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Combat Assist RGMercs 2021-11-24

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Our vision for RGMercs is a macro that most RedGuides users can enjoy that works out of the box with a simple command.

It's not intended to be 100% customizable, there are other macros such as KissAssist and MuleAssist that are extremely good at what they do: offering customization.

RGMercs is about doing 90% of what you want, fit into a nice slim macro. It's not going to be as good as an expert player, and that's fine.

Before asking for any specific help with RGMercs I invite you to familiarize yourself with the RG mercs help command:

/rg help
(the macro must be running for this command to work)

This command will list all the different toggles and modifiers that you can do in game to modify how your character acts.

We implemented class modes some classes can be tanks healers or DPS and so each class has a mode toggle, in some cases we've also created different types of damage modes for example Wizards have a fire ice or magic mode.

/rg Classmode 0 or 1/2/3/4 etc..

going forward to limit the amount of things you see so that you don't accidentally mess up your class more advanced features will be under the RG Advanced tab.

Why is /rg or /rg help not working? MQ2 says the command is not found.
The /rg and /rg help commands are what are called Binds. Binds only work when a macro is running and unpaused. If you pause or stop a program you cannot control it. Think about it like attempting to use ctrl+s to save a Microsoft Word document but Word is minimized or not open.

Why Does RGmercs not Buff My Friends?

Red guide mercs uses internal system called Dan Net that lets the different characters running on the same network communicate with each other so every computer connected to your home router is communicating using it. when a friend who is at Your house joins your group it cannot detect his buff status and thus will not be able to buff them automatically.

Why Does RGMercs Not Buff My mercs?

RGMercs cannot detect the status of a mercenaries buffs at this time. The work around to make it Buff your mercenaries is to drop the buffs off your self to cause a recast

Can RGmercs Work Outside of Group?

Yes it can you do need to Toggle a switch and restart the macro,

/rg AssistOutside 1 - Will turn it on.
/rg AssistOutside 0 - Will Turn it Off

Your Toggles are Annoying and i always Mispell Them Why ?

We agree this is annoying and Unfortunately we can't make it take upper or lower case combinations so we have decided to go with a camel case cuz we like the way it looks that means to capitalize the first letter of each word.

AssistOutside - DoDots - UseMelee

I just changed a toggle and now I'm getting an IF statement error in MQ2, what happened?

RGMercs is literal. Its help tells you exactly what to put in. If it says 0/1 you need to use 0 or 1. It will not accept anything else; don't use TRUE, or FALSE, or ON, or OFF, just use 0 or 1. If the setting requires a word, it will give you the word and it will give it to you with the exact word with the exact casing. If it says your options are "Water","Fire","Earth", or "Air", then you will need to change the setting exactly as it says.

If you do put in a setting incorrectly, the macro pauses when it reaches this error so you will need to go in and fix your ini file in the rgmercs PCinis folder.

When in doubt check /rg help

Why is XXX Spell missing from XXX Class?

One of the main things that were trying to do with red guide mercs is for trying to create a slim macro that does what 90% of users want we're trying to Envision how a class should operate for the most amount of users.

If you think it's a mistake and that we should include it please feel free to file a bug report on the forums we will review it and take it under consideration.

How Do i Turn Off RunSpeed Buffs?

We get asked this all the time on the Forum and again I will recommend you make yourself familiar with the command, /rg help - But I will give you this one as a Freebie!

For Druids
/rg DoRunSpeed 0

As each class is different the command may be different for the class you are playing check
/rg help

My RGCLR keeps spamming the Emblem line, Catalyst line, or similar.
Use /rg HeavyHealPoint to adjust your heal point below the required HP point to cast the spell, for example:
/rg HeavyHealPoint 30
Then restart the macro.

My RGMercs is Acting Weird After A Update?

Every time there's an update to RGMercs we recommend that you delete your ini files
They are Located in your rgmercs folder under PcInis.

Where do I report a Bug?

First thank you for reporting bugs it Makes my life much easier when people tell me what's broken.


How Do i Donate to the Creators/Maintainers of this macro?

Your donations are not required however they are appreciated
If You Feel the Need to Donate You may Contact whoever is the current maintainer of the macro by clicking on their name and sending a message if you feel the need. myself I like Tim Hortons gift cards LOL.