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Very Vanilla MQ2 (Emulated servers)

Vanilla Very Vanilla MQ2 (Emulated servers) 2021-09-14

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Sep 13 2021
- Updated for TEST

Aug 25 2021
- Updated for TEST

Aug 18 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Mage (ChatWithThisName, Sic) has been removed from beta and is now premium.

Aug 18 2021
- Updated for LIVE

Aug 13 2021
- Updated for TEST

Jul 29 2021
- Updated for TEST

Jul 22 2021
- Fixed a crash in _SPELL
- Added /resize command - Idea cred: MacQ
- Usage: /resize min
- Usage: /resize max
- Usage: /resize restore
- Usage: /resize pos 100 100
Will move the window to x 100 and y 100
- Usage: /resize size 800 640
Will resize it to 800x640
- Usage: /resize all 100 100 800 640
will move window to x 100 and y 100 and size it to 800x640

Jul 21 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Status (Sic, Knightly) Added Assigned AA to /status aaxp. Added "luck" to help output

Jul 21 2021
- Updated for LIVE

Jul 14 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2AutoAccept (Sic, Knightly) Will no longer erroneously accept non-percentage based resurrection spells, like a "call". It is intended that mq2autoaccept ignores rezzes, and allows something else, like mq2rez to accept all resurrections including non-percentage based ones.
Will now respect "/autoaccept off" and "/autoaccept group off" in regards to group invites

Jul 13 2021
- Updated for TEST

Jun 24 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Say (ChatWithThisName) Added command "/mqsay settings". Will output all settings at once.

Jun 24 2021
- Updated for TEST

Jun 16 2021 by RedGuides
- NEW PLUGIN! MQ2Mage (ChatWithThisName, Sic) helps you run a magician. Free during beta, will become premium later.
- MQ2Status (Sic, brainiac) Adding "/status luck", and remaining CWTN plugin info

Jun 16 2021
- Updated for LIVE

Jun 09 2021 by RedGuides
- New plugin! MQ2UItils (eqmule) puts a little green line on the compass if you have a target.
- MQ2EasyFind (eqmule) - added more PoK zone connections

Jun 08 2021
- Updated for TEST

May 25 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Events (Sic, brainiac) This addresses a possible crash when trying to load an empty trigger

May 25 2021
- Updated for TEST
- MQ2Main (brainiac, Sic) Added some chat color defines

May 24 2021
- Fixed some problems with /itemnotify

May 19 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2DPSAdv (Sic, brainiac) Crash Fix. Updated IsPet check. Previous update to remove pets/swarm pets would cause a crash if your pet was the recipient of damage from the mob you were fighting. Now we just skip adding it as a mob in the dropdown.

May 19 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2DPSAdv (ChatWithThisName, Knightly) Prevent swarm pets from showing up in dropdown.

May 19 2021
- Updated for LIVE
- Fixed /listmacros crash - reported by cwtn

May 13 2021 by RedGuides
- NEW PLUGIN! MQ2Achievements (eqmule) beta release. Gives access to a character's achievements. For example, if your character needs traveler achievements, this plugin will allow you (or a macro) to check which zones you've already visited. /listach command has been added for debugging.
- MQ2Boxr (Sidien, Knightly) Add "BurnNow" command. New command that instructs the box to start burning the current target. Support all CWTN plugins, including unreleased.

May 11 2021
- Updated for TEST
- Yes I am aware the loot checkboxes on itemdisplay are behind the new itemcompare combo
- I will fix it.
Apr 28 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2DPSAdv (Sic, brainiac, dannuic, Knightly) Further fixes for crashes. Updated "healed" to " healed " to avoid catching user names like shealedallah the warrior princess.
- MQ2Radar (ChatWithThisName, brainiac, odessa) Add option to use a custom map folder.
/radar Mapfolder "Brewall's Maps"
requires the use of Quotes for multi-word Map folders.
/radar Mapfolder clear
Will clear the use of a map folder and use the default maps.
Adds new INI entry "MapFolder" which is loaded with other character specific options, and saved when the MapFolder is changed.
- MQ2AutoForage (GoldenFrog, Knightly, dannuic) Added default [Global] section to INI. Items will read or write to a global section, unless a zone-specific line exists. e.g.
- MQ2Say (Knightly, ChatWithThisName, dannuic) Adds ability to ignore say messages from members of your group, guild, fellowship and raid. Backported some of the fixes and code-cleanup from Next.

