVE
- updated for EMU
- Fixed a crash when /echo ${InvSlot[enviro1].Item.ID} - cred report kaen01
Jun 22 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST
- Updated for LIVE
Jun 20 2019 by EqMule
- Fixed Me.PctExp and Me.PctAAExp
- Fixed /advloot
- Fixed a mq2ic crash. cred: psxoxo
Jun 19 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for LIVE
- Added ${Macro.CurSub} returns the name of the current Sub being executed. -cred alynel
- Added ${SubDefined[blah]} it returns a bool if a Macro Sub is defined. -cred alynel
- Previously Added: .CachedBuff[x] to the spawn tlo where x is a spellid if its a number and a spell name if not. It returns a MQ2CachedBuffType.
- Previously Added: .CachedBuff[#x] to the spawn tlo where #x is a buffslot between 1-97. It returns a MQ2CachedBuffType.
- Previously Added: .CachedBuff[*x] to the spawn tlo where *x is a index (buffslots are not sorted). It returns a MQ2CachedBuffType.
- Previously Added: .CachedBuff[^x] to the spawn tlo where ^x is a keyword. It returns a MQ2CachedBuffType.
^x keywords: Slowed Rooted Mezzed Crippled Maloed Tashed Snared and Beneficial
- MQ2CachedBuffType has the following members:
.CasterName .Count .Slot .SpellID .Duration
- Previously Added: .CachedBuffCount to the spawn tlo. it returns -1 if no buffs are cached for the spawn or number of buffs cached.
- Using CachedBuff to get buff info on targets, group members etc, only requires you to target the entity once. after thats done, buffs are cached.
- The upside is obviously that we don't have to target back and forth constantly.
- Usage: well lets say you are a druid and you want to know if a group members sow buff has worn off, you can just check CachedBuff without having to retarget the group member.
- /echo ${Group.Member[2].CachedBuff[Spirit of Wolf].Duration}

Jun 14 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Cast, MQ2Melee, MQ2Medley, MQ2SpellHotKeys, MQ2Twist (pjfry, ChatWithThisName) handle spell fizzle and interrupt messages with links.
- MQ2Melee (alynel, kaen01) Removed keybind settings so customizations in macroquest.ini aren't overwritten
- MQ2EQBC, EQBCS (jimbob) added silent commands Maskoi requested (/bcsa, /bcsaa, /bcsg, /bcsga, /bcst).
- MQ2DanNet (dannuic) fixed zoning losing custom groups, major reworking of observers to be way more efficient
Jun 14 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST
Jun 05 2019 by RedGuides
- KissAssist (Maskoi, ctaylor22) updated to 11.004, small fixes
- KissAssist EqMule Edition (EqMule) new buff code
- MQ2EasyFind (EqMule) added a fix for stuck spell gems. /unstickgems
- MQ2DanNet (dannuic) changed observer TLO's (and fixed them), removed delay from `/dobs`, fixed major observer frequency bug
- MQ2Melee (Alynel) Change defaults on harm touch, FD, and escape
- MQ2DPSAdv (ChatWithThisName) Fixed crash in SplitStringNonMelee where MobEnd would exceed the size of MobName by ensuring it's within the capacity
of it's container, and false out if it's not.
Jun 05 2019 by EqMule
- Fixed a crash in the TEST build.
Jun 01 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2DanNet (dannuic) added zone channel, fixed Version TLO, expanded full names boolean
Jun 01 2019 by EqMule
- Fixed Events for text that contain 'x12' tags
- Added Me.BlockedBuff and Me.BlockedPetBuff both return a pSpellType idea cred: chatwiththisname
- Usage: /echo ${Me.BlockedBuff[x].ID} where x is 1-40
May 30 2019 by EqMule
- Fixed /dosocial
- Some other stuff I'll documment later.
May 29 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2DanNet (dannuic) fixed null commands, channel commands, group aggregation issues, and added colors
- KissAssist.mac (maskoi, ctaylor22) Major fix in casting and spiffy new debug routines
- BAS.mac (ctaylor22) Barter Auto Seller updated to newest version, h/t kaen01
May 24 2019 by EqMule
- BuffsPopulated returns 1 for a empty buff list and a number above 1 if there was some buffs received.
So if you do /echo ${Target.BuffsPopulated} and it returns 1 it means the target does not have any actual buffs, but the list was received (and it was empty).
any number above 1 means the list was not empty...
NOTE: Use ${Target.BuffCount} to get the ACTUAL VISIBLE buffs (BuffsPopulated is BuffCount + 1)
- Some other stuff I'll documment later.
May 23 2019 by EqMule
- Added the possibility to login new characters using plaintext credentials, no mq2 login profile needed:
/loginchar servername^login^charname^password
AND if you want to stop at charselect don't specify charname:
/loginchar servername^login^password
- Made /quit command work at charselect
- Added a Syntax Error to the parser when you try to parse strings greater than 2048 instead of crashing you.

