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An MQ2Lua / ImGui boxing HUD for EverQuest
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Authors aquietone
Software type Lua
Config file boxhud-settings-charname.lua
Plugins used MQ2DanNet
Maintained Yes and supported
Acknowledgements MQ2HUD/MQ2NetBots

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Boxhud uses observed properties from MQ2DanNet to watch various bits of information about all of your peers. It can also still use MQ2NetBots properties as well, though that is less tested.

In simple terms; Boxhud gives you a quick view of all your characters status in a handy HUD.

Boxhud start2.png


Syntax Description
/bhadmin anon | reset {all|<name>} access admin functions for boxhud, such as the anonymizer and resetting dannet observers
/bbhelp displays help text
/bhversion displays Boxhud version
/boxhud Toggles display of the Boxhud window.
/boxhudend Stops Boxhud


Boxhud configuration files are stored in two locations;

  1. General Boxhud configuration is stored in location/file: MQNext_root/lua/boxhud/settings/boxhud-settings.lua
  2. Character specific Boxhud configuration is stored in location/file: MQNext_root/config/boxhud-settings-charactername.lua.

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