Apr 28 2021
- Updated for TEST

Apr 21 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2DPSAdv (Sic, ChatWithThisName) Update due to chat color changes

Apr 21 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Enchanter (ChatWithThisName) has been removed from beta and is now premium.
- RGMercs (morisato) TLP fixes for warrior/cleric/enchanter. Druids and Mages revamped, the help file is now split between "/rg help" and "/rg advanced"
- MQ2Rez (jimbob, Sic, Knightly, brainiac) Added option for /rez delay #, so rezzes can be delayed again
- MQ2CustomBinds (BigDorf, Knightly) Now defaults to INI file format for bind name/up/down information. There will be a one-time conversion of your .txt files to .ini.

Apr 21 2021
- Updated for LIVE

Apr 14 2021 by RedGuides
- KissAssist (ctaylor22) Added code to reduce the Navigation spam when in combat. This version also has changes to help keep your character from running directly underneath Mobs before the initial attack is issued. MQ2DanNet syntax error fixed.
- MQ2Twist (Woobs) Fix Twist not using items

Apr 14 2021
- Updated for TEST

Apr 2 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Boxr (Sidien, Knightly) added support for MuleAssist, removed the CampRadius command. Code made easier to extend.
- MQ2Melee (BigDorf, Knightly) Bash will now ensure equipped gear is appropriate for bashing, including a check for the worn effect "two hand bash", code cleanup
- Multiple plugins (Sic, ChatWithThisName, brainiac) had a small fix for a bug with CTextEntryWnd: MQ2AdvPath, MQ2ChatWnd, MQ2Say, MQ2Notepad, MQ2IRC, MQ2EQBC, MQ2DPSAdv, MQ2Gmail, MQ2Twitch

Mar 16 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2AutoForage (Jerk Chicken, Knightly) - Support per server INI files to reduce the management of multiple per character INI files. If the MQ2Forage_.ini exists it will continue to use that. Otherwise it will create and use MQ2Forage.ini

Mar 16 2021
- Added the eqlib namespace by Brainiac so we can free and allocate memory using eqs heap.
- Added a column sort fix by Brainiac
- Check bounds on notify select commands - Brainiac
- Misc Fixes
- Updated for TEST]\

Mar 10 2021 by RedGuides
- New Plugin! MQ2Boxr (Sidien, dannuic) MQ2Boxr provides a command to control boxes running CWTN plugins, KissAssist, and rgmercs. The idea is to have one common command, which can be broadcast to all boxed characters regardless of what they are running.
- MQ2AutoClaim (brainiac, ChatWithThisName, Knightly, dannuic) Fix check for cash when it isn't populated
- MQ2Melee (BigDorf) fix low level AA tests for 2H Bash, dont try to bash with 2H without AA
- MQ2FeedMe (Sic) Bards can now eat & drink while singing

Mar 10 2021
- Fix GetMoneyFromString and make an exported global helper for FormatMoneyString to do the opposite. - Brainiac
- Fixed a bug in mount detection - Brainiac
- Fixed a crash when setting an invalid keybind - Brainiac
- Updated for LIVE

Mar 05 2021
- Changed CombatState so it's no longer dependant on the player window.

Mar 04 2021
- Fixed the SPELL struct this should fix a bunch of misc bugs.
- Updated for TEST

Mar 03 2021
- Updated for TEST

Feb 27 2021
- Added pMarketplaceWnd and pPurchaseGroupWnd

Feb 27 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Main (brainiac) fix for camera zoom distance, helps with MQ2Camera

Feb 27 2021
- Added sorting capability to the /buyer buy lines list - Feature suggestion: Ladon
- Added sorting capability to the /barter inventory list
- Added a Value column to the /barter inventory list so we can sort by merchant value.
- Added Rightclick on item feature to /barter inventory list so it opens up the inspect item window on click.

