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IHCMercs - War,Enc,Bst,Ber,Shd,Rog,Cleric,Shaman,Ranger,Wiz,Brd,Mag - More coming!

Combat Assist IHCMercs - War,Enc,Bst,Ber,Shd,Rog,Cleric,Shaman,Ranger,Wiz,Brd,Mag - More coming! IHC mercs April! - Stay Sane If you Can Edition!

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Other Authors
ihc385, EQMule, Maskoi, Ctaylor, Noobhax0r and many more I'll add
Software Requirements
Server Type
Live, Emu, Test Server

2019 ESA Winner

New! IHC Mercs has its own forum:

IHC Mercs is a collection of class specific macro's that use a unified command structure.
Meant to be an alternative to the all-in-one macs and simulate hiring a mercenary in game.

Nothing beats the ease of hiring a merc in game, but lets face it...they suck and offer barely any customization!
All-in-one mac's are awesome and offer the most flexibility usually but they require quite a bit of setup and can get slow pouring over every possible option for every class and situation.
Class specific macs are usually fast and more like a player, flexibility/customization varies and different commands to start each one gets annoying as does different commands to do the same thing in each mac.
Plugins I find to be much like a class mac but faster with the added bonus of being able to run a mac at the same time. Downside is fixes/additions tend to be slow and if you like to really customize and play with code its not happening here unless you have access to the source.

Why should I use these instead of xxx?
IHCMercs is intended to be a Very easy to use macro which lets you Set it and forget it, It allows Minimal Customizing and acts like a Super Mercenary. If your looking for a easy place to get your feet wet on a new class. or for a long term friend whos Low Maintenance IHC might be for you.

Current Mac's:
Refer to the Forum for The Maintainers List of Current macro Status.

Always Looking for More testers and coders. fresh meat for the grinder!

For Emulator do not use custom huds if you want it to work out the box.
First release
Last update
4.88 star(s) 16 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. IHC Mercs Stayhome - StaySane Bugfix edition!

    So this is not our regular Monthly Release but it is a Update Edition with some Bug fix and...
  2. IHC mercs Stay @ home edition!

    Okay So we decided since we all are @ home and got alot more than usal done we Would release...
  3. March 2020 IHC mercs Updates!

    Okay So Alot of Small Changes and Fixes Occured this Month Stuff that is Minor and Major alike...

Latest reviews

Does the job with no setup required, but has some customization ability which is also nice to have. My Rogue is not evading, and my Paladin doesn't know how to go into assist-only mode, so I'm looking into more of those options.
These work great with very little set up.
Really impressed with this macro. Keep up the awesome work, much appreciated!
  • dysmal
  • 4.00 star(s)
  • Version: February 2020 - Second Release Major Update!!
loving the functionality of most classes ... i did notice my wizzy gets stuck in loops sometimes but i think it is something i need to flesh out myself
Jusst WOW. just wow. so impressed.
Mindblowing stuff...I started with just the warrior but now I have a 5 man team. Thank you!
  • Anonymous
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2.12 - TOV Update - Bug FIX Day 2
Must say so far im very happy. I use this for wizard and cleric and I couldn't ask for more.
This is one of redguides only true plug and play macro systems with hardly any minimal set up required. The work these chars can put out are quite nice sure its not top of the line dps or heals but for what it does do is function as a normal played group. Need named killed? It can do it. Need quest done? It can do it! Need assistance with some raid boxes it can do it!
Was blown away by how well the War macro works... So I started trying others, now I'm like when are you adding all classes ><