Artisan's Prize

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Artisan's Prize
Learn all recipes needed to evolve Artisan's Price Augment.
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Authors jande
Software type Macro

Maintained Yes and supported
Acknowledgements kaen01, Sic

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Getting Started


Preferably download through the launcher or download and unzip into the macro folder. If you are using mqnext and used the migrator remove the config/ts folder for now.


  1. Before you start doing anything read these Tradeskill Books
    1. I cannot stress enough how important it is to scribe all the books mentioned.
    2. Yes irritating to visit all the zones/vendors, such is tradeskills.
  2. Every main inventory slot needs a bag


Various settings to control behaviour
Setting Values (default) Unit Behaviour Example
beep 0 on/off turn use of beep on or off beep=0
shopping 0 on/off generate a shopping list, use with ts/finditem shopping=0
subcombine 5 number when an ingredient is missing should a subcombine be attempted, if subcombine is missing an ingredient should it be attempted, until the level set is reached subcombine=3
staycontainer 0 on/off during subcombines should recipes in different container be considered staycontainer=0
debug 0 number mess with this setting if you can read the macro code debug=0
movesuccess 10 bag number/0 (disable) items to bag MoveSuccess=10
mayDestroy 5 platinum/0 (disable) destroy items under this limit mayDestroy=5
waitDestroy 30 seconds/0 (disable) wait before destroying (0 to disable) waitDestroy=30
nodestroy conflagrant muhbis faded velious words search itemname for these keywords, dont destroy them nodestroy=conflagrant muhbis faded velious
delayMissing 0 seconds/0 (disable) wait if a detecting recipe needs a farmed item delayMissing=0
recipeFarm 30 number/0 (do not stop) stop after detecting number of recipes needs ingredients recipeFarm=0
endBeep 0 on/off alert when macro ends endBeep=0
mail mail message text if mq2gmail is loaded will send a email, you may change the message by setting mail=your iksar treasures belong to ${Me.Name}
tsBags extraplanar trade satchel bagnames cleanup will check the following bags tsBags=|extraplanar trade satchel|
tsTrophy 2 0=unload/1=load/2=ignore/X=seconds wait seconds after automatically opening a new tradeskill container for trophy switch tsTrophy=2
SharedBank 0 on/off pull items from shared bank Sharedbank=0


nodestroy=conflagrant muhbis faded velious velium velious faded restea cloudberry

Blocking recipes

Add it to the [block] section


;never ever attempt making this so set it to BLOCK
; list of recipes attempted/result
; tracking what was done/busy with



Tradeskill names


/mac ts/tradesman skill learn

To learn subset of know recipes

e.g If you want to only learn ink recipes. (Note the use of quotes for recipes with spaces)

/mac ts/tradesman research learn "Ink of"


/mac ts/tradesman skill dryrun

Does not attempt to make any combines, it notes every single ingredient that you are missing, only check in inventory (not bank) to see what is needed. May check ts/character-shop.ini during or after to see what was logged


/mac ts/tradesman skill make "recipename"

e.g /mac ts/tradesman skill make "Wolf Steaks" Will attempt to make Wolf Steaks

/mac ts/tradesman skill make "Wolf Steaks" 20

Will attempt to make 20x Wolf Steaks

A shopping list will be generated if set as allowed in tradesman.ini

Note: Use quotes if there is spaces in the recipe name


/mac ts/tradesman skill learn "filter" ingredient

Check the recipe uses the filter ingredient (note the use of quotes (")) e.g if you have a stack of vellum parchments /mac ts/tradesman research learn "vellum parchment" ingredient

Slash Command

Most of these slash commands is not used as people find it easier to just restart the macro

Command Description
/tradesman learn start learning recipes again
/tradesman restart restart from the last known recipe
/tradesman reset restart from beginning
/tradesman stop stop learning/combining
/tradesman end end the macro
/tradesman list show shopping list
/tradesman learned show recipes learned
/tradesman subcombine toggle making subcombines
/tradesman subcombine 3 set allowed subcombine 3 levels deep
/tradesman container ignore subcombines not in same container
/tradesman shop toggle shopping list entries
/tradesman beep toggle beep
/tradesman debug toggle debug


/mac ts/finditem charactername

  1. If you have the banker open it pulls from banker and does /autoinventory
  2. If you have a merchant open it buys from the merchant
  3. If the character your are it on is not the tradeskiller it checks the inventory and drops items in your last bag

Note: All inventory/banker slots needs to have a container.