Feb 25 2021
- Updated for TEST

Feb 22 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Melee (BigDorf, Knightly) - Stop unecessary item swaps in combat (Equip same ID from bags already in target slot)
- MQ2MoveUtils (Knightly) - Reverse Snaproll Left and Right
- Bazaar.mac (JerkChicken) - Setting your SellPriceMax to -1 will skip the item during seller updates, allowing manual pricing. Show the merchant value in BuyerReview mode. Show the Tribute value in BuyerReview mode.

Feb 22 2021
- Fix for FreeInventory (and other spots where GetCurrentInvSlots() is called) - SwiftyMUSE - Brainiac
- Everything is using the CHARINFONEW struct now, we will keep it like that for a couple patches then just remove old charinfo.
- Fixed ${Me.Buff[buff name].Caster} so it works like ${Target.Buff[buff name].Caster} when you have yourself as target
- Fixed a crash when right clicking fake labels on map
- Fixed a crash when adding circles to the map using /maploc when pcconcolor was set to 1
- Fixed a bug in setting mq2chatwnd location after zoning.

Feb 18 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Melee (BigDorf, Knightly) fix warrior 2H bash with AA Two-Handed Bash

Feb 18 2021
- Some Label fixes - brainiac/swiftymuse

Feb 17 2021
- Updated for LIVE

Feb 16 2021 by RedGuides
- New Plugin! MQ2Rand (Dewey2461, Sic) a "/random" helper for raids. Hit the start button and it gives a message to the raid, then populates a list announcing the winner.
- Bazaar.mac (JerkChicken) Many new features added, undercut percentage, update drift, review prices after each purchase/sale, aggressive selling/buying options, pause on start, and more.
- MQ2Autoforage (Sic, Knightly) No longer try and AutoForage while FD or Dead
- MQ2Melee (BigDorf, Knightly) fix knight's 2h bash, bug caused by Nov 2019 AA name change to "Improved Bash"

Feb 16 2021
- Updated for TEST

Jan 30 2021
- Fixed ${Me.PctExpToAA} ty cwtn for report

Jan 30 2021
- Fixed a backwards compatability problem with CPageWnd::GetTabText and CStmlWnd::GetSTMLText for TEST
If you already changed your plugins to use STMLText.Ptr instead of just STMLText you can change it back.
Sorry for the inconvenience, it was a difficult patch which took several days to fix,
I did not have time to think that change through until I had a good nights sleep.

Jan 29 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2AFNuke (jimbob) Druid - Added some more DoT support (still have a bunch to add). Added AE spells and support (still have a bunch to add). Added spell Twincast. Magician - Added a ton of spells for lower levels. Enchanter - Added item clicky support that was missing. Added item clicky to GCD. Wizard - Fixed global cooldown AA Nukes and item clickies. Removed some refactored code that was commented out.
- MQ2Heals (jimbob) Changed some settings for rez support. It probably wasn't saving/reading the setting from the .ini correctly.

Jan 29 2021
- Updated for TEST

Jan 22 2021
- Fixed a bug where if you did not have a charm item equipped ${Me.Bandolier[blah].Active} would always return false
- Changed /doability so it now takes fake ID 1-6 where it previously only took 1-5 because people where confused when fake IDs did not work.
I strongly recommend you never use fake ID 1-8, it's incredibly stupid, just use the real name, for example /doability Hide
or the REAL ID which in the example of Hide is 29, so /doability 29
- Made a change to ${Target.CanSplashLand} so it takes floor z into account as well as spawn z, this should fix some corner cases where a splashspell can land
even though npc z is under or over the floor. - Feature request: Kaen01
- Changed ${Bazaar.Item[x].Trader} to return a stringtype
- Fixed ${Me.Grouped} to correctly return FALSE instead of NULL when not in a group.
- Made NUM_INV_SLOTS dynamic Use GetCurrentInvSlots() instead.

