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IHCMercs - (War,Clr,Enc,Bst,Wiz,Ber)

Combat Assist IHCMercs - (War,Clr,Enc,Bst,Wiz,Ber) 2.11b

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Other Authors
EQMule, Maskoi, Ctaylor, Noobhax0r and many more I'll add
Software Requirements
Server Type
Live, Emu, Test Server
IHC Mercs is a collection of class specific macro's that use a unified command structure.
Meant to be an alternative to the all-in-one macs and simulate hiring a mercenary in game.

Nothing beats the ease of hiring a merc in game, but lets face it...they suck and offer barely any customization!
All-in-one mac's are awesome and offer the most flexibility usually but they require quite a bit of setup and can get slow pouring over every possible option for every class and situation.
Class specific macs are usually fast and more like a player, flexibility/customization varies and different commands to start each one gets annoying as does different commands to do the same thing in each mac.
Plugins I find to be much like a class mac but faster with the added bonus of being able to run a mac at the same time. Downside is fixes/additions tend to be slow and if you like to really customize and play with code its not happening here unless you have access to the source.

Why should I use these instead of xxx?
They all come with a default configuration for every level 1-Max that will preform their general role 100x better than any in game merc ( and probably your average player ) with 0 setup time. Add the class to your group, give it the same start command as the rest of your bots and go!
Fully customizable! These mac's can be tuned for all situations and ungodly speed, most with simple on/off switches. MOST options can be set from the command line, make adjustments on the fly and see results in real time, no need to stop the mac, edit the file and restart ( you can do this also if you like )
Not all of these mac's are mine, but I have modded all to add more abilities, config options and commands.

Current Mac's:
IHCBER - Berserker
IHCBST - Beastlord - Toot's autobeast with Expanded level range use, specific modes ( support healer, pet tank, melee only, caster only, balanced ), adapted to ihcsubs and expanded customization
IHCCLR - Cleric - Noobhaxor's auto_CLR with Expanded curing, different logic for pet healing/pet tank healing, adapted to ihcsubs and expanded customization.
IHCENC - Enchanter
IHCWAR- Warrior - Noobhaxor's auto_WAR Expanded combat logic, adapted to ihcsubs and expanded customization
IHCWIZ - Wizard - Based off my kiss ini, meant for high sustained dps without running oom.
ihcsubs.inc - Modified and expanded autosubs

For Emulator do not use custom huds if you want it to work out the box.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 2.11b - Missing file fix

    -Added the missing IHCInstall.mac file, no other changes. Thanks @kaen01 for pointing this out.
  2. Version 2.11

    Alpha's, Beta's and bugs! - Lots of minor bug fixes and tweaks! - Version 3.0 prep work! These...
  3. Version 2.9 Bug Fixes

    -IHCBRD - Songfile condition fixes, I forgot to update the mac to what was in my personal...

Latest reviews

This is one of redguides only true plug and play macro systems with hardly any minimal set up required. The work these chars can put out are quite nice sure its not top of the line dps or heals but for what it does do is function as a normal played group. Need named killed? It can do it. Need quest done? It can do it! Need assistance with some raid boxes it can do it!
Was blown away by how well the War macro works... So I started trying others, now I'm like when are you adding all classes ><
Love this Macro Works like a Charm!
Excellent! Author updates regularly too.
Been usin this on my war/clr/enc/wiz/wiz for a majority of my levels and works great!
Works great.
thank you for doing this! the amount of work you put into this must be huge, we very much appreciate it! keep up the good work!
great job.