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Contains all the data related to the ticks time object

This Data Type is added by core MacroQuest.
ticks is used as a return type by these members:  [ Toggle ]

Page Member Description
character CombatAbilityTimer[#|name] The time remaining (in seconds) before the Combat Ability is usable
Downtime Downtime (Ticks left til combat timer end)
TributeTimer Tribute Timer
fellowship CampfireDuration Time left on current campfire
fellowshipmember LastOn How long since member was last online
item Timer Returns the number of ticks remaining on an item recast timer
spell Duration Duration of the spell (if any)


Type Member Description
int Hours The number of hours in HH:MM:SS (0-23)
Minutes The number of minutes in HH:MM:SS (1-59)
Seconds The number of seconds in HH:MM:SS (1-59)
Ticks The value in ticks
TotalMinutes The total number of minutes
TotalSeconds The total number of seconds
string Time Time in the form MM:SS
TimeHMS Time in the form HH:MM:SS (if there are no hours, the form will be MM:SS)

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