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This command is added by KissAssist

Syntax Key
Notation Description
Text without brackets or braces Required items
<Text inside angle brackets> Placeholder for which you must supply a value
[Text inside square brackets] Optional items
Vertical bar (|) Separator for mutually exclusive items; choose one
{Text | inside | braces} Set of required items; choose one
Ellipsis () Items that can be repeated
Syntax /debug <command> [on|off] [log] | help
Description Controls debugging for KissAssist. No parameter will toggle. See examples. Will load MQ2Log if necessary.


Option Description
help Displays help text
on|off turns debugging on or off
<command> The section of kissassist you'd like to debug. Options are: all/Buffs/Combat/Cast/chainP/Heals/Mez/Move/Pull/RK
<command> on|off Turns debugging for the specified command on or off
<command> on|off log Turns debug logging for the command on or off. Any action that turns off any debug command will turn off logging.


  • /debug all on Turns on debug all.
  • /debug all off Turns off debug all.
  • /debug all Toggles on/off debug all.
  • /debug all log Toggles on/off debug all and starts/stops logging.
  • /debug on Turns on debug only.
  • /debug off Turns off debug only.
  • /debug Toggles on/off debug only.
  • /debug combat on Turns on combat debug only.
  • /debug combat off Turns off combat debug only.
  • /debug combat Toggles on/off combat debug only

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