May 22 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Rez (ChatWithThisName) completely rewritten. Fixes safe mode, fixes voice notify, reports who rezzed you and the %.
- KissAssist.mac (Maskoi, ctaylor22) updated, changelog to come.
May 22 2019 by SwiftyMuse & EqMule
- Fixed ${Me.SpellInCooldown}
- Fixed some parsing bugs.
May 21 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for LIVE
May 17 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST
May 16 2019 by RedGuides
- *New Plugin!* MQ2Collections (TypePun) allows macro authors to create stacks, queues, maps, and lists.
- MQ2Rez (EqMule) updated
- kissassist1004e15.mac (eqmule version) updated
May 16 2019 by EqMule
- Fixed Get Current Mana and Get Current Endurance
- Fixed MQ2Rez spam (yes really this time)
- MQ2Rez will now wait 1/10 of a second before clicking rez.
- Added /rez delay #### parameter where #### is milliseconds.
default is 100 milliseconds.
- Added a /mqchat reset command. It resets mq2 window location in case it got moved off screen.
- All instances of the CSidlScreenWnd constructor has been fixed to use CXStr& instad of CXStr* (because it should be)
Change plugins accordingly.
CEQBCWnd(CXStr* Template) : CCustomWnd(Template)
CEQBCWnd(CXStr& Template) : CCustomWnd(Template)

class CXStr ChatWnd("ChatWindow");
BCWnd = new CEQBCWnd(&ChatWnd);
BCWnd = new CEQBCWnd(CXStr("ChatWindow"));

May 15 2019 by Brainiac
- MQUI XML files may now be loaded from the MQ2 directory. Place them in
the MQ2 directory under uifiles/default, or the name of your ui like you
would in the EQ directory. When loading ui files, MQ2 will check for ui files
in the MQ2 dir before checking in the EQ dir as it did before.

To be clear, this is the search order for ui files:
* <MQDir>\uifiles\<skin>
* <MQDir>\uifiles\default
* <EQDir>\uifiles\<skin>
* <EQDir>\uifiles\default

This lets you store your MQ2 ui files in your MQ2 directory, as well as giving
you the option of storing your MQ2-specific custom uis outside the EQ folder.

- added c++ function: bool IsXMLFilePresent(const char*) for plugin authors to easily
check if an XML file is available to be loaded. This will check all four locations where
a ui file might be stored.
- added command: /reloadui
It works just like "/loadskin <skinname> 1" but with less typing