Jan 20 2021 by RedGuides
- MQ2Shaman (ChatWithThisName, Sic) is now a premium plugin. If you get an "out of date" error about this plugin, you need to either purchase or remove it.
- MQ2DanNet (dannuic) fixed erroneous default when a bad peer was specified

Jan 20 2021
- Updated for LIVE
Jan 15 2021 by RedGuides
- KissAssist (ctaylor22) Fixes: targeting issues, random crashes for non-pullers, added check to remove invulnerability to cast a heal, added in-game command "/burn on|off" for the burn routine. Added "/cureon 2" to only check self for cures. Changed ClickBackToCamp to use 0/1/2. 0=Off - Don't click back to camp, 1=On - Click back immediately. 2=On - Wait 10 seconds before clicking back.
- MQ2Grind (hytiek) is now a premium plugin
- MQ2Ice (dewey2461, Sic, Knightly) Will no longer do mq2ice stuff if your character is levitating. This is especially useful for zones where you can levitate over ice.
Jan 04 2021 by RedGuides
- KissAssist (ctaylor22, Toadwart, kaen01, drwhomphd, sl968, vsab, jande, GPS_Soldier, zuesizgod, LrdDread) updated to version 12. In addition to a slew of fixes, new features include AE Mez improvements, item/buff begging, pull conditions, secondary aggro checks, summon corpses, custom commands & routines, reload .ini without restarting, and more. View the reference manual at kissassist.com
- MQ2Status (Sic, Knightly) Added powersource /status powersource, cleaned code
- MQ2DanNet (dannuic) removed shout elision to account for UDP dropped packets. Fixed lock issues. Fixed lag issues.
- MQ2AFNuke / MQ2Heals (jimbob) Added missing dicho upgrades for MQ2Heals and MQ2AFNuke. Changed the way assist works... should change targets based on your configuration:
/nuke assist Default -> Default
/nuke assist Group -> Group Only
/nuke assist Raid# -> Assist Raid# Only
/nuke assist XTarget -> XTarget Only
/nuke assist Playername -> Assist PC named Playername Only
- MQ2Grind (hytiek) Various fixes with pets, command recognition, LoS issues, and getting group into the instance.
- MQ2Rewards (Goldenfrog) Correct issue with OptionItems.
Dec 22 2020 by RedGuides
- MQ2AFNuke (jimbob) Updated for CoV spells, added option to assist player that is not MA/Raid MA. "/nuke AssistPlayer ToonName" and "/nuke clearassistplayer" to reset, added Dark Shield of the Scholar clicky to GCD actions. Removed "Rk." from Mage Orb names.
- MQ2Heals (jimbob) Updated for CoV spells, added GCD actions.
- MQ2DPSAdv (Sic) Update "gore" and "rend" additions.
- MQ2TSTrophy (Sic, dannuic, Knightly) Major rewrite, will no longer swap a trophy into ammo if you ALREADY have it equipped in another slot.
- MuleAssist.mac (Lemons, eqmule) updated to 15.2.1, fixed various crashes and bugs including /giveitem group and an issue with the mez routine, new command: "/mulecollect" will collect all collectibles in inventory.
- MQ2Rez (Sic, Knightly) fix the "ghost window" situation where findmq2window might settle on the first instance of a window, but that actual window is hidden.
Dec 15 2020 by RedGuides
- MQ2Status (Sic) Updated currency for CoV, major code reorganization
- MQ2AASpend (Sic) Updated MQ2AASpend to automatically adjust with Autogrant for Bonus purposes.

Dec 15 2020
- Updated for TEST
- Removed MAX_KEYRINGITEMS it was a guess at best from 2014 before we knew how the arrays where constructed.
- pBankArray in CHARINFO is now a ItemBaseContainer named BankItems
- pSharedBankArray in CHARINFO is now a ItemBaseContainer named SharedBankItems
- pMercEquipment in CHARINFO is now a ItemBaseContainer named MercenaryItems
- pMountsArray in CHARINFO is now a ItemBaseContainer named MountKeyRingItems
- pIllusionsArray in CHARINFO is now a ItemBaseContainer named IllusionKeyRingItems
- pFamiliarArray in CHARINFO is now a ItemBaseContainer named FamiliarKeyRingItems
- pHeroForgeArray in CHARINFO is now a ItemBaseContainer named HeroForgeKeyRingItems
Dec 10 2020 by RedGuides
- New Plugin! MQ2GroundSpawns (ChatWithThisName, Sic) Will help find & collect items in a list for you by zone.
- MQ2React (drwhomphd) Config setting added to affect rate of react processing.
- MQ2Grind (hytiek) Added ExitMode of taskquit or campfire, fixes for kissasssit paladins