Reads the ts/character-shop.ini then checks if you have any of it in your inventory or bank. If so takes it out and put it in your last bag (slot10). Does NOT check if there is space,

After you ran finditem against your bank/inventory then you can open a merchant run it again and it will buy the item it finds


/mac ts/merchant

Adds the vendor content to the ts_merchants.ini, only unlimited items (stock they do not run out of indicated by '--') will be added.


/mac ts/cleanup

A way to clean up your bags after your reach 350, goes through your inventory picks up every merchant sold item and does /autoinventory. Have an empty bag in first slot then you can just sell bag content. It will only move vendor sold items from a extraplanar trade satchel

Make Items in a list

trophy.ini is a good example of how to setup this if you need to

  • /mac ts/tradesman trophy makelist bsmithing
  • /mac ts/tradesman trophy makelist btailoring
  • /mac ts/tradesman trophy makelist bpottery

etc start with b (for beginner) and then the skillname (the 8 main skill is covered so far)

Example workflow

  1. Make a hotbutton /mac ts/tradesman skill learn as you will be running this macro a few times per skill. Just a time saver, Skill is the skill you are currently busy with.
  1. Do not destroy any items that is created and marked tradeskill you will need them later on, if you do you will regret it.
  2. Did you remember to read the tradeskill books first
  3. Read the FAQ before asking questions already covered.
How does this all work ? (using fishing as an example)
  1. Your start off by doing /mac ts/tradesman fishing learn
  2. You wait for it end or if you feel you saw enough recipes scroll by /tradesman end
  3. Go and farm/bazaar/merchant buy items in the ts/charatername-shop.ini
    1. you can buy/locate items in your bank/housing
    2. open up the vendor/bank/housing window and do /mac ts/finditem charactername
    3. You can run this on other characters and the found ingredients will be dropped into bag 10
    4. Once you bought/located some items go back to step 1

This means that you may have to get ingredients then do step 1 and go and buy vendor items (step 3) then step 1 again. After repeating 1-3 you will reach 350 or your inventory will fill up with vendor bought items. Try and put them in the bank so you can just pull it out with step 3 if needed again

 The macro adds to the shopping list when it is:
  1. a farmed ingredient
  2. vendor bought and you have all the farmed ingredients
  3. all ingredient is vendor bought
Clean up all vendor bought item
  1. Have an empty bag in slot 1 and /mac ts/cleanup
    1. It picks up each vendor item and does an /autoinventory
    2. It will end up in bag 1
  2. Stop the macro with /endm
  3. Check that no tools is in the bag
  4. Open vendor window
    1. Select bag 1
    2. Click sell
  5. Nice clean bag !
  6. Repeat 1 until no more vendor ingredient is found

If you send me a private message tell me you removed the red jellybeans (This is a Van Halen check).


Learn with a filter does not work ?

Probably used the next migrator and it moved files to config/ts remove that whole directory and it should start working.

It appears to be making already learned recipes !

Remove the config/ts directory, it is a conflict between mqnext/migrator and the macro itself expecting files in certain places.

Why do I want this ?

You need to learn a certain amount of recipes to max out the Artisan's Prize, this will alow you to do it. Up to you if you take a skill to 350 or not.

Does it work on TLP?

Not supported at all on TLP, difference is too big. Recipes/inventory/ingredients all differ or exist on tlp and not live or live but not TLP. Some things from that era auto learned on live or does not count towards the 350 goal then they are not included in recipe list e.g Banded. Most TLP are truebox and mq should not be used on them anyway.

It stops after 30 recipes and do not run through the whole list ?

That is the default, adjust it to how many you want to try or the whole list by setting the value to 0 e.g recipeFarm=0

It does not take items from the shared bank ?

Is your setting turned off ? tradesman.ini setting SharedBank=1

What is the difference between tradesman / tradesmanv1 / tradesmanv2 ?

