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Combat Assist RGMercs 2021-12-10

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  • dysmal
  • 4.00 star(s)
  • Version: February 2020 - Second Release Major Update!!
loving the functionality of most classes ... i did notice my wizzy gets stuck in loops sometimes but i think it is something i need to flesh out myself
Jusst WOW. just wow. so impressed.
Mindblowing stuff...I started with just the warrior but now I have a 5 man team. Thank you!
  • Anonymous
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2.12 - TOV Update - Bug FIX Day 2
Must say so far im very happy. I use this for wizard and cleric and I couldn't ask for more.
This is one of redguides only true plug and play macro systems with hardly any minimal set up required. The work these chars can put out are quite nice sure its not top of the line dps or heals but for what it does do is function as a normal played group. Need named killed? It can do it. Need quest done? It can do it! Need assistance with some raid boxes it can do it!
Was blown away by how well the War macro works... So I started trying others, now I'm like when are you adding all classes ><
Love this Macro Works like a Charm!
Excellent! Author updates regularly too.
Been usin this on my war/clr/enc/wiz/wiz for a majority of my levels and works great!
Works great.
thank you for doing this! the amount of work you put into this must be huge, we very much appreciate it! keep up the good work!
great job.