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Combat Assist RGMercs 2021-11-24

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Sorry everyone i apparently Uploaded it with the wrong folder setup so noone was getting it Here it is again Has some other changes also going on! -

Changes to all vars are Either Complete or In Progress
No More Use in the macro it will all be Do

so UseRunSpeed is Now DoRunSpeed etc..

Also Reanmed ferocombatlist to Cflist and Avatarcombatlist to CAlist
Was just to much to type!

Fixed a bug or 2 that was found and a few other small tweaks Enjoy!
So here is the latest Push with some Initial Fixes for the 11 14 Edition as well as Paladin Mode 2 and a Complete Tlp Mode 2 tank Mode Overhaul for all 3 classes.
* All Classes Now have mode 2 - Mode 2 is a mode intended for tlp or low level Play!
The problems on Monk are fixed
Some Zerker issues with Dvolley & Braxi Sub are fixed

Pal, War,SHD In TLP mode 2
Changes To be aware of All 3 classes are Designed to either tank or dps in a Single Mode of Mode 2
typing /do tank 1/0 will Switch between the 2 modes and change the Settings and AAs if applicable as it goes.

This will lead to Automated Switching when a tank dies in future or when a tank is Charmed etc. ( Coming soon)
Okay, So I now have 18 boxes. LOL 1 of every class and 3 clerics. so I can test and make sure everything works.

In This Update, every class Except Paladin Got a Class Mode 2

TLP Mode for all Classes is mode 2 - Not all classes will be different. But they all have a Mode 2 for Uniformity Sake!

When On TLP Mode warriors and Sks can turn from Tank to DPS with a /rg dotank 1/0 Toggle. This function will be carried over to paladins soon! - and Likely will make an appearance on live as well.

Beastlord TLP & Shaman TLP - Have Received an Update to Include a Combat Ferocity List / Combat Ferine avatar List mechanic,

/rg docombatfero 1 Turns it on and /rg ferocombatlist With Comma Delimited names IE Redbot|Morisato|Hytiek
/rg docombatavatar 1 Turns it on and /rg avatarcombatlist With Comma Delimited names IE Redbot|Morisato|Hytiek

If this Function is Turned off then It will Do Out of combat Buffing for Fero and Avatar based on Classes.

Implemented Non Dannet Buffing and remembering for Folks Who are not on Your PC. - This is achieved In A similar manner to kiss
Just Say Buffs Please! - And it puts you on the buffing list. Requires to /rg assistoutside 1 to be turned on.

Looking at some class Tweaking and Tuning to spells and the like Next and also prepping to expansion ( Terror of luclin Soon!)
So as sometimes happens some bad code snuck thru preventing Pallys and druids from properly functioning and Making SKS the world over Pull with their face! This has all been Corrected! near as I can tell and all should be well.
Okay So I officially Love Rizlona, But you evil users with all your requests and help and Thoughtfulness went and made me into a 12 boxer.! p:) lol

In This Update There is a lot of stuff Some Of the More Noticeable Things.

Manual Mode Trigger No Longer exists in its old form
* - /manual 0/1 is GONE
Replaced by
/automode 0/1 - Triggers work in the proper directions, so /automode 1 turns it on and is default and 0 turns it off.

No Longer AutoHeal Pets!
/rg DopetHeal 1/0 Defaults to off. - Was Noticing a lot of mana wasted healing pets. so created this to prevent that.

Added 2 New Alias's to better Support Multigroups. to the rgmercsinstall

/rgraid - Turns on All Pcs on your dannet in the raid to target you and /rgstart
/rgzone - Turns on All Pcs on your dannet in the zone to target you and /rgstart
* You Still need to turn on /rg Assistoutside to make them work properly! And Add healing targets to Xtarget of the healers.

So I am Currently Playing the Following Classes.

Warrior - So Currently it has 2 modes
Default Tank Mode /rg classmode 0
Added DPS mode /rg classmode 1 ( Also Supports tlp fine it seems)
Warrior does not appear to need a tlp specific mode yet in my testing.

