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Sic 110 TBL Cleric  Updated for 11.005+

Sic 110 TBL Cleric Updated for 11.005+

Outstanding job! Even for someone who is illiterate at computerish, this is simple and works.
My cleric is 106, so I copied this to my Clerics' kissassist macro then replaced the spell names that were higher than lvl 106 with my spells that I had at 106, and INCREDIBLY, it worked the first time out!!!
Thanks so much Sic.
P.S. I still do not know what some of the stuff does, but I love it.
Works great without modifying
Been fighting a mob a mob for 2 days, I never really came close.... downloaded this, nothing to set up other than /writespells and killed the mob with ease!
Best around
Very nice cleric .ini Sic.
Rock solid. Latest update is a definite improvement too.
Really does heal !
Solid used on my cleric to heal all of TBL group content
Rock solid like Peter North in his prime. Kept my Paly tank up with 19 blue and white mobs hitting him at 110 in GMM. A few points of touch and go with manual heals on my end with my Paly, but my cleric if finally doing something other than file her nails during fightst where my paly normally did all of the group healing and tanking.