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Combat Assist RGMercs 01/02/2024

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Other Authors
Current Maintainers - Morisato - We Need More Coders!
Software Requirements
RGMercs uses the following plugins, which are all included in VeryVanilla by default.
RGMercs is Working towards NEXT Only Features Soon! -
*-SPAWNMASTER ( Next Only Feature - Coming soon)
Server Type
🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test

2020, 2021, 2022 ESA Winner

If you're new to RedGuides and want a toon to act like a mercenary, this is for you!

RGMercs is an EverQuest combat macro geared towards absolute beginners. It can be enjoyed out of the box with a single command, and customization is entirely optional.

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[git] Automation options?
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4.67 star(s) 39 ratings

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  1. 01/02/2024

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  2. 12/22/2023

    〰️Commits Wiz fix Typo in Self Hp buff (8c614f0) ~Morisato Axe Fix Attempt. for the new...
  3. 12/22/2023

    〰️Commits RG Typo wizard (9ae3f1a) ~Morisato

Latest reviews

Love this program, only glitch I keep seeing is my Wiz wont stop casting Agis of remembrance and I have to keep restarting him.
was easy to use
This is an awesome program. I had a stroke a couple of years ago. This allows me to do a full six box without having to worry about controlling six characters. This is a great program, not a stepping stone for me to KissAssist or something else but something I plan to ride 3 groups to 120 with.
Been using for a couple months now seems to be working great. One question is there a way to stop druid and mage from both casting harm shields? Sort of like the Cleric DoDruid setting to stop mage/druid conflict.
This is a very good tool while leveling all my new characters. Started at 1 and now in the 60s using the TLP class modes. I use the help menu a lot to make adjustments whenever needed and love the results!
Works good for my sk but my sham is a different story it won’t even do anything when I try on my sham even while I’m having my sk in grp
Set Your Group Roles - SK Main tank that should make other toons work.
Wanted to get started with boxing for a long time but felt lost in all the options. This has been a great place to start. I've found it easy to get up an running with this and a few tutorial videos.
I can write a thousand pages on this, but I will summarize with two. 1) It works right on go. You can customize if you want/need, but for those just itching to go this will take you there. 2) It outputs what spells you're missing and updates as you level. I use this as a shopping list. Great work with this one bud! Thank you!
only thing i would change is aoe spells for my sk swarming, but dang man it just works right out of the box.
Rgmerc is a real blast.
I am using it for many toons and and really happy with the results.
Please have a go !