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GTFO! is for those who want to kindly give up their camp to strangers quickly and effortlessly.
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Authors Redbot, gSe7en, Knightly
Software type Macro
Config file GTFO.ini, MQ2Posse.ini
Includes used,
Plugins used MQ2Nav, MQ2MoveUtils, MQ2Posse, MQ2AdvPath, MQ2AutoLoot
Maintained Yes without support
Acknowledgements Maxranor, Maskoi, KissAssist

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GTFO! is for those who want to kindly give up their camp to strangers quickly and effortlessly. It's compatible with every macro (e.g. KissAssist, AutoCleric, AFNuke, etc.) When a stranger is within a defined radius, (as detected by MQ2Posse) members of your group will give up the camp. Your group will then either exit, or wait for a period and then return.

Quick Start

GTFO! is made to work with MQ2Posse, which you should skim over prior to configuring this macro. Here's how to get them working together:

  1. Edit MQ2Posse.ini in your MQ2 Release (aka root) folder. If it doesn't exist or your characters names aren't listed, type /posse on and then /posse save in-game on each and every character.
  2. For the PlayerName_Commands section on each character, add the following:
    1=/mac GTFO
  3. Place GTFO.mac in your Release/Macros folder.
  4. Create the GTFO.ini. The easiest way to do this is to connect all of your characters to EQBC, type "/bcaa //mac gtfo". You'll see some spam/errors, then type "/bcaa //endmac".
  5. Edit GTFO.ini in your Release/Macros folder. (See the settings section below)



The following settings are configured per-character in GTFO.ini

  • MyClass: Your class (longname)
  • DoIPort: Should this character port or not? If you have a druid or wizard to evac the group, set this to "false" except on the caster.
  • PortHow: Enter the spell, item, or ability
  • KeepPlaying: If you want your character to attempt to return to the camp after sleeping. If false, it will exit.
  • VendorItems: After porting, will vendor your loot using MQ2AutoLoot if a vendor is near.
  • Sleep: # of minutes to wait to return.
  • ReturnHow: item, spell, or ability that will return you to the camp
  • MacroOnReturn: what macro to run upon returning?
  • GroupMainAssist: Which character to target when running the macro
  • PetSpell: Summon your pet during the break. This is needed for those running a "pet tank" role, or for protection during downtime.
  • Retry: number of times to port back and check if the camp is still occupied before exiting.

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