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Combat Assist RGMercs 2021-12-10

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Other Authors
Current Maintainers - Morisato - We Need More Coders!
Software Requirements
RGMercs uses the following plugins, which are all included in VeryVanilla by default.
RGMercs is Working towards NEXT Only Features Soon! -
*-SPAWNMASTER ( Next Only Feature - Coming soon)
Server Type
  1. Live
  2. Emu
  3. TLP
  4. Test Server

2020 ESA Winner

If you're new to RedGuides and want a toon to act like a mercenary, this is for you!

RGMercs is an EverQuest combat macro geared towards absolute beginners. It can be enjoyed out of the box with a single command, and customization is entirely optional.

Helpful links:
First release
Last update
4.57 star(s) 30 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. RGMercs Terror of Luclin Update!

    Terror of Luclin RGmercs Update!!! - All spells for all Classes are IN! - So it should all...
  2. RGmercs TLP - You all Turned me into a 18 Boxer. - Again!

    Sorry everyone i apparently Uploaded it with the wrong folder setup so noone was getting it Here...
  3. RGmercs TLP - You all Turned me into a 18 Boxer. - Fixes and Undead Union has been resolved!

    So here is the latest Push with some Initial Fixes for the 11 14 Edition as well as Paladin Mode...

Latest reviews

Love RGMercs. I couldn't find any other place to put this feedback as Discussion is locked.
Druid was running fine on Live server all day Saturday 16 Oct, then Sunday morning would not start and closes the macro with the message below. No changes on this end, but I see there was an Update to RGMercs on the 16th after I already had it started.
"'WARNING: Undefined Variable DRU_Downtime_1_Rotation_Map used on line [email protected] /if (!${${rotationMap).Add[${cast_item},"${Parse[1,${condition}]}"]}){
Macro closed.
There is an extra { at the end, but I cannot seem to find this line in any files that I am able to modify.
Continue to excel in the TLP development!
Love it! Lots of updates, Great Dev, Amazing! Finally a working BARD.
Works very nicely, with the exception of the mount section.

It does most of the other basics and loads a decent spell set, and seems to use the spells nicely.
Not sure what Mount issues your having but feel free to reach out. and i can help
Great for low maint playing
So far has been very easy to work with. Some slight bugs that ive seen, but nothing major. one im thinking of is my 110 sk, sometimes tries using a disc over the top of another, and it wont let him cast other spells. But overall, I am very pleased!
GOOD Would be good and 1/2 but it is a bit difficult to work with, though i do know coding i became visually impaired a few yrs ago and some of the commands dont seem to work properly, also has a but in SHM.ini "Pact of the Black Flame" and "Pact of the Wolf" are both auras and dont stack so it starts a loop and you have to end macro.
I have the same issue as gogeceo, my dps mercenary is put on passive after every fight. Need to reset every time.
Thanks for the Update - For a Minor Bug such as this Might i Suggest a Post into our Supports Forum? where we can help and Hopefully Resolve the Merc Issue.
It's nice that its free but there is no customization and mercs easily burn through mana. I can;t post a response in discussion so I have to post here. Your program is putting my mleee and dps merc on passive after every fight and not turning it back on when the fight starts. Nice touch but left out one important detail. WOuld like to know where to post issues
The Idea of RGMercs is not about Customization Its to provide a Hands Off Mercenary Solution - if you want to do more customization , I Recomend you try MuleAssist or Kissassist or One of the Othermacros where you configure it all yourself.
This is really getting very good. It will be nice to see better documentation, again it is getting good. It will be nice to be able to start my mag with DoPull 1, but it keeps defaulting to 0.