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IHCMercs - (War,Clr,Enc,Bst,Wiz,Ber)

Combat Assist IHCMercs - (War,Clr,Enc,Bst,Wiz,Ber) 2.11b

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-Added the missing IHCInstall.mac file, no other changes.
Thanks @kaen01 for pointing this out.
Alpha's, Beta's and bugs!

- Lots of minor bug fixes and tweaks!
- Version 3.0 prep work! These are going to get a little sloppy in the ini's and commands for few releases but should continue to work the same as usual.
- IHCRNG ALPHA - It buffs and does the standard ranger dps routine, default config uses melee turning melee off will make it use the bow but will get close enough to spam certain combat abilities. ITS ALPHA not a finished or even beta product!
- IHCSHM BETA - Healing/Curing routines have been added, adjustments to heal % can be made in the ini, default config may or may not be safe, still a lot of work to be done in this area.
- IHCBRD BETA - Development back on! Only some minor tweaks trying to make AE mez more reliable.

Please keep in mind the testing status of the new mac's when using them and making reports.
-IHCBRD - Songfile condition fixes, I forgot to update the mac to what was in my personal songfile, fixed! DELETE your old songfile please so a new one is written.
-IHCCLR - ${Group.Member[0].PctHPs} Sometimes returns an incorrect value ( approx 50% below the true value ), its ONLY the 0 member. This would cause the clr to randomly heal itself way above any set heal point! It now uses ${Me.PctHPs} to check itself.
Version 2.8 - DanNet Commeth!
-Prelude to 3.0
-Added - MQ2DanNet - REQUIRED plugin for these mac's. You dont need to do anything! It will be loaded automatically, you dont HAVE to use it, it wont screw with EQBC.
--See the MQ2DanNet resource page for more information including more up to date info on his git page.
-Removed - MQ2EQBC Dependancy - Use it if you wanna stay in the dark ages, you got something better already loaded now though!
-ALL MAC's- DanNet buffing is here! Connected group members will now be checked for buff's and any stacking issues through DanNet. No more targeting a group member to check buffs and guessing what does and doesnt stack. Non Connected group members get to rely on group buffs landing, it is what it is!
-Shaman - IHCSHAM**ALPHA** - its rough! Test only!! It will buff, melee, malo, slow, send pet and use epic if you have it! DOES NOT HEAL OR CAST DPS SPELLS YET! You've been warned!!!
--Twisting now operates very much like MQ2Medley ( check out the resource page )
---The macro will create a file named IHCBRD_Songs_**ServerName**_**CharacterName***.ini - Inside this file is an information section on how the melody sections work. A Default melody will be written the mac will use but you may customize it also.
----If you modifiy the melody and want the original back, delete the section from the song file and it will be re-written.
----Macro quest data can be used in conditions for songs if formatted properly, formatting is normal MQ Data format EXCEPT $ is Replaced by ^ ex: ^{Me.Combat}
----Special Variables exist for use in decision making they are listed in the info section. Ex: ^{TuneStuckActive}
----Explanation of Section Values:
----TwistSize - How many of the songs listed below to try and play, you can list 20 songs below but if this number is 10 it will only try and play the first 10.
----Song# - This can be a song from a gem, AA or Item - It has nothing to do with your song gems, its more of an action you want performed during the twist. List as many or as few Songs as you like, feel free to add more!
-----Song# Format for a song is as follows (Song,item or AA)Name|Time|Condition or 1
------Time=How long you expect the buff to last or how long to wait to try and recast, making adjustments here can make a song play more often or less in your twist. Math.Calc expressions can be used here.
------Condition= 1=True which means it will always play. ^{Me.Combat} would only play if your in combat, !^{Me.Combat} would only play if your not in combat. See note above about how to format MQ data to workwith this macro.
------EX:Song1=Aria of Begalru Rk. II|14 + (6*^{TuneStuckActive})|^{Me.Combat}
---The song file twist can be used for controlling ALL casting but the option for automatic manasong, selo's, epic, etc is retained by setting the values to true in the ini.
-Bug Fix - /ihcstart alias again...for real this time!
-Bug Fix - Removed /rez spawn off command, old command thats no longer supported by MQRez
-Install Mac - The alias had some error's.
Version 2.5

-IHCBRD - Its New, Its shinny and it probably has a lot of bugs :) Thats why its alpha testing stage, use at your own risk and please report issues.
- Fire it up like all the other macs /ihcstart, check the ini....should be fairly intuitive but not everything works, documentation is in process, until then if you have questions ask away!
-IHCBST You dont have that ability spam when trying to cast paragon should be fixed, I removed the S thanks @Rooster
- Few synergy fixes/adjustments, stuff like checking for Quick Time before using RF, etc.

Version 2.4

- Fixed IHCBST Focus spam, now checks for other bst and shaman focus
- Fixed IHCENC Crash - Charm sub had a /next statement trapped inside and if/else that could cause a /next without matching /for crash
Version 2.3

- Fixed IHCBST Growl spam, now checks for a song or buff
- Fixed IHCCLR Undefined variable error in XTarget healing sub
- Performance improvements for group buff checking, more chances to exit early and lowered the priority of buff checking especially if combat just ended.
- Added the cleric manual to the manuals folder ( I forgot it somehow )