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exchange items or unequip items without having any inventory windows or bags opened.
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Authors Wassup, eqmule, pms
Software type Plugin

Maintained Yes and supported

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A simple plugin that can move your character's items from one slot to another. If you need more functionality, such as configurable sets of items, see MQ2Bandolier.


Syntax Description
/exchange <"itemname"|ID> <slotname|slotnumber> | [ list ] Moves the item into a slot, or displays help information
/unequip <slotname|slotnumber> Unequips the specified slot, can use either slot name or number.


Here are the numbers and names of current slots:

Equipment slots
number name
0 charm
1 leftear
2 head
3 face
4 rightear
5 neck
6 shoulder
7 arms
8 back
9 leftwrist
10 rightwrist
11 ranged
12 hands
13 mainhand
14 offhand
15 leftfinger
16 rightfinger
17 chest
18 legs
19 feet
20 waist
21 powersource
22 ammo
Inventory slots
number name
23 pack1
24 pack2
25 pack3
26 pack4
27 pack5
28 pack6
29 pack7
30 pack8
31 pack9
32 pack10
33 pack11
34 pack12
35 cursor


A slot within a bag is referred to as a subindex. Bag slot numbers start at 0, left to right, top to bottom. e.g. To use an item the 2nd slot in pack5, you'd type /useitem 27 1

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