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115 Wizard ToV

I use this on my Wizzy and have no complaints. It doesn't steal aggro or run out of mana. Well except that time I ...........
Awesome ini. My 115 wiz is hitting 1M burn dps using this.
Worked out of the box. Putting out 200k+ dps in partial ToV snowbound gear and just auto granted AA's in eastern wastes. Only thing I had to add was a buff line for my mount and a buff line for a modrod + condition.
Simple & effective.
I'll agree. Have been using Sic's ini but for some reason using this one shows an immediate increase in DPS. I was wondering why the Force of Flame and Force of Ice etc weren't added into DPS as weaves but i'm afraid to mess with the ini because it runs so good out of the box.
Great wizard INI . Highest DPS I've been able to get