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This command is added by MuleAssist

Syntax Key
Notation Description
Text without brackets or braces Required items
<Text inside angle brackets> Placeholder for which you must supply a value
[Text inside square brackets] Optional items
Vertical bar (|) Separator for mutually exclusive items; choose one
{Text | inside | braces} Set of required items; choose one
Ellipsis () Items that can be repeated
Syntax /charmthis [<id> | <name> | clear]
Description Sets CharmPetID to your target

Must be connected to Dannet or EQBC. An enchanter, if able, should then charm it and keep it charmed It will use any PBAE Stun/Mez, Tash, and Charm spell you currently have memmed. If you don't have it memmed, then it won't . OhShit needs to be on. OhShitOn=1. It can be otherwise blank.


Option Description
clear Resets the charm target
<id>|<name> Will charm the NPC specified, either by id or name.


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