No difference at all, it is a leftover from when the macro started and there was experiments for people to try out before a middle road was chosen. It is precisely the same code. Names live on so as not to break people's hotbuttons.

Which expansions is supported ?

Up to Laurion's song

What is the easiest skill to start with ?

Depending on your definition of easy it varies, all of the skill have a lot of required tedious farming (no the bazaar will not be a real option. You are not close to rich enough)

Easiest with least amount of farming and recipes is in order:

  1. fishing brewing baking jewelcraft pottery smiting tailoring research
  2. tinkerers/alchemy/poison lucky you get more recipes to max out the artisans price.
  3. alchemy is mostly vendor bought
  4. tinkering is a lot of tedious farming
  5. poison some farming in ldon zones
Skill Recipes per point
Alchemy 11
Baking 14
Blacksmithing 39
Brewing 6
Fishing 2
Fletching 18
Jewelry Making 26
Poisonmaking 11
Pottery 40
Research 51
Tailoring 42
Tinkering 16

It does not work, environ1 not found !

You need to use static containers, e.g ones in Plane of Knowledge. I have no plans to support more containers that you carry around (a few very select recipes can only be made in some, those are supported)

It is stuck making one recipe over and over ! or I cannot make a recipe (class/race restriction)

/tradesman stop add recipe ID to ts/tradesman-block.ini [BLOCK] section

I cannot seem to learn XXX recipe ?

Probably as it is learned through a book or you have not done the beginning tradeskill recipes (crecent reach / abysmal sea tradeskill quests). Use EQRecipe to find your free skillups

Does it do all the tradeskills ?

It works on all of them.

Does it make all combines or just the ones I do not know ?

It uses the output from EQ client /outputfile recipes <tradeskill> compares it against a master list of know 350 masters and the difference is what gets made. In short only those you do not know.

I run out of bag space !

There is no easy solution to this, I have 2 other characters standing around ready to accept 32 slot Extraplanar bags when they fill up or when I think I don't need what is in them anymore (easy to get back just the items needed with /mac ts/finditem <character>)

I used 3x32slot tradeskill and 3x 40slot allpurpose bags. Still did not have enough bagspace. After finishing fishing,brewing and some of baking the extra components took up 21x32slot tradeskill bags !

Why did you rewrite ?

It was easier taking the good parts and rewriting than trying to fix what a mess the v0x became. The v0x did not suit my future plans.

Why was shop removed ?

Frankly it is a waste of time running it, you now may as well try and make a few items as you go along building up a shopping list as it is not limited to 50 items anymore. It will stop when it either runs out of recipes or when you issue a slash command /tradesman end

I need to imbue/enchanter does this macro do it ?

It does not but there is Macro to cast Enchant or Imbue... or other spell to help

There is something wrong, it does not do that combine and I have all of the items ?

Make sure that in tradesman.ini your subcombine is set to 5 or greater. I had a default value of 1 which is just basic combines

Inventory slot 11 and 12 from perks do not work ?

I will not be supporting it unless it becomes accessible to everyone gold/f2p

Item sold by merchant is not marked as such ?

I am a slacker probably never thought to dump that merchant's inventory.

Submit a update: with merchant open "/mac ts/merchant" then send me your ts/ts_merchant.ini

How to skip recipes ?

Add recipe ID to ts/tradesman-block.ini, in the [BLOCK] section. It may not exists yet.

What do you do for 1-300 ?

Tradeskills is not cheap, it not quick either.

I dislike you intensely !

I know, Happy farming.

Known Bugs

  • mq2live: no bag in slot X: its a live problem that has gone unfixed. put something in all bags like a collection item
  • mqnext: deprecated navigation to a ground item. Will update the code when next becomes Redguides fully supported
  • mqnext: recipes do not seem to update. when using the migrator it moves the ts/*.ini to the config folder. delete that config/ts folder.
  • fish scale combine bugs out: wait till it learns the recipe then use the autcombine button on tradeskill container
  • ore/clay combines bug out: do it manually

Who else to thank ?

kaen01, Sic, ChatWithThisName thank you for answering silly questions. Without you this would not have being possible.