HOWTO DrivingRGMercs

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The main RGMercs Manual can be found <HERE>

RGMercs is a set of class specific macros designed to be easy to use "out of the box" with minimal configuration.

RGMercs characters are designed to behave like more efficient and advanced mercenaries. As such do not expect them to look or act like humans. This also means "driving" (boxing terminology for actively performing most of a characters actions) an RGMercs toon may require more effort in some cases.

In very simple terms, to drive a Group using RGMercs;

  1. Set up your group; this can be carried out manually or using a plugin, such as MQ2AutoGroup. Ensure you have your Main "driving character" set as Tank/MainAssist, Puller(in most cases wiil/can be Tank/MA), and Master Looter. Example Shadow Knight set as Tank/Assist/Puller/Main Looter. All other characters are there to support you main character as more efficient and advanced mercenaries.
  2. Practice moving your group, using the Main character as the leader and the rest of the group on "chase" mode. See Camping and Chasing section in the main guide. Note; if your main character changes zone, you may need to nudge your other characters over the zone line.
  3. Practice moving your group to a camp spot, a place that is near the area of mobs/Named npcs that you want to kill, but far enough away as to be reasonably clear of static spawns and wanderers. To set camp use the command: /rg camphere To stop camping use the command: /rg campoff
  4. Read the Manual Section covering Very Vanilla Pulling, this covers the traditional style of set camp, find mob, pull mob, and return to camp. Note; before you pull ensure all your Group are running RGMercs to ensure your healer heals and your dps..well dps, in support of the Tank! We would suggest you do a few manual pulls just to check that your Group setup is working, before moving on to automated pulling. The full RGMercs Guide to Pulling can be found <HERE>
  5. These are the basics. Once you have mastered these, please read the RGMercs Manual and try out different settings to help optimise the way your Group works to support the play style you enjoy!
  6. If you have any questions, please feel free to as in the support thread found <HERE>