Dec 10 2020
- Fixes to new alt currency - sic
- Fixes for num expansions - CWTN
- Fixed charselect save position of chatwindow (probably)
- Fixed ZONE_COUNT, this should fix misc plugins that rely on it being correct. (mq2easyfind)
Dec 08 2020 by RedGuides
- New Plugin! MQ2Grind (hytiek) Helps your group flip the Restless Assault (ToV) instance. This is an alpha version, hytiek will make it paid when it supports more instances.
- MQ2Melee (Redbot, Knightly) Stickbreak=1 is now default, meaning that pressing a movement key will stop mq2melee from "sticking" to the current target. To undo this change, "/melee stickbreak=0" and then "/melee save"
- MQ2Status (Sic, Knightly) Bagspace will now correctly return all sizes of bagspaces available from small to giant, and not JUST giant sized slots. Due to an internal issue with MQ2, the amount on TLP servers will be off by 2 slots.
/status skill will now returnback the value of your requested skill. example: /status skill blacksmithing
- MQ2PortalSetter (Sic, Knightly) Updated for Claws of Veeshan (Cobalt Scar COV)
- MQ2Relocate (Sic, Knightly) Added Di`Zok Escape Staff to /relocate evac. Bugfixes.
- EQBCS2.exe (Jimbob) client max increased to 250
- Zones.ini (Sic) Updated for Claws of Veeshan

Dec 08 2020
- Updated for TEST
- Updated for LIVE
- Added .Move to the Window TLO Methods
Usage: /invoke ${Window[GroupWindow].Move[100,200,300,400]} ([x,y,width,height]) width and height are optional.
- Added .SetBGColor to the Window TLO Methods
Usage: /invoke ${Window[GroupWindow].SetBGColor[0xFF000000]} ([argb])
- Added .SetAlpha to the Window TLO Methods
Usage: /invoke ${Window[GroupWindow].SetAlpha[0xFF]} (0-0xFF)
- Added .SetFadeAlpha to the Window TLO Methods
Usage: /invoke ${Window[GroupWindow].SetFadeAlpha[0xFF]} (0-0xFF)

Dec 07 2020
- Updated for BETA
- Fixed malo/tash detection problems - SwiftyMuse

Dec 06 2020
- Updated for BETA

Dec 05 2020
- Updated for BETA
- Chatwindow at charselect now saves it's position independently from in game

Dec 04 2020
- Updated for BETA

Dec 03 2020
- Updated for BETA
- Added WarforgedEmblem and RestlessMark Currencies - Sic
- Added .Sharing to the fellowship tlo it returns true of false if exp sharing is on for the member - Sic
Usage: /echo ${Me.Fellowship.Sharing[x]} where x is fellowship member 1-12
- Added .FindVariable to the Macro TLO it returns a string of the full variable name if it exist - requested by ctaylor22
Usage: /echo Macro.FindVariable[=Myvar]} for EXACT variable name
Return: Myvar
Usage: /echo Macro.FindVariable[Myvar]} for partial variable name
Return: Myvar01 (because it's partial and it found one named Myvar01)

Dec 02 2020
- Updated for TEST
- Updated for BETA
- Added MarkNPC to the raid tlo -CWTN

Dec 01 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 30 2020
- Updated for BETA
Nov 29 2020 by RedGuides
- MQ2Status (Sic, Knightly) Alphabetized status help output. Moved money/plat out of stat. Fixed missing space in "Mercenary State" and "Hidden"

Nov 29 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 28 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 27 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 26 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 25 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 24 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 23 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 22 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 21 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 20 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 19 2020
- Updated for BETA
- All instances of CFacePick has been changed to CPlayerCustomizationWnd
- Fixed some misc UI offsets

Nov 18 2020 by RedGuides
- New plugin! MQ2Rewards (GoldenFrog, Sic, brainiac, Knightly) allows control over specifying, selecting, and claiming rewards from macros.

Nov 18 2020
- Updated for LIVE
- Updated for BETA
- Fixed a bug in mq2targetinfo that would reset the ini if the plugin version changed.