May 15 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2AutoLoot (Plure) /autoloot barter will now only try to sell to people using an exact match.
May 15 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for LIVE
May 14 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Nav (brainiac) Fix for potential floating point error when parsing strings in other plugins
- MQ2Main (EqMule) update for debugging, changelog to come.
May 14 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2TributeManager (wired420) Now checks both group and raid (x3) main assists for named targets when deciding to turn tribute on and off.
- MQ2Main (EqMule) update for debugging, changelog to come.
May 10 2019 by RedGuides
- Fix for xtarg on ragefire & lockjaw - Redbot
- Critical update for crashes, changelog to come. -EqMule
May 09 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2TributeManager (wired420) Can now set tribute manager to turn tribute on during named fights.
Once you are no longer targeting a named NPC and the timer is close to running out it will turn it back off.
May 09 2019 by Brainiac & EqMule
- Multiple stuff
- MQ2MoveUtils.cpp needs the following changes: (it's already updated in builder)
#include "../MQ2Plugin.h"
#include "../MQ2Plugin.h"
#include <fenv.h>
float diststuck = strtof(szTemp,NULL);
float diststuck = (float)atof(szTemp);
May 07 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST
- Events are not caught for system messages anymore.
May 07 2019 by RedGuides
- *NEW PLUGIN* MQ2Twitch (EqMule). Chat with Twitch users while you stream, directly from the EverQuest client.
May 02 2019 by Brainiac
- Fixed the CXWnd__IsActive_x offset
May 01 2019 by EqMule
- Fixed a crash in /caption anon on
- Fixed a crash in /unload
Apr 30 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2DPSAdv (ChatWithThisName) Update to remove "You" from being displayed instead of yourself when dealing damage.
Apr 30 2019 by EqMule
- TBL plavceholder info will again display correctly on the targetwindow if you use mq2targetinfo.
- Changed a bunch of stuff, plugin authors you have until next patch to update your plugins.
No more direct access to the window struct members in prep for moving to classes.
From now on call functions to get/put data out/in:
Example: too many to list see CSW struct.
I'll list 4 examples: previously pWnd->XMLIndex now: pWnd->GetXMLIndex()
previously pWnd->dShow==false now: pWnd->IsVisible()==false
previously pWnd->dShow = true now: pWnd->SetVisible(true)
previously SetCXStr(&pWnd->WindowText,"blah"); now pWnd->CSetWindowText("blah");
previously GetCXStr(pWnd->WindowText,szOut); now GetCXStr(pWnd->CGetWindowText(),szOut);
- Added .NoExpendReagentID to the Spell tlo.
Usage: /echo ${Spell[Burst of Fire].NoExpendReagentID[x]} where x can be 1-4
This returns the ID of the needed Reagent you have to have in your inventory but will not be spent.
Apr 22 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2AFNuke (Jimbob) Fixed Mage and Wizard Dissident spells.
Apr 22 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST & LIVE
- Find Item Window is now displaying merchant sell prices.
- Added sorting to find item window for the sell value column
- Added sorting to find location window for the distance column
- Fixed .NewStacks
- Fixed a autologin bug
Apr 20 2019 by EqMule
- Added Colors to Quest items and Tradeskill items in the FindItem Window list.
(No this is not configurable, I might add an option later.)
- Added a Value(Price) column to the FindItem window.
- Enjoy marking items for sale in the FindItem Window.
Usage: mark some items while you have a merchant open, then click the Sell Marked button.
Still Todo: display real merchant price instead of item value.
Maybe add sort functionallity to Price column.
Apr 19 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST
- Updated for LIVE
Apr 18 2019 by EqMule
- Added ${EverQuest.ValidLoc}
Usage: /echo ${EverQuest.ValidLoc[123 456 789]}
it returns true or false if the X Y Z location in the world is a valid player location.
in other words: can I go to this loc or is it inside a wall or a mountain or a tree or whatever invalid location?(those locs will return false obviously)
- Fixed the ZoneGuideManagerClient class.
Apr 17 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Nav (brainiac, dewey2461) 1.3.1 update includes: option to face backwards, fix path too long issues, other fixes
- MQ2DanNet (dannuic) updated to version 0.75, added some guards against crashing while crashing
- MQ2Profiler removed for maintenance.
Apr 17 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for LIVE
- Previous updates see Apr 12 2019 by EqMule entry below.
- Added more anonymizing to chat when using /caption anon - chatwiththisname
- Moved advloot checkboxes dynamically to not cover fuse item button on mq2itemdisplay window - chatwiththisname
Apr 14 2019 by brainiac
- Fix crash/freeze from starting macro from within another macro
Apr 12 2019 by RedGuides
- New Plugin! MQ2ShellCmd (Knightly) Allows you to issue a shell command from within EQ. The process that is spawned
is independent and will run even after EQ closes. This plugin can be used within other plugins and macros.
- MQ2FeedMe (ChatWithThisName) Added several commands for autofeed & autodrink, fixed issue so bards can eat too.
- MQ2DPSAdv (ChatWithThisName) All names can be anonymized in the DPSAdv window, handy for streaming.
- Fish.mac (LurkMcGurk) Now works with most fishing poles in the game.
- EQBCS.exe (jimbob) fixed the escaped character issue, if there are any new problems please let us know.

Apr 12 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST
- Updated for LIVE
- In preperation for next weeks live patch the following offsets has been removed:
- All of the above offsets are no longer static in the client so I have replaced them with
calls to the proper Instance/Get functions instead.
- Plugin authors, you need to make a few changes to access some SPAWNINFO members from now on:
(don't change any other struct members if they happen to have the same name!)
All instances of ->SpellCooldownETA needs to be changed to ->GetSpellCooldownETA()
All instances of ->spawneqc_info needs to be changed to ->GetCharacter()
All instances of ->ManaMax needs to be changed to ->GetMaxMana()
All instances of ->ManaCurrent needs to be changed to ->GetCurrentMana()
All instances of ->EnduranceMax needs to be changed to ->GetMaxEndurance()
All instances of ->EnduranceCurrent needs to be changed to ->GetCurrentEndurance()
All instances of ->Zone needs to be changed to ->GetZoneID()