Now has a TLP Mode /rg classmode 2 will activate it also has a toggle's
DoFireNuke,DoMagicNuke,DoIceNuke,DoRain,DoLure- Still working on it but its working okay so far!
/rg classmode 2 - This is the TLP Mode.

SK - Now has a TLP mode so far it has been tested as a tank and can be found under
/rg classmode 2 - to toggle taunts off /rg dotank 0

Shaman - Now has a TLP mode so far it has been tested As a Healer
again u can find it under /rg classmode 2 - also added /rg dohot to enable/disable hots for stacking issues.

Druid - Has a Tlp Mode
Supports /rg DoRain and /rg DoFire ( used as a toggle if your not doing fire your Doing ice.

Mage - Has a TLP Mode had rains added and rotation tweaked. Toggles for
DoRain, DoMagicNuke

Beastlord - One Mode Class ( Tlp and Live)
Seems to be working okay so far!

Cleric - has a Tlp Mode Check it out for tlp or low levels.
/rg Dobattlerez - Added to prevent rez Spazzing out like it was. as previously we didn;t have a toggle for cleric since there's was so fast!

Necro - Played but not been changed yet seems to work mostly Okay Could use feedback ! On TLP And Live Use

Enchanter - has a TLP Mode.
Try it out! be aware of the fact that at these levels some ae mez Spells Do not affect the level of mobs u may be fighting!

Rogue - Tweaked the engagement to try to sneak in a Low-level use of the backstabs

Bard - Seems to work Okay Atm minor tweaks.

Modified Pull Routine - So Groupwatch 1 does not check warriors Endurance when pulling. working on Creating a new group watch number. in relation

if Your On Rizlona and want to test or try these Out please do! I still need to make/ get a level 65 monk ranger berserker and pally to fully fix up and tweak all the classes for tlp I am Aiming for tlp Modes to work until around the Level 80ish Mark where the Live modes can Take Over. as the Spell Lines all Change and coalesce at that point.

* - I am Working on a In combat Ferocity/Avatar casting function for Shamans and Beastlords which will be coming soon! - Due to feedback.
Well As we go i seem to break things.. As expected i broke something
It has been fixed. Also Enabled Using its Infusion of Spirit When we do not have a Group Focus Spell.
( Working on a Combat Avatar/ferocity Buffing Function for TLP Users)
- Added in new function DoStripbuff - No it does not get yer chanter nekkie! it removes enemies buffs. - Currently only enabled on TLP
Added in Burn Routines and Tweaked Both Classes.
The latest Hotfix is for the Bug that broke rgmercs enchanter on live.

Should be Good to go now!
Okay So my TLp Adventures Continue - As Do the Rgmercs tweaks and Fixes
Beastlord - has Undergone Major Changes for Both Live and TLP on the back end. - I "Think" Its all Solid! lol due to a lack of testers I cannot be 1000% sure but everything seems to be in order in My testing.
This Class is working to being the First OneModeToRuleThemAll Class. as in TLp Live In one Fully Tweaked and Functional!

Enchanter - Now has a TLP Mode
All Tlp Modes are Found under /rg classmode 2 And Require a restart!
Still tweaking and work to be done Feedback aprciated.

Tuning and Tweaking how and when it heals On TLP Mode More.

Some Minor Tweaks Also Ensued.

Default behavior Changed to Staying on target as it was causing a lot of Issues Jumping all over if This affects Your use on Live negatively in your Opinon /rg Stayontarget 0 Will Turn it off.

Rogue Working Fine still!

The Fun that is Tlp Continues!
Fixed Missing rgmercsinstall.mac and aliascleanup.mac
Beastlord Slow Fixed reworked to use Manatonuke Setting and Keep 30% Mana in Reserve for Debuffs And Burnchecks.
Mage Nuke Reworked so Manatonuke Setting to keep 30% mana in reserve for debuffs or BurnChecks .

( A lot of these Features will Work their way to Live later - In Some Form.)