Nov 17 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 16 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 15 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 14 2020
- Updated for BETA
- Updated for TEST

Nov 11 2020
MQ2Status (Sic, Knightly) Added support for CWTN "paused" mode

Nov 10 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 09 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 07 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 06 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 05 2020
- Updated for TEST
- Updated for BETA

Nov 04 2020
- Updated for BETA

Nov 03 2020
- Updated for BETA

Oct 31 2020
- Fixed a few spell and spellmgr bugs, the struct is 1 byte aligned now, as it should be.

Oct 30 2020
- MQ2Status (Sic) Added support for MQ2Enchanter/MQ2Shaman for /status
- MQ2XAssist (Knightly, eqmule) Fixes an issue where EQ doesn't clear assistname in the hitbyspell function (a likely bug in the EQ client)

Oct 29 2020
- Updated for BETA

Oct 28 2020
- Updated for BETA

Oct 25 2020
- Updated for BETA

Oct 24 2020
- Updated for BETA

Oct 23 2020
- Updated for BETA

Oct 22 2020
- Updated for BETA

Oct 21 2020 by RedGuides
- NEW PLUGIN! MQ2Say (sl968) A customizable alert for /say messages that may otherwise be missed. This is important as a GMs will often use /say when contacting you, as will other players.
- New paid plugin! MQ2Enchanter (ChatWithThisName, Sic) a combat plugin for your enchanter. Please see MQ2Enchanter resource for commands and instructions. The current pre-release version is free.
- New paid plugin! MQ2Shaman (ChatWithThisName, Sic) a combat plugin for your shaman. Please see MQ2Shaman resource for commands and instructions. The current pre-release version is free.

Oct 21 2020
- Added raid to chat events - Cred Kaen01
- Updated for LIVE
- Updated for BETA

-Oct 20 2020
- Updated for BETA

Oct 19 2020
- Updated for BETA

Oct 14 2020
- Updated for TEST

Oct 13 2020
- Updated for TEST
- Added a fix for stopping movement in mq2targetinfo by Freezerburn26

Sep 23 2020
- Updated for TEST

Sep 21 2020 by RedGuides
- NEW PLUGIN! MQ2Ice (dewey2461) An addon to deal with skidding on ice. It forces "walk" on ice, and when skidding it will pause stick/Nav, allows movement keys to halt motion, and will resume stick/nav when skidding stops. Made for ToFS, but .ini settings can make it work anywhere.
- MQ2Status (Sic, Knightly) Added "/status macro" to report the macro you have running, and cleaned up subscription section
- MQ2DPSAdv (Knightly, Sic) Crash fixes

Sep 19 2020 by RedGuides
- MQ2DPSAdv (Knightly, ChatWithThisName) Code cleanup, added UI option for History Limit (Thanks Sic)
Fixes the ini setting of History Limit to 1 (sorry, you'll have to fix that yourself)
Fixes a previous crash that I made happen a lot more frequently (dangling pointer)

Sep 16 2020 by RedGuides
- MQ2DPSAdv (Knightly) Fixed a naming collision crash.
Add HistoryLimit setting to the ini which allows you to specify how many mobs for which to keep a DPS history. This should help in those times where running the plugin for long periods of time eventually slows down or crashes. The default is 25.
Add /dps limit command to set the history limit for that character

Sep 16 2020
- Updated for LIVE
Sep 11 2020 by RedGuides
- MQ2AutoSize (dencelle) Fixed and working again. Offset pattern needed updating.

Sep 10 2020
- Fixed a crash on TEST in the tlos that call FindAffectSlot (.Stacks etc) last argument has been removed
- MQ2Main (drwhomphd) Made sure the other chat events in DataVars follow the same fix that eqmule put in for Tells in order to work on FV or different languages.
- MQ2Main (ChatWithThisName) fixed FindItem/FindItemCount, it will no longer report twice as many augments found.

Sep 09 2020 by RedGuides
- MQ2AFNuke (jimbob) Fixed Enchanter burns. Added /nuke doswarm on|off for wizard swarm pets (Call of Xuzl AA).
- MQ2Heals (jimbob) fixed rez abilities for cleric/drood/shaman. Should try to rez group/raid/fellowship corpses.
- MQ2CPULoad (Knightly, brainiac) Code cleanup

Sep 09 2020
- Updated for TEST